Chapter 01:

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Session Number: 157 (immediately following previous session)
Date: Sunday 9 December 2012
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor12 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

loose ends: arcanites, handover the Alonso situation to Queen Raewyn, check on King Garen's progress. ro thinks on what to do first, then realises that she is surrounded by strangers. talks to tr. ro I get the feeling that arr isn't coming back any time soon, if at all. what do we think about these others that we seem to have collected along the road? tr is happy for tri to be known, but wants the tower network to remain secret, as well as his links to … pretty much everything (arachtria, arcanites, elven monarchy, towers). ro tr are you happy with these people being part of these things that we do? tr your party has grown and shrunk over time. I wasn't a part of it and you accepted me into it. ro more than accepted; you are the person that I most trust right now. tr I can't do all this by myself. that's why I have a wife who raises an army. you have to trust someone at some point.

ro I've often wondered why my calling doesn't seem to involve dwarves. but I see that you and I have some symbiosis. that's fine; that is where Moradin wants me to be. tr you are a much better judge of character than me, in much the same way as you are a much better fighter than me. ro that's what I do, I've spent some time looking into it :-) I suppose the monastery is about giving people a chance. so we may not tell them the whole story, but I'm prepared to give these people a chance and at least let them know what they need to know to come with us and survive. guys, we need to talk. blah. bring them up to speed with the party's to-do list (Krag, arachtria, arcanites). but not necessarily the links that we have to these jobs. tr also says that they have access to a magical transportation system.

ro if you wish to travel by our side, these are sorts of things that you can expect to be involved with. tr we're less on the local level. cal why are the arachtria attacking the elves? ro they haven't given us a chance to ask. they just attack. cal when did this start? ro that story starts thousands of years ago.

Queen Raewyn first, pass on all information.

wait two weeks go back to Kharag Monastery. met by Sir Veketh. there are two teachers that have returned, want to go over for a month. not all of them can make the full commitment. both dwarves Khordarum and Berathoin, are going and one elf. he is waiting at Trina. one of the human teachers has turned up at the monastery.

transport the four teachers to the arcanites and arrange to pick them up in a month.

at tri. eth reminds about the two pieces of information that she has: arr's parents (she has passed this on to arr), and that she believes she has found Saju. She has talked at length with elo, abb and tri and pieced together the story. Saju was a monument in a desert. not far south of Saju, abb and elo knew that there was a magical grove, a place of worship. tri had a branch that was in an oasis/temple in the desert. north of where tri's branch was many years ago, the Roulae built a place of power and knowledge. eth thinks that these descriptions are talking about the same two places. the branch was buried by an ancient Roulae and is inaccessible. but eth thinks the party can, because ro has har. less than a day between the two places. but the places are on another continent. eth recommends that just tr ro and har go first.

NB: elo has completed another backpack. tr takes it.

ro tr, this is about you, if you want to do it I am happy to support you. and who knows? Saju may know something about the other tasks we have, so I will help you if you intend to go. by the sounds of it, only you and I can go. shall we keep only your wife in the loop? let her know that they may be gone for a couple of hours.

ro remembers King Garen's stone. leave somebody in Ashhope with access to the king, just in case? suggest ari, because she has links to the monarchy. tr asks ari to visit the king and relay any communication to eth if it occurs. she agrees. eth will turn up at the inn in two hours to see if there is any communication. tr takes her to Ashhope. she makes her way to the palace and seeks an audience with the person who monitors the stones. they will let her know if anything comes through. she waits in the Mithral Mug.

cal tries to get lio to play hide and seek with him. so far, lio has resisted.

tri says can walk the distance between branch and tower in a short time. she cannot sense any life in the area around the branch. ro and tr pack extra water. they both have Endure Elements active upon their persons, so hot temperatures should not pose a problem. ro talks to har, gets her to establish her bearings and head up, let ro know with an emotion if she can sense any other creatures in the area.

go. appear in blackness then it gets light moments after. flying up and it is light but not as bright as tri's grove.


in a large room, 100' x 80', with long stairs running the length of both long sides rise climb 5' above floor level to a raised area 8' wide where ornamental columns stand, spaced along the length of the wall. stone floor, peaked roof 80' above, large arched opening, 70' wide, at one end. sand spills into the structure from outside through the archway. cannot really tell what is the centre of the floor stands a cube structure, almost 20' on each side, made from stone blocks mortared together. walk around: no obvious entrance.

It is quite warm here, but not overly, like a summer's day. ro asks har how far she had to travel to enter normal space: almost no distance at all (5-10'). It seems that har appeared within the cube structure. ro and tr figure the branch must be inside. ro thinks this room lends itself to ferrying, but thinks they should explore a bit further afield first.

spot checks: ro 18. ground is covered with lots of dead plant material that sits on stone floor. head towards the light. sand dunes in all directions. sand up the sides of the building but not on the roof. ro which way is north, I wonder? both look at sun. tr thinks it is in line with the archway.

ro suggests ferrying everyone here. asks har to take tr back. while gone, he tells eth that they will probably be longer than two hours. ferrying complete. ro asks tr to memorise this place so he can teleport here if necessary. ari does so also. cal wants to get to know har better so he might be able to assume that form also. ari notices that tr is asking to go through, rather than teleporting himself. he is being sent through some sort of portal that is neither arcane nor divine magic. ro asks lio which way is north. lio confirms tr's suspicion that it is straight out the arched doorway. everyone has Endure Elements in effect. cal turns into an eagle. exits and circles up, looking around. he sees desert in all directions. returns. ari why are we here and what are we looking for? ro here to seek a building north of here. how far was it tr? under an hour. ro by foot? tr tri was not specific. cal might have a spell tomorrow that can turn stone into something else. ari how come we had to go on the earth creature for this one? tr it's complicated. ari you mean you don't want to tell me? ro we arrived inside the stone. My creature can pass through stone and earth. we were given information that the portal at this end was situated inside stone, which meant that har was necessary to get us here. our destination is an hour north of here. ari what are we looking for? lio a building, apparently. ro probably, we are not entirely sure. It might not even be above the surface. This building existed a long time ago.

set out on foot. lio leads. cal flies above. ro be careful of other predators, I know nothing about this place. cal don't worry, I'm not stuck here with them, they're stuck here with me!

after 20-30 mins cal the eagle can sees something in the distance, watery and shaky. cal lands on ro's shoulder. see a hazy thing. could be a building maybe. have travelled a little less than half what they expect to travel. lose and gain sight of it as go over sand dunes. get closer, it looks less like a structure and more like trees and plants. an oasis? ro that's odd… tr, we were supposed to start in an oasis and travel to a building in the sand, right? tr yes. ro it seems like we've done the opposite. tr hmmm… ro can we get that north bearing checked again please? she def did say north, didn't she? tr yes. lio takes 20 for 40. he still thinks he is travelling north. ari tell me about the information you got. ro we were told that we would appear in an oasis and then would have to travel north seeking a building in the desert. it just seems that what we are seeing is the exact opposite of that journey. continue.

get closer find that it is in fact plant growth with a large pool of water, trees. nothing sentient in sight. only about 60 feet across. proceed. ari casts detect magic: no. don't recognise the species of tree, not even cal. ari see invisibility: no. listen checks: all but ari hear the neighing of a horse to the left. turn and see two horsemen at the top of a dune. they are stationary, the horses are prancing a bit. ari hello! ro be careful they may not be friendly. They may not be able to understand you; that may have been a warcry for all we know.

one of them shouts but cannot understand the language. ari casts tongues. you! that is my water. I claim it, you trespass upon my land. ro heads towards the water. ari stop they're afraid that we are trespassing on their water. stay away from the water. to the horsemen sorry, quite accidental we are happy to stay away from your water and we haven't actually used any. ro dismounts. ro har, sit. ari we are very sorry we are unaware of the offence that we may have caused. one horseman seems agitated, waving sword around. you are trespassing on my land that is my water you are trespassing this is all my land! ari let's move away. to horsemen we are very sorry for the offence we have caused. how may we repair this situation? horsemen I will take one of your slaves. are within 30' of water. cal flies to tree. ari I do apologise we are all free men and women, I do not have any human chattel that can be used to barter with. ro what are you saying? ar we have trespassed on their land and are asking for slaves in payment. ro can you ask whether we can approach? ari would you be happier with us speaking at a closer distance? horseman I will take your ugly horse! that will do! ari translates. ro they want har? ari yes, the ugly horse. ro I'd love to see them try. ari I'm afraid the ugly horse isn't up for negotiation. we could be prepared to pay a sum of money for safe passage through your lands? hm your gold, I will take your gold! ari I would be prepared to offer 100 gold. hm your gold, I will take your gold! ari how do I know this is your land? who are you? I am ari. hm you infidel I shall kill you! give me all your gold, and your ugly horse! ari to others I'm prepared to offer them 100 of my own gold. ro they want gold? ari they want all of our gold. that seems unreasonable to me. now they want all of the gold and har. but I am unsure of their rights here. for all I know they could just be a couple of brigands. ro it seems unusual that there are only two of them. ari i restate my offer. I am willing to pay 100 gold for passage through these lands. hm sheathes sword, pulls free a spear and charges, yelling. 80' away. ari casts greater invisibility. ro positions har in front of the others. hm targets ro and har. ro har, sink into the ground, then strike him from below! try not to kill the horse, but unsaddle him. ro to others I got this!

aoo mitigated by har appearing from underground. misses. opposed str har wins. horse is thrown on its side, rider has leg trapped underneath. other hm still standing where he was. ari walks on diagonal left, towards second rider. lio walks towards har and ro. cal searches the oasis. ari we don't want conflict and we will try our best not to hurt you but we tried to be reasonable. ro and har land. ro har make sure that horse doesn't get up, put a paw on it. ro dismounts and stands over the man.


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