Chapter 10:

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Session Number: 154
Date: Sunday 18 November 2012
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog2/Clr10 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

accompany tom back to the ruins. on the way, ask him when he returns whether he could speak to the king about getting a writ to shut down this transportation hub. the entrance to this place in eramor is about a day's walk from the king's residence.

the journey to the ruins takes half an hour. ask to see aub as arranged. wait at gate. Twenty minutes later she arrives. ask about the Damien situation. they have had him questioned and have established that he did indeed follow Alonso through a previously unknown portal to Lormu and that he was not responsible for burning down the morgue or killing Alonso, but he was following Alonso. he did not see who killed Alonso. Alonso went inside a building, came out looking distressed, headed into the forest. Alonso outdistanced Damien; when Damien caught up with him Alonso was dead. was following because Alonso said he found an area that teleported him back to his hometown, an underground room in the southwest corner of the island. arr and ro believe what aub is saying, but arr thinks she is not telling everything. ro may we speak with Damien please? aub yes you may. are led north. Alonso found the room first without realising what it was, then navigated his way around the island learning about it before returning and leaving.

consider just going there and not talking to Damien - for some reason arr is reluctant to have anything to do with him - but figure that he might have information concerning how to activate the portal in the room. the belief is that you have to do something to activate the portal.

taken north to the centre then west to an outlying tower near the western wall that Boron was taken to earlier. are told that Boron is still in the city but they intend to send the dwarf home.

get to tower. aub says Damien is inside, alone. go in. ro talks diplomatically (30). asks where the room is, what is required to use it, what Damien was doing following Alonso, what he can tell her about the people that killed him.

Damien has free rein to go wherever he wanted on the island - everyone there does. this includes leaving the island. the only person he told about the new portal is aub. a mage was there to cast a couple of spells but left before Damien explained to aub. Damien found three sets of tracks leading towards Alonso's body. he didn't follow the tracks - too afraid - went back to Lormu and stayed. believe him. he is an average tracker. believes those that made the tracks were probably human and wearing long clothes that were dragging on the ground. confirms that Alonso died by way of sword blows and the odd arrow. Damien got over his initial fear, stayed in Lormu for a week enjoying himself. the day of the fire, he was off in the distance and believed that the party were responsible because they were new in town. the magical footsteps that cal was following was a variation of a spell that increases speed. it lasts longer but leaves a magical trail. he stays at the ruins because it is safe here. stays on the island because it is nice here, a nice simple life. has been on the island for 8 years, was originally from Ashhope. arr prompts ro to detect evil. no. he never saw the people that attacked Alonso. he is thankful of that; thinks that if he did see them he would probably be dead. could lead the party to where the body was. tells the party how to use the gateway. Alonso used the portal at midday, spent the night in Lormu, appeared flustered, left late morning towards the woods and was killed shortly thereafter. he intends to stay in the ruins for the next while. thank him and take leave.

speak to tom, ask him to try to secure a signature from the king to shut down this place. farewells. leave the ruins, again following the tracks to the south. ro is very surprised how easily they gave away the information concerning the new portal. cal points out that they can only get people to Ashhope, not their homelands.

tracks go past the cottage which is still there. hear something running towards party from behind. it is Elmore. tr draws bow, ro gently pushes it groundward. arr what's the hurry? elm I wanted to catch up with you. Pope asked me to come with you and report back with what you find - if that's ok? ro where is Pope? elm heading back to our camp. ro considers. you are welcome to come. move on, following these tracks. they head in to the clearing around the hill, then head west. at the coast they turn south, following the coastline to the westernmost point of the island. tracks turn inlsnd towards the east. lio identifies several sets, going in and out, made by Alonso. the most recent head inland. cannot see an obvious destination. magic works here.

head east. something they just walked over just made a funny sound. Alonso's tracks disappear. find a very well hidden trapdoor. lio thinks it has been opened recently. lio also finds some more Alonso tracks coming to this place from the northeast. can also see Damien's tracks.

arr checks door for traps. none. open. similar architecture to trapdoor outside central ruins. door at bottom. arr checks lower door for traps. none. open door. deadend room with altar in the centre. on all four corners of the altar are 4 candlestick holders that must be turned in the right direction in the right order to activate the portal. not magical in here.

lio cannot find any tracks in here. search. six symbols on walls, seventh on altar. ro offers Elmore to not go through the portal. he elects to stay. ro starts activating the portal. a circular disc of the stone altar turns with the candlestick. After manipulating the third candlestick, cal senses magic from the door, of the teleporting type.

What would have happened if we had opened the door at this stage?

ro turns the fourth and final candlestick. the candles and symbols disappear. cal sees no more magic. all here. room looks the same. check for tracks: none. should be ours at least. did the party go to the same place as Alonso? traps: none. go through the door. small room with trapdoor in ceiling, closed. party left theirs open. no traps. open. in forest. not same forest, tree species are different than the entrance, and the same as the forest surrounding Lormu. arr and cal look for anyone observing the area, sees none. magic works. no other magic except that which the party carries. cal turns in to a bird and spirals upwards. surroundings look very different to the island. see a town to the southwest that looks the same size as Lormu. he lands. lio looks around, thinks they are in the same region as Lormu and Ashhope. arr thinks Alonso must have been spotted here; he is on high alert.

pinpoint position: Lormu is southwest, cave is southeast. lio finds Alonso's tracks, they head towards Lormu. stay for an hour so tr can memorise the room underground as a teleport destination. arr doesn't see or hear anyone. ro asks Elmore what his plans are: stay with party, go back to island, or make his way to Ashhope (he is originally from there)? Elmore is supposed to follow the party. ro makes sure he knows how to operate the candlesticks, and where the cave near Lormu is.

game plan? go to King Garen? block entrance to cave? go to Anton? get the staff? ro summons har, lio and her go to cave and retrieve staff. follow tracks towards town.

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