Chapter 09:

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Session Number: 153
Date: Sunday 11 November 2012
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog2/Clr10 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

carry on down tunnel, sunrod held high. ro arr in front, tr cal next, lio rear. those with keen ears hear footfalls in the distance ahead. arr stops ro. whispers about what to do. decide to carry on. move silently? there doesn't seem much point, really. go for few minutes. hear shuffling noises ahead they seem to have died down. regular footsteps. few more minutes come to a staircase going up towards the ceiling. no magic, no illusion. listen:

hear footsteps on the other side. examine ceiling, looking for trapdoor. arr feels slight breeze from above and finds a button on the right wall. arr asks lio where he thinks they are in relation to the ruins. he thinks that they are under them. ro ask for him to be more specific. he thinks they are under the northeast quadrant. arr and ro don't see much point in going up; they can get there less sneakily. ro does not wish to upset the hosts. arr wonders about searching the area where magic works for something that might get them home. ro asks lio and arr to check whether the trapdoor has been used much. only tracks that lio can find are alo's, over a week old. they go up the stairs and don't come down. arr notices the trapdoor is worn but has not been used recently, it is rusty and dusty. no light passes through. stop and listen: hear footsteps around and talking from above, cannot make out what they are saying. ro thinks that the absence of light suggests that it opens into a building with a ceiling. there are not many of those… and they have been expressly forbidden from entering the large one. arr checks button: don't think it has been used recently.

what about the room with the symbols? tr thinks it serves no purpose and arr agrees. cal wants to go through the door. arr doesn't want to possibly reveal to the ruin-dwellers that they know about this place. perhaps come back at night?

head back to entrance. check whether they are being followed: don't appear to be. exit and close.

arr go to the other areas identified on the map? it is getting late, and we are due to meet aub tomorrow morning. come back and try the trapdoor at night? why not? in the meantime, keep following the tracks.

ash has a moment… He prepared this trapdoor, but the players refuse to use it.

tr ro, you are making too much noise, please go that way, I can't hear a thing. ro's eyes narrow. ro it hasn't bothered you up to now… tr I just haven't said anything. we can't hear anything with you here. just go over there so we can hear stuff. ro you heard the people easily enough when we were in the tunnel. tr well at least stay here so we can hear everything. ro sure. tr goes down and runs. cal follows. ro follows tr. arr follows ro. tr gonna push a button gonna push a button… tr etc outpacing ro etc. tr gets to end, carefully climbs the stairs (no light source), turns around and fumbles for the button. he finds it. he waits for ro, finger on button. cal doesn't impede tr. ro and arr arrive. arr's sunrod illuminates the area. tr shooshes ro and presses the button. hear an unlocking sound. tr looks disappointed.

cal tries to open the door with his doggie nose. it doesn't move. ro what the heck are you doing? tr shooshes her. ro repeats. ro I thought we agreed not to do this! we could annoy our hosts! tr I don't think of them as my hosts. ro think of them as the people with potentially the keys to get everybody off this island. tr I don't think they're going to do that. I don't trust them and I certainly don't like them. they are blindly following an age-old tradition and are being quite illogical about it. arr they follow it even though it causes suffering to many. tr since alo came this way, this is where I'm going. ro can we at least agree that if it looks as if this goes into the central building that we stop and go back? tr I'm thinking about it. ro take your time (keeps a damn close eye on him). tr I promise to not go through here without your permission if it looks like it's in the central building.

Yeah, I see what you've done there, Densial…

cal tries his paws: nup. no visible hinges. arr rechecks, is pretty sure it opens upwards. arr so tr it looks like you're pretty keen to go up now. tr to be honest, it was what ro said about hosts and guests. I don't think of them that way. arr I don't think of them as hosts either, I think of them as people perpetuating evil for the sake of rules. ro they are still useful to us and they are likely to remain useful to us if they are positive towards us. I don't disagree with you, all I'm saying is they would be a lot more useful to us on our side rather than being alienated. arr I don't see any point in alienating them unnecessarily. ro I think that's what we are about to do. cal backs off, heads back down tunnel. ro are we a group, or just a bunch of people that do their own thing? cal, what do you want? cal turns human. cal alo came in here but he didn't leave here. alo didn't go into the town but he left the town. Which means that this leads into the town. I didn't realise that. I have now decided to side with you because I don't want to antagonise them. arr I am happy to come back to this if we have no other leads to follow. tr we have about a million leads to follow. we are not following any of them. arr like what? tr we haven't looked at all the places marked on the map, we haven't followed the tracks, we haven't searched anything. every time we come to something interesting we stop half way and go find something else interesting instead. it feels like we're not getting anywhere. I don't feel we're any closer to getting back than when we first got here. I just feel like we're running around in circles and it's frustrating. ro do you have any suggestions as to how we should do this? do speak up. tr well I think we should go through here and see what's on the other side, I think we should investigate things. I don't feel like we're investigating anything. we go somewhere, we look at something and then we try and be nice to people. that's all we're doing. now these people have obviously trapped everyone else here. and there was a time when you wouldn't put up with that. but today you are. and I'm not happy with them. I don't like them. ro I don't think there was ever a time when I would throw away courtesy. even towards mine enemies. tr basically we've got a place that's trapping everyone and we're not doing anything about it. we've been half way around the island, talked to a whole lot of people… arr we have one fairly viable way to end the whole process now - get the appropriate documentation from various heads of state - I think that's some progress. tr yes but to do that we have to leave here and agree never to tell anybody about it. that wouldn't be my intention. arr we have to agree not to tell anybody but the heads of state. tr and if the heads of state decline? I know for a fact that I wouldn't be happy with that. ro neither would i. tr I don't think I'm going to get out of here through that system. arr sadly agrees. arr I don't think this trapdoor is going anywhere, and there are other leads to follow the first one being alo's tracks. ro I think that we can reasonably assume what happens to these tracks on the other side of this trapdoor. we can fill in the bit in between. I think we should stay outside tonight, meet with aub tomorrow, see what this group intend to do about damien, and then xxx. cal that is only getting justice for alo. I think our priority should be getting people off this island. tr I want to know how these people hold themselves accountable for their actions. their actions being trapping everyone here.

ro if you are hell-bent on going through this door at night, tr I'm not but I want to do something. arr let's follow alo's tracks, then. ro I do want to see what these people intend to do about Damien. I want to be here tomorrow morning. If want to spend the rest of the night going through here, so be it, but I am coming with you. tr I'm going to sit here and listen. it's safer here than in the wilderness.

stay near trapdoor, listening. hear shuffling feet for first half an hour, then nothing for 90 minutes.

choose to go through trapdoor.

ro opens door. it is very heavy. bang! it doesn't open. arr and cal help. it opens on the next try. see the sky and stars. ro pokes head up and looks around. in a ruined building, open to the sky. follow tracks? no, can do that tomorrow morning when we are back legitimately. go back down and close trapdoor, it locks back into place. go back, go outside front gate and reacquire alo's tracks. they lead south. follow.

half an hour walk. cal sees magic. look at map, figure that they are nearing the area with the hill. see a cottage. chimney has wispy smoke curling out. cal thinks he has been near here before. there wasn't a cottage here then, though. ro walks up to it noisily and knocks on the door. hear knocking around. ooh hang on! ro steps away from the door. hello? who's there? female voice. ro lady, we are travellers here, lost and marooned. we do not wish you any harm, we would merely like a few moments of your time to learn about this area. will you speak with us? wom we all are, dear. door opens, lamp light behind. young human woman, about 16.

upper class accent.

ro curtseys. wom you are quite lovely, aren't you? ro lady ro Kharag. wom Arial. pleased to meet you. I don't believe that I've met you before. are you new? ro quite new. ari I'm sorry to hear that. ro introduces.

ari lets in. ari has been here for something like 6 months. she describes some of the people as rough, esp the people just north of here. ari says she takes the dwelling wherever she goes (leomund's secure shelter). she likes to be comfortable. not so much anxious to get home, does like to wander and thinks she will probably leave soon. hasn't tried very seriously to leave yet. hasn't really applied herself. the sun shines here as it does anywhere else.

ro how did you get here, through which entrance? ari lormu, near ashhope. never met alo. has travelled around the island but seemed more interested in beautiful scenery than anything else. has met the other two tribes. describes those in the east as 'not my kind of people if you know what I mean'. has stayed out of people's way. they leave her to her own devices. doesn't think it is very nice that the people in the ruins are keeping everyone here. she is from ashhope. her father, lord haringal, knows the king. is probably not worrying overly as ari has been gone for a couple of years. knows dwarven. she is not evil. cal notices some things on her person that are magical: ring cloak brooch. tr you seem like a trustworthy person. we have decided to investigate and leave this island. would you like to come with us? ari oh dear I don't know quite what to say. you do seem like lovely people but I have just met you. thank you for your offer, perhaps I'll catch up with you just before you go. ro yes… we are intent on finding a way out not just for us but for all, and so if we were to find it, would we find you here? ari you do make me think that perhaps I haven't been as dutiful as I ought in looking after the other people here. you do bring me back to the words of my father that we do have a responsibility to the people. not everyone can see to their own wellbeing, some need help. if there is any way I can be of service while you are here, let me know and I will do my best. I do think that you are headed in the right direction. ro pulls out map. ari has been pretty much everywhere but doesn't have much to add. ro where will we be able to find you. ari I will stay in this area. tr you don't want to come and give us a hand? ro quietly not sure I want to go there yet. ari I think that's very wise. I understand completely. ro for such disparate groups hell-bent on hating each other, we have been well-received everywhere we've been. so was ari; she declined to take the test offered by the people in the centre. they allowed her almost free access to their settlement - everything but the centre building - and allowed her to freely leave.

smalltalk then leave. it is getting late; time for camping and sleeping. wake early in the morning and prepare to head north,back to the ruins. as striking camp, see someone to the south approaching, heading north. elf with swords and bow. carrying magic. arr recognises the figure' armour, weapons and especially the hat: it is Tomen. he got here not through the cave entrance, he arrived in the ruins in the middle of the island. activated a necklace, came from a continent called Eramor. got teleported multiple times to get to Eramor. Ashhope king sent him there on business. tom knows that the people in the centre can send people home, and their conditions. he has agreed, been tested, and is heading there now to be sent back to eramor. He seems perplexed that more people haven't agreed to their terms. he does have urgent business in eramor. offers to bring back some stuff from eramor. he has contact with the king in eramor, a gnome community. once his business in Eramor is complete, tom intends to travel to the elven kingdom to speak with Queen Raewyn.

talk about setting up a Roulae Tower wing here, to get people out, and also possibly to provide access to many other areas and kingdoms.

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