Chapter 04:

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Session Number: 148
Date: Saturday 6 October 2012
Venue: Craig's
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog2/Clr10 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

ro wait! I have something to offer. tor turns around, the others just stop without turning around. ro do you have any sick? do you have any wounded? do you have any diseased? I have power over such things and I would be honoured to heal them if you will let me. tor we have already healed all our wounded and diseased. there is no need. ro is there anything that you need? tor only the information you have on your map. ro is that it? tor it is. ro you do not wish to know what is happening in the world you came from? you don't wish to know what we found out about the staff? tor until we can get back there is a very low chance that you have any knowledge of our families or anyone we know. and this map could help us get back. arr when we get off the island we will come back and get you off. tr tell me your last name so when I get back I will find your families and I'll find out all about them and come back and tell you all about it so that at least you'll have some interesting information. and then i'll leave you here. (tr is pissed off) tor if you are not willing to give the information we asked for, then there is nothing to discuss. ro i hope we meet again on better terms. arr and remember that we did offer to give the information in return for your information. you chose to reject that. tor you requested that you get both our information and be able to stay with us. we are willing to do both. arr i think we were willing to forego your protection. if you are willing to pool information, I believe we would also be willing to? looks around group. tor i would be willing to do this. tr not on that side of the line. arr if you want to gather any information that you have, we will meet you back there when you are ready (a place a couple of hundred feet outside the area of antimagic). tor i will be back with the information in an hour. leave.

tr spends the hour memorising an area to Teleport to. discuss discs, invisibility, rope trick… tr doesn't trust them, but doesn't distrust them enough to waste spells. arr circumnavigation, looking for anyone watching them, then finds a tree to get a good view and watches. cal flies up and observes from the air. neither spot anything.

ro asks lio to look for tracks in the clearings this side of the hill. he cannot find any beyond their own.

wait the hour. see tor and two others approaching from the north. arr climbs down. ro arr, keep your eyes pealed, esp the treeline: see if there are any others out there.

greet. tor pulls out a book and removes a page from within. tor this is a map of this side of the island. ro places the party's map down side by side.


tor's covers the entire west side of the island. things marked on party's map with an x are marked with an i on tor's map. tor's map does not identify a ruin that his map says that it is in the other tribe's territory, nor did they know anything about the two x marks on the eastern side of the map. i = objects found, we believe they might hold the key for getting us out of here and so we have taken them back to our base. ro what were the objects? tor a staff in your cave, another staff in this one to the north (on an island), the other two midland spots were necklaces. tr asks for the staff. no. tr how about you bring it over and we look at it. tor too risky. tr gets pissed. ro did alonso seek or find or have access to any of these objects? tor he found one of the necklaces that we have. tor we have researchers looking into it. every few months more people arrive and we let them have a go as well. tr can I have a go? tor no. you are not part of our tribe. you could steal it. ro has it possibly occurred to your researchers that the reason they can't get it to work is because you are so fragmented and that you need all of these objects in unison to get off the island. tor if alo did get off this island, then it was without these objects as we have them all in our possession. tr so they are of no use to you to leave, then? tor you are not getting these objects. tr i don't want them all, I just want the staff! I don't even want the staff, I just want to look at it! ro so you found a staff in the cavern that we came from? tor yes. tr and you took it away.

cal sees someone 100' into the treeline. flies over (he is in bird form). the person is looking in the direction of the meeting but cannot see what is happening. one person with long sword.

tr so can I research your staff? tor no. I do not trust you. tr interesting I don't trust you either. but that doesn't mean I don't want to get off the island and that I wouldn't help you get off the island if I could. so you really don't want to get off the island that bad, do you? you're really quite happy here. fair enough. ro look i think we're all in agreement here that we all want to leave. tr they don't want to leave, not bad enough to let me research the staff. ro do you want to leave? tor yes. ro does your tribe in general want to leave? tor yes they do. ro then why do we not work together on this? tor our enemies want to get off this island as well, but we will not share it with them either. tr I'm not an enemy. I'm new here. tor we do not know what you are. tr look i'm the smartest guy you'll ever meet. I'm smarter than any two people you have. and I'm pretty good at this stuff. But if you don't want to get off this island enough to give it a shot, that's fine. arr he is probably right, you know. he is very smart and is very very good at figuring things out. ro particularly magical things. arr if any of us are going to get off this island, the best chance we have is getting tr on the research. I can understand your lack of trust but that is what I believe. the only thing I can say is you don't know us… tr he can get a bit angry at times, but if we find a way off this island it's going to be a way off for everyone and an end to this trap which should never have existed. this whole place is an abomination. and we are going to do everything we can to give people a way off and end this. ro I think that is very important to stress, that yes we will work with you, and if we find a way we will share it with you; we will also share it with the others. tor seems swayed. arr at this point we don't want to come under your authority but we don't have a problem contributing and working with you to find a way off this island. we don't see the necessity of becoming a member of your tribe. but frankly we are being honest about that, we could just say hey yes, we will be a member of your tribe and then just steal everything. we are not going to do that either way. ro i honestly believe that your best bet, and everybody's best bet, for freedom and to be returned to your families who you have been separated from for three years, is us. I honestly believe that. tor walks to another guard and whispers to him. one of the guards walks back the way they came. tor turns back. tor we will allow you to see the staff for research but you will be under heavy guard. ro I completely understand that. thank you. tor wait 10 minutes before we can go. ro by all means.

cal notices that the guy in the trees wears a necklace: a wooden circle. looks like Pope from Falling Skies. cal flies back to the meeting and lands. tor and his retinue don't have necklaces with circular wooden pendants. cannot see any insignias at all. cal lands and turns back to a human. tells everyone about the person in the woods. tor we've gotta go! he turns around and starts trotting after his retreating guard. ro we go with you? tor yes. there is a good chance there are a lot more out there. one of the guards runs off ahead. cal keeps pace. cal finds out guard is called liam. why did we have to leave? liam because there was a good chance we were about to be attacked. cal where are we going? liam back to our camp where there are a lot more people to back us up. cal why would they attack? liam because we are far away from our camp, we were vulnerable back there. cal can magic be cast in your camp? liam Yes. Magic can be cast in multiple places on this island.

1.5 hours later cal and liam exit forest and antimagic. on the way they passed a couple of very old campfire sites. guard confirms that they belonged to his tribe. cal sees town further along the coast to the right. town is on a large island nearly connected to the main island: 50 yard wide channel, crossed at narrowest point by a bridge. buildings are rustic. liam signals to another guard, then crosses the bridge. cal waits for others, liam waits with him.

others catch up. liam goes ahead to town. tor we have to wait here for 10 minutes. guards will come to escort us to the items. cal sees no magic on liam or tor. arr you have been here for three years, tor? tor yes. arr and how did you come to find yourself on this side of the island? tor the portal that I came through is right next to this town. ro what did the portal look like? what did you do to activate it? tor I put a staff into a slab. arr where did you come from? tor Kelnik, far south of the human lands. arr and cal have both heard of it. cal have you heard of ashhope? tor I have, I have been there. cal it is near where we were sent here. tor was a blacksmith, working under his father. he is not the tribe's leader, the woman in white is. tor is leader of the guard.

Eight guards and three wizards arrive. 2 guards have magical armour, the wizards carry magical wands. tor we will take you to the centre of town where you can see the items.

of the people they see, all wizards are human as are two of the guards, two are elves and four are dwarves. tr talks all friendly to the dwarves. one responds, the others look at him with distrust. one of the elves wears the symbol of cl.

led into the town. lots of people all looking like they are preparing for war. most guards are dwarves and humans, armourers and blacksmiths are elves. ro how long has this tribe been here? tor the person I know has been here the longest has been here 5 years.

taken to a ruined stone building. tor wait here, he walks inside. comes out in 1 minute. tor you can go in now. enter. inside are two tables. one has two staffs and the other has a necklace. in middle of floor is a stone slab with a slot in it: bigger than the one the party activated. slot is triangular. 4 people in room: 3 guards, one mage. ro did any of you here arrive at this place through this device? tor I did. arr you put a staff into a slab at your starting point? tor i did, and then the staff disappeared and I appeared here, surrounded by guards. ro why is there a staff here, if it keeps disappearing when it is used? tor we don't know. staff ends are off-equilateral triangle and off-square. triangular staff is spiral shaped, as if it were twisted. ro cal is any of this magical? cal staffs, necklace, slab. teleportation magic. tr takes staff and puts it into slab. nothing. arr talks to guard, he is from ashhope. arr what have you tried? guard doing them together, doing them in different orders… different combinations. also searching for anything else on this island with the same shapes. arr did you know alo? g yes he came here. arr did he say anything about the avenues he was pursuing? g he didn't actually take a look at these items. ro we were told that he recovered a necklace. Is this not it? g no it is not. arr do you still have the necklace that he recovered, or is it gone? g the necklace he recovered is held by our leader. it is the newest piece of the four we have on this side of the island. necklace has a crescent shape. there is a corresponding stone slab with a crescent indentation. the other necklace is shaped like a star. party are told that there is a shape of an off square in a wall in the cavern beneath the hill. it fit perfectly with the staff. arr the ruins, have you investigated them? we did not know that they existed. every time we head in that direction, we are attacked and have to fall back. ro with what numbers did you approach? tor the last time, there were five of us and eight of them. we managed to penetrate deep that time, but magic was cast at us. we have found four pockets inland where magic works. they are around the "i" notations on tor's map. arr who was the last person to speak to alo? tor me. arr where was he heading? tor he said he was following the north coast towards the east. arr anyone else with him? tor he insisted on going alone. ro did he have any devices with him? tor no. cal any items? tor a staff, similar but not identical to these here (no marks at bottom). on first handling, tr does not notice anything different about this staff to the last one. ro are any two shaped items or slabs the same shape? tor no. ro where did you appear? tor right beside this slab. cal have people arrived here from all four device slabs? tor yes they have.

party think the ruins are a good place to start. arr what is this trap's purpose? tr it might not be a trap. tor we have had a few theories about this place. our first was that it is a trap. our second is that it is a teleportation network. now we think it was a meeting place. tr neutral ground…ro could we speak to your leader? tor unfortunately she will not talk to you. ro why not? tor she does not trust outsiders. to be honest, she doesn't know that you are here. I believe that you can be helpful, but if she knew you were here, you would be dead. ro we thank you for your trust. I did not realise that you were putting yourself at such risk. ro if we were to go through your lands towards this ruin, would we encounter your guards? do you scout? I don't want to hurt someone if I can avoid it. tor i have marked the locations where our scouts currently are. cal what about your symbol? tor we don't have a symbol. that was a lie. tr see!!! cal anything we can tell your men so they don't attack us? tor shows the party a gesture. No, it is not the chicken dance. tor that gesture will not get you into this town though.

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