Chapter 02:

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Session Number: 146
Date: Sunday 16 September 2012
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog2/Clr10 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

It is about an hour before dusk. ro and lio take har to scout out the map's destination from the air. Show the map to har. har finds it first. it is a cave entrance in the middle of dense forest. circle it; it seems to be the only interesting feature in the immediate area.

ro har, remember this place. they return and inform.

next morning. head downstairs. there are four guards on ground floor talking to bartender. one was the unhelpful guy arr talked to at fire yesterday. bartender points at party. guards take interest in party.

and one of them walks towards the party. ashhope livery. captain. can i speak to you outside?

go outside. capt joshua. ro do we need to talk privately? capt here is fine. corporal Bill tells me you have been talking around town and you have a suspect? ro yes i presume he passed on a message that we were interested in talking to you? cap yes. I apologise for his behaviour. The other body in the morgue was Bill's son. that happened a couple of weeks ago and a couple of months ago his wife died also. arr how did they die? son building site accident, he hasn't talked about his wife. he is just sticking to the job trying to move on. ro how may we be of assistance? cap your connection to Alonso and Anton? arr we were brought here because one of the bodies in the morgue was an elf and we are associated with the elven court and wanted to investigate his death. cap you investigate the deaths of all dead elves? arr no this person had particular information that was of interest to us. cap what sort of information? arr if we suspect that that has anything to do with the crimes in the area then we will be happy to talk to you about that but at this point I'm not sure that they are connected. cap unfortunately we don't have any information concerning Alonso. we do have one of his possessions in storage outside the morgue; it survived. a wooden staff. it doesn't look magical. arr we would be happy to examine the staff for you. cap of course I'd be happy to show you the way. it is in the guard house. ro it should probably be returned to his family. cap probably. but because of the concerns of the present and the mystery surrounding Alonso's death, we are still holding onto it. arr we will collect it once your investigation is over.

go to guard house in north quarter of town. cal wanders off. shown staff. wooden, slightly curved, less so than a bow. detect magic / evil, nothing. no writing. one end square, one round. tr i'd be happy to take this back to his family for you. cap provided no new information comes to hand, we will release the staff in two days. tr why? because there is an ongoing investigation. tr do you think it will be useful? cap everything is useful, nothing is being ruled out right now. tr it isn't magical is it? I don't see much point in keeping Alonso's last remaining possession from his family. if there is some sort of transfer fee, that's fine. cap I'm sorry I cannot give you this staff.

arr examines the staff's ends, particularly looking for signs that it was inserted into something. the square end looks a little worn. it is slightly off-square. arr starts taking note of the staff's dimensions. tr joins in, committing it to memory. the square profile is about an inch and a half long. tr can I examine it? cap you are already. you cannot take it anywhere, if that's what you mean. tr i think you should secure it now so nobody can take it. cap it is secure. tr where is it? cap this place is well guarded you just can't see the guards. tr looks around. he is attuned to invisible things but cannot identify any here. arr if there is anything else, leave a message at the inn, and if we discover anything relevant to the case we will pass it on. leave. tr lingers to see what happens to the staff. cap leaves it on the table and watches tr. tr leaves.

tr I'll be about 20 minutes… i am going to use the pigments to draw another staff. heads back to room at inn. ro stands outside the guard house. arr stands outside inn. arr and ro can see each other, about 150 yards apart.

cal plays with Beau, throwing and catching sticks. Beau takes special pleasure in catching the stick before it hits the ground. cal throws some hairy ones, throws that Beau has to stoop, twist and dive to retrieve. He is very good at this game; they have played together like this many times. To spice things up, cal occasionally turns into a dog so Beau can throw him sticks. Beau starts out with easy throws, then makes them harder. He flies to great height, stoops, pulls out and releases, sending the stick at breakneck pace. the stick smacks into cal's canine jaws, jarring his head. The next throw is even cheekier, thrown in completely the wrong direction. cal Blinks into midair behind Beau to catch it. He lands on his feet, drops the stick and barks happily. Beau bobs his head in approval.

tr turns Invisible, Dimension Jaunts out of the inn and makes his way to the guard house. he goes to a window, keeping quiet enough to not alert ro. he Jaunts through the window, into the room where he was shown the staff. two doors with no obvious locks,a desk and a table. no staff. Nothing really big enough here to hold the staff. listen at door, hear footsteps. Jaunts to the other door, wait. listen at new door. Hear nothing. opens door quietly. it opens. see a guard looking at an open locker where clothes hang. Jaunts back to the other door, opens it. see an empty room. Jaunt to a window opposite and observe. see a guard walk past in the room beyond. Jaunts to another vantage point, sees nothing for a time, then sees a guard. Jaunts through into a room with a seated guard. nothing in here that might hold the staff. tr reverses back to the locker room. listen: hear nothing. Jaunts into doorway and looks in. lockers and a large table, no staff. guard sitting beside table. lockers could hold the staff. see another door, dark inside. tries to open door; locked. Acids door handle/lock. It melts away. looks at guard, he seems to have noticed the melting lock and is standing up. tr waits, guard moves to look at the acided door. tr Jaunts out of his path. guard opens door. from where tr is he can see a desk, a chair and a window. guard walks in, looks around then power walks out. tr Jaunts to door and looks in. sees a big container in corner and another window, and a bookshelf. container could hold the staff. window looks outside. Jaunts to the container. wooden with padlocked lid. door opens outwards into other room. tr Jaunts back outside the room, closes door, jams dagger under door then Jaunts back inside the room. Jaunts over to the container, acids the lock and opens it. full of paper. No other exits.

tr Jaunts to the door and peeks through. sees a wall, Jaunts to it. moves away. sees guard talking to another guard: it looks like something has happened to the door! we need to alert people! tr waits. manages to get out undetected.

ro sees a guard burst out of the door and run towards the inn. tr becomes visible next to ro. tr we should go. ro what did you do? tr I just want to hit the trail, right now. ro i'm not going anywhere. a guard just rushed past. what's happening? tr I dunno. I have a staff though. I made it! ro so why do you want to leave so soon? tr because I have a staff that looks like one that I'm not supposed to have. ro well hide it. tr where am I gonna hide a 6' staff? ro in here (turns around). ro hang on, if they ask to go through my bag and I have a staff that looks exactly like theirs, that's awkward. tr that's what I was trying to tell you! ro tr? tr yes? ro we gotta go. tr yeah! ro can still see arr and the guard. they follow at a walk.

arr sees a guard running towards him. he puts away his sword and watches. guard runs past the inn. arr moves to keep him in sight. guard turns off down another street. arr keeps note of street. arr sees tr and ro approaching. arr what's happening? ro you tell me but I think he's involved. anyway as you've seen, there is a guard off to tell somebody something. arr tr did you finish your task? tr yes. arr let's collect lio and cal and go. ro where is cal? arr he's off by himself, heck knows where.

go outside. ro cal! cal! he hears and follows. tr oh you is a good dog for coming yes you is yes you is yes you is!

go on foot. leave town to the east. takes 1/2 hour to spot the cave. ro and arr stop before get too close, get lio to check for signs of passage into and out of the cave. lio finds three sets of tracks going both in and out. they were carrying something heavy. One set is quite recent. dark, winding cave, cannot see very far in. lio notices that one set of tracks resembles those tracks of the guy he was following running from the fire.

head in. light a sunrod. marching order lio arr cal tr ro/har.

winding tunnel. t intersection about 100 yards in, tracks go to the right. nothing of interest to the left. follow them. after another 100 yards, another t intersection. tracks turn right. follow. all the time the tunnel slowly descends. another junction, tracks follow the left branch. cal can see a magical barrier not far down that passage. he turns into a human and tells the others. ro detects no evil. cal looks at it closely. abjuration school. tr Clarity of Vision looks for invisible creatures, sees none. tracks lead straight through, no turning or pausing. ro tr, any idea what this thing does? can you see it? tr has a look (takes 20). cal doesn't wait, puts hand through very slowly. nothing happens. tr what was the point of that? I wasn't finished! cal I just wanted to see if I could put my hand through. And I can. ro don't do that! tr OK, the next time we come across a magical barrier, we just get somebody to put their hand through rather than try to figure out what it does… tr believes that the effect is the border of an antimagic field. tr is pretty much disabled, but equally it means that the party is only going to be opposed by mundane means. it does exclude har.

both cal and tr have essentially permanent magical effects that can determine whether the antimagic field is still in effect. tr stays with har while the others explore, hoping that the field does not extend very far. ro har, look after him. same marching order, minus tr/har. 80 feet later enter large cavern 40'-50' wide and long. no other exits. see stone step in middle with staff lying beside it. ro does circumnavigation. lio confirms that the tracks go to and from where the staff lies. antimagic still present. arr examines staff, ends the same dimensions. stone slab is about 3" thick and has a slightly off-square shaped hole in it. ro joined by arr, cal looks at slab. ro arr return emptyhanded. cal doesn't think the slab moves.

cal discovers that the space immediately above the slab is not subject to the antimagic field; it is like there is a 3'x3' exclusion zone that extends to the ceiling. slab radiates conjuration magic. he cannot see any magic on ro, still within the antimagic field. arr heads back, tells tr what they have found. they leave har there and go back to the cavern.

ro cal, take this staff (the one that was here) and check if it is magical. cal takes and gingerly holds it over slab, pokes his head in and looks. it is, radiates conjuration. tr takes staff and walks over to slab. arr intercepts. arr what arey you doing? tr gives staff to ro is that better? arr what are you going to do? tr look at the slab! arr moves out of the way. tr examines slab and magic. take 20 for 42. looks very similar to a teleportation spell. tr can I have the staff for a sec? ro hang on a minute I want to do my thing. I'm going to see har. cal, walk with me. ro and cal go to har, outside the field. ro pulls out tr's copy from backpack. gets cal to look at them both. the one from the cavern still radiates conjuration magic; tr's copy radiates no magic of any kind. they look identical though. cal thinks it is similar to a teleportation spell, tells ro. ro and the slab radiated conjuration as well? insert tab a into slot be and you get teleported somewhere? cal it seems likely. they head back. arr we aren't going to find out what this does except by doing one thing. tr i'll do it. ro tr you are the most important of all of us. arr if we are going to send someone through, why don't we make them invisible? and buffed to all get-out? arr there are not any other avenues to take. ro there are the other paths that we have not explored. tr gimme the staff for a second and I'll show you what it does. ro tr you know that you are too valuable. I'll go. tr no you're too valuable. ro no I'm not. I'm just another paladin. cal I'll go. ro how many of us could fit on the slab at once? tr Vertically? Probably all of us!

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