Chapter 01:

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Session Number: 145
Date: Sunday 9 September 2012
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog2/Clr10 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

at tri. eth finds party. had a report about a man south of ashhope found dead. he has a royal seal on him so they contacted my family. his name was alonso, a researcher. he was following up on a lead in a human town called lormu. I did not send him out, he is not my man, he works for the roielle family. he went of his own accord. not yet sure what he was researching there, recovered his notes and going through his paperwork now. he doesn't work for riaz.

ask to view the notes. taken to room where some people are working on them. tr takes over going over the notes. arr asks the elves what they have gleaned so far.

"it looks like this alonso caught word of a relic that describes the ruelock's characteristics. the info he found came from a human called anton from the town of lormu. apparently he went to meet up with this person."

anton knew about the relic, it appears he was not in possession of it.

tr goes over the notes, skim for an hour. most of it at the bottom are dead ends. the first bits give description of something that very closely resembles the ruelock. mentions the town, and address of anton. doesn't think that more time will result in a great deal more information.

ro asks about cirumstances of alonso's death. he was found 4 days ago about half a mile east of lormu, with several arrows and sword slash wounds. he was found by a guard patrol that had finished their duties in another town and were on their way back. they found the elven royal seal and decided to let the elves know. the guards were from ashhope, they had spent a time in a town east of lormu and were on their way there, passing through back to ashhope. body is in lormu.

lunchtime. go to ashhope. leave town and take to the air (har and disc). get there in about half a day, with lots of black smoke curling up from it. land a good way off and follow the smoke. stay off the road. outside the town, see the main road heading through a stock gate. see lots of people running towards the smoke with buckets of water. arr jumts the fence. arr what's happening and can I help? that building is on fire! help if you can! arr runs over and casts Create Water. others follow. fire looks like it is being contained by people's efforts. arr creates a drizzle over the entire building. one storey. 30' x 40'. roof was on fire but not now, just smoking. tr arr cal see suspicious looking guy running away from building. 400' away. not carrying a bucket. arr makes his water appear inside the burning building. most of the fire is extinguished. ro flies after the individual. arr what was this building? the local morgue. ro covers 280' of the 400'. black dog appears in front of guy and barks at him.

guy stops and runs to right past buildings to get away.

cal blinks in front of him again and again barks. he is out of sight to ro/har. ro takes to the air and reacquires. guy looks surprised, runs away from dog. cal repeats. ro har, pin him. don't hurt him, just pin him. guy dodges out of the way. runs past both, towards another building. cal blinks in front and growls intimidatingly. guy ignores. ro gets har to grapple and she does. cal notices that guy looks a lot different close up. he looks around and sees the original mark disappearing around a corner. cal blinks out to the corner. no one in sight. couple of places where someone could have hidden but both empty. turns into human goes back to ro. cal i don't think that's him. ro what? cal talk to him anyway. ro so if this is not him, where is the guy we're supposed to be following? cal I lost him. ro are you sure? cal the guy had swords and armour, this guy doesn't. ro i'm not letting this guy go just yet. you go try and find him. har pins. ro dismounts and notices that guy looks different. detect evil. no. cal detect magic there are traces. he follows it. the traces go into the shadows and disappear. cal searches, nothing. magic was transmutation. cal watches the shadow for a while.

ro har, let him up gently. ro grabs him by the scruff of the neck, look him over really closely. don't kill me please. ro who are you? rudolph. i'm just a villager, please don't hurt me! ro why is everybody else running towards the flames while you are running away? because there is a big flying thing after me please don't hurt me! ro sense motive 15 believe he's telling the truth.

ro do you live here? yes i live just over there! points to a building ro do you live alone? yes. ro do you know your neighbours? yes of course I do. ro right. come with me. she drags him towards the buildings. ro your state of freedom very much depends on what happens in the next few seconds. point out your house! he points to a door. ro drags him to the one on the right and knocks on the door. no answer. other side. no answer. ro sees a woman charging towards the first door, holding a bucket. ro you! she looks around, freaked out. do you know this man? wom of course that's fred. he lives just there. what's going on? ro your name is what?? it's ahhh… whimper ro speak up! it's rudolph, I just told people around here it's fred because I owe some people money. please don't kill me! ro believes him. ro grab a bucket. you're coming with me. ok then… ro drags him towards the fire. ro thrusts a bucket into his arms. ro make yourself useful. ok then. ro joins in the firefighting effort. the fire seems to be mostly out. some people are dousing walls and others are entering with water. ro and guy stay outside, dampening down hotspots.

arr locates a door into the morgue. very smoky inside, wait. arr introduces self and asks what happened. guy says that they saw a fire and started helping put it out. arr i saw a guy run away from this building a few moments ago, describes (two swords, leather armour, human, black hair). don't know. only people here that use swords are the guards and they only use one. arr checks building, smoke clearing. someone enters bearing water, follows. arr was there someone stored here by the name of alonso? I recognise that name but I don't work here. arr how can I find the person who works here? he is probably helping put out the fire. his name is dilbert. arr exits anyone named dilbert here? finds him after 1 minute. he has water. dilbert the mortician. arr I believe you had an elf stored here. dil we did what is it to you? arr I am from the elven kingdom and wanted to recover the body. dil everything inside is destroyed. arr did he have any other possessions? dil just his clothes and a walking staff. he was quite old. arr I hope my efforts here saved some part of your morgue. dil I thank you for that. arr excuses himself.

cal closely inspects shadows where he lost the fleeing individual. adjacent building is a house. he knocks at door, no answer. listens at door, hears nothing. cal notes location. woman rushes past and goes into house. cal stop wait do you live here? wom yes I do. cal any one else? wom no I am alone, why do you ask? cal someone just ran around this corner and I lost them i was wondering if they went in here, evidently not, I thank you for your help. she rushes inside with a bucket. cal goes to fire. cal lost him. he used some sort of spell. ro well we still have this guy but I don't think he's connected to anything.

arr and ro meet up. ro this isn't the guy, right? arr did you have anything to do with this fire? no. arr he doesn't look like him. ro do you have a true seeing? arr casts it and inspects the guy. he looks ordinary. arr gets cal to lead him to where he lost the other guy. nothing in the shadow. magical tracks disappear in the shadow. cal follows them backwards. they start at the fire, go around the side of the burnt building. they start at an open window. cal climbs through the window, more tracks inside that seem to start only a few feet away. room is burnt. this room held bodies. tracks seem consistent with the guy he saw that disappeared.

ro to guy she is holding. next time, think about being a better citizen. next time it might be your house on fire. off with you. she lets him go.

cal wants to determine what was in that room. find dilbert. help? of course. anything to catch those bastards. go in. this is where we stored our dead people. arr anyone else stored here? only one other, a boy who died in an accident helping his father build a house. it was a very sad day. arr there is a lot of grief in your job. dil indeed, but somebody has to do it. arr who administers the law here? guards from ashhope. they are in, but on duty on the outskirts of town trying to find anything suspicious. there is a guard near the fire. cal approaches. guard what is your name? cal. we are from avarriel in regards to the man alonso. gua do you have proof? cal no. is it still possible to talk to the captain? gua i'm sorry I cannot disclose any info however if you have any information that could help us catch the culprits it would be greatly appreciated. he goes off. arr actually there is some information that you could pass on. i say a person fleeing the scene. describes. gua thank you. anything else? arr no but I would like to speak to your captain if we can be of any help. my name is arr and we will probably be at the inn.

go to inn. talk to barkeep. arr introduces, orders dwarven ale for himself. ro mead. cal stays outside. discuss the fire. arr says he helped put the fire out. barkeep hands arr back his money. this drink is on the house. arr asks about alonso. keep recognises the name but doesn't know anything . he did not stay here. this is the only inn. arr other person we would like to have a word with is anton. keep yes i know anton. arr where would we be able to find him?

eastern edge of the city. arr what does he do? history nut. arr does he come to the inn much? quite frequently actually, but hasn't been here recently. I haven't seen him in 3-4 days which is a bit unusual for him. he is known to go off and do his own thing from time to time though. arr does he live by himself? I think so.

finish drinks and head off to anton's. arr flags someone down asks for anton's house. point it out. the guy hasn't seen him in a few days which he notes as unusual. he doesn't spend much time at home.

knock on his door. who is it? arr is it anton? (ant) what do you want? arr is it anton? ant speaking, what do you want? arr can I come in? ant no. tell me what you want or go away! door is locked. cal we are friends of alonso we have come from the elven lands. hear door unlocking. opens slightly. ant who are you what do you want? cal from avarriel we have been told that there was an accident involving alonso and wanted to ask some questions. ant ask away. cal do you know what happened to him? ant no. cal he had some notes on him, something to do with a relic of the ruelock. does that mean anything to you? ant no! (lying) arr makes sign to ro to detect evil. no evil or magic. cal we came in and helped with the fire. introduces others. sent from avarriel to find out what happened to alonso. ant I don't have any information for you. cal what can you tell us about the ruelock? no answer. ro good sir I know you are a man of knowledge and of research. we know something of this creature called a ruelock which bears more than a passing resemblance to something that somebody in this town seems to know something about. I would be willing to exchange our knowledge. ant enough people have died already! door slams shut. ro how many more will die if we do not hunt down this ruelock? ant if i give you information, you will die as well! leave me alone! ro oh, good sir, we can look after ourselves. ant this ruelock that you speak of he is not part of this world. ro we know this already. that does not concern me. how many more have you told? ant I am not going to tell you any more! hear stomping away. tr looks through a window. cal we can kill the ruelock! no answer. arr kick it in ro. ro why? arr because he's lying to us. someone has died about this and he's lying to us. this is an uncooperative suspect in a potential murder investigation. cal we could just tell the guards. ro I think we'd learn more from him if he was on our side. ro anton, if you do not tell us about this creature then more people will die. including a good friend of ours that is the creature's prisoner. ant I told you this creature is not involved now just go away! arr ok ro i think we should tell a guard. tr cannot see anyone in the room through the window. he dimension jaunts into the house. ro perhaps the guard would be interested that he had dealings with the man that is now dead and burned in their morgue. ant go ahead! I'll probably be safer in the hands of the guards!

cal is someone threatening you? no answer. ro where's tr? arr is worried that he might flee. ro mounts up and flies to the back. tr hears him walking around in the next room. ro at rear, no door. windows, can see no one through them. tr waits. cal sir we understand your misgivings. perhaps we can help so no more people die! tr sees ant open door and stomp towards front door, not seeing him. ant how can you help? cal we are men and women of magical means. tr looks in room where man was. lots of research notes on a table. tr dimension jaunts inside.

cal explains that they saw someone suspicious, followed him, and were wondering what connection he might have with the deceased alonso. ant seems less than impressed that they let him get away. ro har, stay here will you? if anything comes out this side, let me know? ro goes back to the front. ro ant, please, we need your help. if you are worried about our safety then please feel no guilt at all. we take full responsibility for our own actions and we do not blame you for any of yours. but we are at your mercy here, we need help to stop this creature that we believe you know something about. ant I told you, this creature is not involved! cal we also want to capture whoever set the morgue on fire, and we want to figure out what that had to do with alonso. ant says nothing.

tr looks around research room. lots of books and pages.

cal the info you give out to people is your prerogative, but what they do with that information is their prerogative. If you give us the opportunity, we may be able to help. ant if I give you information, you are not allowed to let anyone know it came from me, alright? cal on my word. ant I want all your words! arr certainly. ro you have it. tr sure! ant what, how did you get in here? stomps towards tr. tr your room is in a mess. ant get out! approaches, tr Dimension Jaunts behind him, beside the front door. ant looks around the research room. tr opens the front door. ro sir, you have our word that whatever you tell us we will not identify you. cal sorry our friend was overzealous. he's at the door. ant how did you get in? cal we are men and women of magical means. ant I'll give you information but first, you leave! looks angry.

ro tr, would you mind? tr teleports out of his view but remains inside. ant where'd you go? what's happening? others notice tr is not outside. ro will you come out and speak with us? ant give me a minute! tr casts invisibility then looks around the corner. sees ant writing on paper. party waits. he seems to be copying from books onto paper. finishes, picks up the paper and heads to the door. tr waits for him to pass. and reaches the front door and opens it. tr dimension reaches the books ant was copying from.

ro introduces himself in full. ant i don't care. here's all the information you need, now get out! leave! hands over papers. tr dimension jaunts outside the window. cal thank you for the information. ant don't come back! slams the door shut.

ro collects har. tr puts books in backpack, becomes visible and they all leave for the inn. ro rents rooms, collects cal and all go up to rooms to inspect papers. first is a map leading 1.5-2.0 miles east of town. tr pulls out books. ro what have you got there? tr just some research material I picked up before I left. ro doesn't buy it. one other paper has notes of relic of ruelock and a near perfect description of the ruelock. last paper describes an unnamed island, including a roughly sketched map.


tr finds the map describing the area outside Lormu in one book, the ruelock description in another. There is nothing about an island. a lot in the books has been crossed out. arr notices that the handwriting in the books and on the paper is the same (high five with tr behind ro's back). map destination seems similar to the place where alonso was described as being found.

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