Chapter 12:

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Session Number: 142
Date: Sunday 12 August 2012
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog1/Clr10 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd11 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA4 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal11 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz11 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

ro asks arr whether he has any spells that could be used to signal to others circling above that all is clear inside the building.

lio asks ro to test whether the arachtria seem to follow har and her while earthgliding. the others watch the blobs of animated arachtria. as har descends, arr says that there seem to be two matre at the centre of the blobs. enter the earth. ro can sense that har feels calm. come up. arr says that it looks like one of the matre is attacking the other one - tearing bits off it. others say that the moving portion of the carpet of steel did not follow. after a while the second blob returns to the periphery.

ro mentions that she and har can ferry everyone inside the building, moving through the earth. tr will hover over the building and observe what happens.

ro shall we observe the matre? the last time we did this, it built a cannon. ro remembers that the matre are known to be able to control 100 arachtria each. tr thinks there would have to be hundreds of matre to mobilise the entire arachtria force. ro is this worthwhile investigating? tr what else would we do? ro get out, use the box, and get back to the arcanite issue. tr is interested in why the matre is wrecking the other one. ro could drop down and observe, keeping moving, and if there is even the hint of projectile weaponry, we get out of there. do it. spot checks: four of party are pretty sure that one matre is stripping away material and reconstructing something on top of the other matre. worrying. cal thinks it is tubelike. tr let's get the flock out of here. ro tr will go in at best speed, I will go in at best speed with lio, we will clear the area, get rid of any dead ones blocking the door, and then I will get lio safe through the door and come back. a bit hard to swap arr for lio, so change plan to take arr back first.

arr and ro on har. instructions to travel at 50' below the surface, exit at clearing if it is safe. har stoops towards the ground and enters at pace. tr gains altitude and heads towards the centre. cal and lio stay near the periphery. The two matre follow tr. One seems to continue to work on the other then they stop.

har surfaces in clearing near building and is surrounded by motionless arachtria. take to the air, land on the building. crash through the branches that surround the door. two immobile arachtria stand on the cleared path. tear them to bits (2 minutes). go inside oval room. dead arachtria. start removing the arachtria. takes 2 minutes. can tell when all is clear when door springs open. ro arr, see you on the other side. I am going back to get the others. arr I will stay on the other side of the door so if I can be of any assistance I will.

door defaults open.

arr moves through the door and looks as if he is preparing a spell. ro if you deem it worthy, appraise elo of what is going on. arr ro, I am hearing approaching arachtria. ro then it is time for me to go. ro mounts up gets out lance ro let's go har. submerge in overgrown room. return. local arachtria at circumference are motionless. find lio and cal. land beyond the arachtria and lio gets on har. 5 mins underground, about the time ro expects to be surfacing, ro senses alarm from har, then confusion. feel her make a decision. 5 mins later come up back where they were. har says that she could sense lots of movement in the clearing, did not know if it was safe to come up there. ro thank you, you did well. har looks pleased. ro we need to go talk to tr. climb to 3000' fly to above building where tr is. see lots of movement around the building. quite a few arachtria closer to the building. tr if they all come in and die over the next week, I am good with that. ro I have another plan. tr, you move not directly above the building. if they group around you, that leaves the centre clear. tr moves off 500' towards opposite side, where door is.

there is a blob that stays at the building and a blob that follows tr. tr beckons ro and the others over. they comply. the blob outside the building stays put. lio suggest that ro go straight into the building from below, then he casts Entangle centered on the doorway. tr one at a time, or all at once? ro all at once. the more time we spend on this, the more we interact with the arachtria and the more they learn. 5 minutes have passed, the blobs remain in their separate places.

all meander back towards the circumference, hoping to pull them away from the centre. One of the blobs follows. One stays beside the building.

ro they are onto us. we just need to get out and we need to do it quickly. we have lured one away. if you get on har tr, we can get back much faster and leave it behind. ask cal to descend to see what modification the matre has made. the pegasus declines. revised plan. har takes ro under the earth at a hustle (140'/round). cal takes tr and lio at slowest pace aboveground (60'). when cal arrives overhead, he signals their arrival by casting a spell that creates an earthquake that har can sense. cal trying to communicate this is difficult and comical. All then go to building - har straight from the earth, tr Dimension Doors his group inside. cal has to descend to 210' to make the earthquake. before he does, tr casts Invisibility Sphere centred on himself. har aims to arrive at the intersection of the two paths that they have made, tr somewhere along the leg between there and the doorway to the room with the box.

ro explains the plan to har. when har senses the earthquake, she will let ro know so she can then cast Daylight before they surface. lio prepares to cast Entangle on the doorway. tr's tasks are to get ro's lance, retrieve the box and get it on har.

there is still a patch of steel carpet following as the party circle outside their circumference and discuss the plan.

har vanishes underground. get to centre. others meander in at high altitude, leaving behind the matre at the circumference. tr and others note that the 200' exclusion zone appears to have cleared again. tr makes everyone invisible 10 radius, then they start descending.

the matre is visible below, surrounded by animated arachtria. keep close watch, think they are not reacting to their descent. get down to 210' and cal casts his spell. earthquake tremor. ro feels har steel herself and rise. ro casts Daylight. tr casts Dimension Door and transports his group inside.

tr's group appear first, then har surfaces with ro.


tr 16
ro 15
ara 13
cal 12
lio 10

tr sees ro and har appear in front of him and can hear the screams of arachtria close by. from two directions. tr i'll get the box. he dimension jaunts into the room beside the table and collects the box. he is still invisible, his companions are now not. ro is in the middle of two groups of arachtria: five on one side towards the external door and three on the other. two of the three are inside the oval room. tr get back here; I can transport us all into the oval room! ro snarls and brandishes her lance, then the pair back off a step towards tr. she notices that the pair of arachtria in the oval room look quite badly battered, consistent with bludgeoning damage. rusted a little bit too. ro arr are you there? no answer. the door is closed. ro back off into the room, guys! readies an action to skewer anything that comes within range. arachtria scream, both inside and outside. they run towards har. ro's readied lance hits ac21 for 9 points of imithrium dmg. it survives, attacks har and hits once for 10 damage (mitigated to 5), misses twice more. another moves in and attacks. ro's ac is 15. it hits twice from three for a total of 20 dmg. cal loses his pegasus form as a swift action, casts Vigour on ro and then backs into the room with tr. lio moves next to cal.

tr has the box, waits for ro to enter. har and ro withdraw at a hustle into the room, yelling as she goes. she drops the imithrium lance onto the floor. ara follow ro but har keeps ahead. tr arr! don't hear any response. cal sees 4 arachtria. he asks tr are we teleporting back to the door? tr gimme a minute. can somebody cast Entangle out there? that would be really good! cal casts a quickened Entangle spell on the intersection of the cleared paths, then Giant's Wrath. He holds onto the pebbles in case he hits ro/har. lio shoots two arrows at a visible arachtria, past ro and har. the first hits for 12 physical and 2 frost damage. the second arrow misses clean.

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