Chapter 11:

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Session Number: 141
Date: Sunday 5 August 2012
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog1/Clr10 (Fergus) (kills: 1 arachtria)
Calico Drd11 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA4 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal11 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz11 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

"I've been thinking about things we can ask the doors when cal next gets his spell back," ro says. "Things like how could it see the metal inside our backpack? Is there anything it cannot see through? Have other people got through with metal upon their person? Are there any circumstances whereby it will allow metal to pass through?"

The party then discuss the wording of a Divination spell. It is a difficult task; they put it aside for a time to allow cal to use Speak with Plants. Perhaps they will gain all the knowledge they need from the door alone. On the way upstairs, ro has a thought.

"tr, is there a spell that temporarily changes metal to something else?"

"Transmute Metal to Wood" tr replies. "A druid spell." He looks at cal.

"It is beyond my ability." The druid thinks for a moment. "If I hold the box and Wild Shape into another form, the box disappears. Might that fool the door?"

"Try that before you talk to the door," ro suggests. "Let's go through. I will stay by the door and see what it does."

As they enter the circular hall, the door opposite-right opens, detecting no metal upon the group. tr goes through first, cal and lio behind. The oval chamber is empty, but tr sees an arachtria on the cleared path in the next room, forty feet away. It turns and charges towards him. The door behind slaps shut, leaving ro and arr on the other side.

The arachtria squeals as it closes, then slams into tr with multiple legs outstretched. tr dodges, expecting that his magical bracers will deflect the sharp limbs… Two ragged puncture wounds in shin and thigh sharply remind him that the device is stowed downstairs.

"Can you all get out of here?" cal asks.

"Yes," tr gasps.

"No!" lio says.

"I can fly us out of here," cal offers.

"I can Teleport us out of here," tr says. "Give me a minute…"

tr does not know the area sufficiently well to nominate a safe destination on the ground, which leaves the sky. What height will give them enough time to stop themselves from splatting into the ground? He makes some quick mental calculations. "Twenty seconds should do it," he thinks. "Three thousand feet? Give it a bit more, just in case. Three and a half thousand. Don't think I've ever flown that high before…"

"We're going straight up!" tr yells to the others. "Here we go!" he says, casting Teleport and grabbing their shoulders.

The three appear in midair and immediately start falling. tr casts overland flight. cal turns into a pegasus. tr continues to fall and grabs onto lio, then strains as he breaks the fall. They drop a little over 100 feet before tr arrests lio's fall. tr looks where to offload lio.

cal circles down, eyeing tr. he comes up underneath and tr lets go. lio nearly slips off but manages to hang on, white knuckled off cal's pegasus mane. lio climbs on.

ro considers collecting her equipment and guarding the door. It is imperative that the door stays closed. tr and the others may be casualties of war. but if they were to return to the door, her metal equipment would ensure it would stay closed. She rethinks.

below, a great area of silvery metallic glistening. building below, surrounded by trees. pegasus circles around tr. tr what are we gonna do now? sorry, whinny. cal points his head at the nearest hill. The message does not get through.

60 seconds after the door closes, the door opens. empty room beyond. 80' away is a stationary arachtria.

ro (whisper) arr! there's an arachtria right there!

arr I have a spot of 23!

arr what is more interesting is that it is quite rusted. ro shall we wait and see whether that process continues? arr have you got any better ideas? ro walk through? arr actually that could be a better idea. ro the door is open right now. are you up for this? there may be no coming back. arr I don't think we have a choice. ro let's go.

ro and arr cross over the door threshold together. the arachtria charges, screaming in its high pitched metallic voice. door behind closes.



arr casts Recitation. arachtria charges in, closing the distance to 40'. ro casts Magic Weapon upon her obsidian waraxe.

arr casts Divine Power. arachtria charges at arr and hits three times for a total of 19 damage. ro fullattacks three times back. ac27 hits for 14 (before dr). ac23 hits for 15 (before dr). ac15 misses (16 would have hit). the blows stagger it but it doesn't seem to be terribly badly damaged.

arr fullatt one miss one hit for 1d8+5=12 dmg (before dr). arr is attacked three more times, all hit, total 20 dmg. ro keeps half an eye out in case others come. arr i can hear more coming. ro appraises the damage to both the arachtria and to arr. I am calling har, she says. she steps back and begins the summoning.

arr steps back and casts Summon Monster, calling a celestial griffon. ara attacks arr misses, misses, hits for 7 dmg. har appears beside the ara. ro mounts up.

arr casts Flame Strike, accepting the AOO. it misses. 10d6 rfl half = 32 dmg. The creature screams and dies.

ro get on! arr gets on. ro observes the stone floor beneath. ceiling made of plant material. ro arr, keep your ears open - anything coming? arr hard to say. I can hear more of their screaming. ro changes to terran. har keep your eyes open take us down. there is a clearing that should be reasonably free of tree roots outside this building over there. use your tremorsense, find an area with nothing there and surface. head into the sky. har i cannot go down here. something I cannot pass through. ro arr anything coming? arr hard to say. ro we've gotta go.

when har gets into the next room, she can find a way down. emerge in clearing. lots of arachtria in front but not inside the boundary. two behind. har takes to the air.

tr sees the stone flyer bursting into flight below. can just see it. arr sees the others above. united. ro well that went badly. lio describes a plan: get box and give to har. dismiss har. pass through portal with no metal. summon har at next available opportunity. box transported, bypassing door!

ground in valley is covered in stationary arachtria, but there are two "lumps" (areas) of arachtria that are moving. areas are next to the building. ro two matre? arachtria are not autonomous, they need to be controlled by a matre. tr considers drawing them off, but he can only move at 40' per round. ro anyway, this is irrelevant. we need to get back. tr the only way to get back is to get in there without any arachtria being near the door. ro har could hold them off and then I could dismiss her… tr what about the box - is it holding the arachtria back? ro I could leave the imithrium lance here, if it is imithrium and the building somehow amplifies it. If it is something specific about the box then that isn't going to work. tr what we should do if we get back is to come back here and drop off 1000 imithrium lances all over the place.

ro what about firing an imithrium tipped arrow through the doorway - would it get through? tr getting back, there needs to be no arachtria there. I have 11 hours of fly available, we could look around a bit first, let things settle down. we can try to sneak back in, I have some invisibility spells prepared. it wouldn't hurt to have a teleport destination out here somewhere too. ro that takes an hour, doesn't it? tr yes. ro do you have any floating discs? tr yes. tr is the radius that the arachtria stop at centred around where the box is, or where the building is? ro it looks like it's the building. tr therefore it's the building. ro the building could be amplifying the effect of the box though… but it seems unlikely, one is metal and one is organic. I think you are right. tr i think we can get away with taking the box. If we want to be cautious we can leave some imithrium behind. could use pigments to draw imithrium stuff. even another imithrium box.

decide on a hilltop to aim for. tr travels to it directly at great height and not much speed. ro and arr will scout out a bit, take a circuitous route. keep an eye on the arachtria. they decide to circle the building at about 1000' and then zigzag towards the rendezvous point. cal and lio will go with tr.

ro and arr notice that one of the two humps of alive arachtria seems to be following tr. lose sight of tr, see movement on the ground moving in that direction. the arachtria are not moving, it is like a mexican wave of activity shadowing tr. ro thinks tr is making them come alive. arachtria are powered by something called the source and it has some connection to tr's family. the other hump seems to be doing its best to follow ro's group in the same manner but because of their higher speed they are not as able to keep up. so it is not just tr.

ro we are waking them up just as much as tr is. it could just be life. ro catches up with tr. tells him about the phenomenon. ro so they are not moving, but the effect has a speed and har can outrun it. tr perhaps they are passing on a message. cal and lio break off; the two masses stay with ro/arr and tr. ro maybe when we break free of this great sea, they will not follow. test theory by heading towards the edge. when they reach it, a group of about 100 arachtria break off and follow. ro i don't think we can camp out for an hour. much as I'd like some imithrium stuff I think we are just gonna have to cope with just one lance.

decide to go back. har can get ro + 1 back into the building. tr can Dimension Door himself + 3, 840'.

remember that there is a dead arachtria near the door, probably blocking the door. they will have to deal with that. then grab box, stow it on har, dismiss her. arr heals tr, ro heals arr. ro and har will go first, possibly invisible, check that there are no live arachtria inside, deal with the dead arachtria, then signal to tr to bring himself and everyone else.

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