Chapter 08: Keep My Shape

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Session Number: 138
Date: Sunday 24 June 2012
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog1/Clr10 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd11 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA4 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal11 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz11 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

tr goes downstairs asks eth to accompany him back upstairs. arr what's going on? tr one of the doors has opened. arr did you find out why? tr yes. since this is tied to my parents, this is a bit more personal. ro I can respect that. tr and eth go upstairs. rh door that opened is now closed. tr asks eth to remove all metallic items. door still closed. take all metal downstairs. go up, door open. there is light in the circular room but it is unlit in the new room inside. plain floor similar to the circular room. oval walls with scrub growing at the other end. stone chips on floor, not been maintained. 30' long, 20' wide. tr tell eth to stay in the hall while he goes in. crosses to the other end, looks back and waves at eth. she waves back. tr detect magic. floor walls ceiling have alteration magic. tr waves eth over. what do you make of these bushes? eth I am not familiar with this variety. it looks similar to xxx. nothing particularly interesting except for the fact that she has not seen these varietals before. tr torn between treading carefully as this might be very personal, or getting the others up here. he and eth search the room. there is a door-shaped opening beneath the floor-to-ceiling scrub. there is a room beyond full of scrub bushes etc. no idea of its size, the flora is very thick. can only see a few feet. tr lights a sunrod. dark tangled scrubby mass. tr leaves eth at the doorway he steps inside with the sunrod. surrounded by brush. cannot see the ceiling. casts Spider Climb and climbs up the wall. cannot see eth. he speaks to her she answers. goes up 4' see a glow of light and a ceiling that the brush does not grow up to. at the top he can see farther across, only a few branches manage to make it to the ceiling. it looks like natural light filtering through translucent bricks. he continues outward into the room, on the ceiling. slow going have to clear away stuff. keep talking to eth. after about 20' it is hard to hear her replies, muffled. start having to yell.


tr heads back and makes it. thinks about burning through to the other side using acid. tr asks what eth thinks. eth it would be helpful to have the others here but you did come here by yourself for a reason. you might not want to bring them here for your own reasons. tr decides to bring ro in. tr take off all your metal and come upstairs. tr explains what is up there. tr asks elondel if he travelled x and y whether he would still be within you. elo the definition of within me is not necessarily about distance and I don't know where the rooms up there go. fifty feet beyond a circular chamber you describe would ordinarily take you outside the bounds of the tower. tr do you have extradimensional spaces? elo yes. ro might it be an illusion? probably not, if you got that far then you are probably supposed to be there. unusual that it doesn't seem to be under elo's control. could it be a portal to some other place? tr I thought that. ro we could follow a wall and see where we get. I would be careful about aciding and firing the place, you might end up destroying the things you are hoping to find. but it does seem that we need to have the space cleared - carefully, I think. what about your machetes? tr they are metal. elo, can you make me a machete that is not made from metal? elo I can make a wooden weapon edged with obsidian. It will not take long to fashion. tr how many people shall we take? ro do you see a reason not to have all of us? You had reservations about taking people to kharag, are you feeling the same things here? I do get the sense that the more eyes and the more hands the better. shall we just take him? tr let's ask him. tr arr what do you think about us all going? arr I think it is worthwhile taking risks with people. I understand that you are cautious about this being a private area to do with your parents. I can't comment on that, that's your choice but my sense of these two is that they are trustworthy. I see no evil in them. and even my experiences of them so far, I would take a bet on them. so I would prefer to take a chance and trust people but that doesn't have anything to do with how you are feeling about this place as a personal area. If it were me I would take everyone I could. tr I will take everyone, I think. It will be quicker. Let's do that. ro 5 obsidian machetes please. cal I won't be chopping down any trees. lio asks for wooden arrows. cal takes off his armour. ro asks for leather armour as does cal. ro also asks for shield and club.

go up. cal and lio look at plants. both recognise general types of plants but they are different varieties than they have ever seen. lio however thinks that they are from this world, a long way away - probably a different continent. ro leads the way in, following the left wall. tr right behind.


no sense of size just by looking into the opening.

ro's discoveries: both father and mother were researchers, inventors, tinkerers. timeline: elondel existed before all the other towers. he was there before the arachtria. he was the family home of the roulae. weird that it is so far away from the rest of elves. tr i think the term is blast radius. the roulae were always a secretive family. then tri created in conjunction with the elven kingdom. then arachtria were created, then roulae banishment. mother and father sent tr forward in time. then there were just his parents. they passed away a couple of weeks later. they knew they were going to die and they got sick and died. they said something about a power source. they didn't talk to me a lot about that. it was not imithrium poisoning that killed them. the roulae changed themselves somehow to be immune to the effects of imithrium.

it is not permission that prevents elo from going into that area.

ro has rope around waist. ro hacks away at things as they impede her progress. obsidian blade not as good. eth stays at door, holding other end of rope. lio strikes out directly into the middle of the room. ro notices that flora grows right up to the wall but it has not taken hold on it. tr digs down into the ground while ro continues. tr finds a smooth, unbroken floor beneath 2"-3" of topsoil. radiates magic similar to other tower walls but simpler. almost like the alteration magic makes the wall alive, almost like a plant. something that brings to mind the endotaa. cal considers using speak with plants. 30' after the doorway ro comes to a corner, wall continues 90 degrees to right with an unsupported ledge about 2.5' high and deep. more flora and brush underneath it. walls 9' tall. cannot see ceiling but light filters down from that direction. tr goes up the wall at the corner. it seems darker in the upper corner. tr continues on ledge beside ro. 20' later ledge ends, wall continues with an opening shortly thereafter. top of opening is about level with tr's shoulders when he is standing on the ledge. it is lighter further along the wall. go that way. ledge starts up again then the wall/ledge turns to the left. go 20' meet another corner goes right with ledge.


lio moves in 60' and comes to a wall with a large opening in it, 20' wide. goes left and discovers a ledge 5' past the doorframe.

ro moves along wall sees another corner about 30' after, turn right, goes along to opening and meet up with lio. along that wall tr notices that the top 2' of the wall are made of a translucent material that seems to be allowing natural light to enter. he notices alteration magic on it, as with the other material. go to other side of big wide opening and keep going. another ledge after 5'. goes a way and turns right. after 20' the ledge stops while the wall keeps going. cal and arr there is something here not quite sure what it is but it looks like it used to have legs. looks like large pile of rust. seeing struts and very eaten away metallic parts. on the ground. remains. mostly fallen apart into rust. two bits remind strongly of a very large arachtria, probably matre-sized. search the immediate area. tr thinks there is not as much rust as there should be, for a matre. enough left of probably legs to give the dimensions of a matre. dig down find reddish coloured soil. search wall where the gap is. no door. continue on. ledge starts. corner. original entrance. tr thinks need to search the inside of this room. tr starts carving a 5' wide path through the middle of the room with acid, turning towards the doorway to the left. not easy going. half an hour he has made the path. others search. eth heads back to tri. work to do. find two other piles of old rust in the room. mound of red earth. find some metal struts and an arachtria leg near one pile. tr works towards finishing the path to the large door while cal tries Speak with Plant, goes to far right corner.


cal looks for an old plant but does not find one; the varieties that are growing here have lifespans of 10 years maximum. he casts his spell and addresses the wall. cal hello? wall keep my shape. grow my ledge and my wall. keep my door. make my light place. cal how long have you been here? wall keep my shape long time. cal have you perceived people before? wall keep my shape for maker. maker person. cal did they grow you? wall maker make me. cal are you bigger than the room? wall keep my shape with walls. cal how many walls? wall one wall. one ledge. one light place. cal do you make the light? wall I keep light place. light place is me. cal light come from outside? wall I don't know where light come from. cal you keep shape that way? (pointing along wall with large door). wall yes I keep shape that way. I have corners. cal how many corners? wall one two three four five six seven corners. cal how many doors? wall I have three doors. cal do you know what is in you? wall I am in me. cal are you the plants? wall I don't know. cal holds a plant away from the wall hello do you here me? tree hello. cal how long you be here? tree don't know. cal to wall are you in pain? wall what is pain? cal do you feel shape going wrong? wall keep my shape. cal it is staying kept? wall wind and water and plants and very very small things try and change my shape but I keep my shape. cal what is that? (to ledge). wall it is me. cal ledge. wall ledge. cal wall. wall wall. cal are you over there? pushing along wall. wall yes. cal am I at you center? wall you are at door. cal that way (pointing through door) is there another wall? wall wall with water and wind. cal inside or outside? more wind wall. cal peeks through doorway, sees no ledge. wall looks the same. cal starts following the right wall through doorway. wall 5' thick. see a corner going right. blue sky filtering through much woods. cal do you keep this shape here? wall it is my shape. cal how long does wall go? wall as long as me. cal how long are you? wall i am my shape. I keep my shape. with ledge and wall and doors and light place. cal are there more doors? wall no.

cal goes back inside meets up with the others. ro wow you talked to a wall? is it like talking to dwarves? cal (looking at moradin's symbol) no comment. ro how about a circumnavigation? tr what was our purpose in coming here? we have found something else to do but we still have the arcanites problem. continuing to explore, while interesting, won't necessarily solve that problem. ro go back to the other door? it seems that we can easily explore here whereas going back is difficult. there is stuff to do here. I say keep going here. tr what I am saying is I don't think there is anything here to do with the arcanites. If I had to pick, I would say the other way. lio we were going to send a teacher to the arcanites. tr that's true. let's get on with doing that part then. ro I was going to stay there. tr it doesn't have to be you, does it? ro no… but yes. tr let somebody else go. ro like who? do we leave security up to sv? tr you go there, I'll stay here don't worry about me.

agree to all go to the land of the arcanites with the teachers for an assessment period. go back to monastery. find sv. indicate whenever he is ready, they will go. sv give me an hour. no extra guards at this stage.

teachers berathoin and khordarum (head teacher, joined in last year). take them to trina and her branch, then through forest to cabin. door won't open. stuck. cannot get in. lio cannot open it either. tr tries celestial phrase, still stuck.

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