Chapter 06:

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Session Number: 136
Date: Sunday 3 June 2012
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog1/Clr10 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd11 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA4 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal11 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz11 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

shari says that there is only one of their kind at any one time* with their memories, they call that person the elder. it was what is now baby taa. before he "died", he told shari a few things. the sun elves created a bunch of things, one of the things created was some sort of metal force, a group of beings. don't know much about them. they also created us and christened us arcanites. something happened and the metal beings started fighting the elves. after that happened we were seen to be a threat as well. so we were not long after metal fought the elves, we were sent here. they called it a prison. I think they were afraid we would fight as well. not certain. I don't know specifically how long we've been here, there seems to be something called time that you have mentioned before that I don't fully understand. the elder at the time might have a better idea of how long we have been here. we were imprisoned here because we were considered to be stronger than the born, reproduced races that the sun elves were a part of. a lot of us have chosen to live without our gifts, that is why you see huts here. we have learned to use the resources of the land. some of us choose to hone their gifts, that is what you saw kano doing. a small group of us disbanded and went off by themselves, I don't know where. that is about all I know. one thing i will say: you arriving here has given us hope that we could leave, something we are adamant about doing.

tr why would you want to leave? it seems quite nice here. sha we want to meet the other races, explore the rest of the world. there is so much we can do. ro you mentioned a gift. kano called it the art. what is it that you can do that others cannot? sha I don't know the full extent of it… things like the earth that you see, the trees in the forest, the air around us, if we concentrate we can manipulate those things through force of will. we were told that other people can't do that. tr can you be killed? sha i don't know. tr don't move, I'm going to experiment… sha I believe it was an experiment that drove us here so I don't trust that word. tr can I do a test on you? sha what do you want to try?

tr if i tell you, you won't want to do it. sha then no. ro if you are in any way damaged - you fall off a cliff - do you become damaged at all? tr do you know what this is? tr pulls out a knife. sha a really unuseful tool to cut a tree down. tr give me your hand for a sec. ro tr, no. you are not doing this. (to sha) do you bleed? do you feel pain? sha I think we do. tr you don't know? he raises the knife. ro tr, there are better ways to find out these things. tr we elves like to experiment. sha we have had accidents where the bones are broken and they have stayed broken for the rest of their incarnation. They become an elder, then they die, and are reborn new. ro so any mishaps last. tr what do you think of these … what did you call them? Sun Elves. sha they are our creators. I was told that they were rather smart but not particularly wise which is possibly why we were created, I don't know. I'd like to meet them at some point. My priority is to go out and explore the world, rather than meeting the sun elves. tr I don't understand why you'd want to do that, I mean, it seems quite nice here. Pleasant place. sha that might be alright for you but we have nothing to compare it to.

lio sha who built that hut on the hill over there? sha what big hut?

ro do you have a sense of the size of this place? sha yes I have explored the place before. ro do you write that knowledge down at all? sha no we are all given a tour when we are young so I know the area quite well. ro could you describe it for us in some sort of picture - a map? Are you familiar with that word? sha over where the sun is - I believe that is called west? that is lots of sand, I believe it is called a desert. To the north we have more trees like a forest. To the south we have a large mountain range and a small amount of forest and the mountain range and forests meet down towards the south as they curve around. Out at the edges of the island everything drops off. You just can't see anything down, up, or to the sides. tr has anyone tried exploring that area? sha none have done so in my incarnation. tr what about in legend? sha none that I know of. ro do you know of anyone who has left and not returned, like tried to leave the island and failed to return? sha most of us take very seriously the stories passed down to us through the incarnations of the sun elves, and for that reason we make sure that everyone stays on the island. arr so you are adamant that you want to leave, but no one has tried to? sha we have been waiting for them to return. I cannot say anything about those of us that have left. tr I suspect you would want a bit of revenge on these sun elves. I would. sha they created us - why would we want revenge? lio you said this was a prison. tr if you are as you say, could you not be dangerous? sha I suspect that is true but we have learned to live without our powers for many incarnations. tr not all of you though, right? sha not all of us no. do we not have a right at some point to come back? tr I don't know, actually. ro (quietly to tr) I would love for Abbey, Elondel and Trina to have a look at one of these. tr this one. she seems nice enough. I am not sure ethically that they can remain in prison indefinitely. arr they have been here for 7000 or more years? tr I believe that there will be some somewhere who will want to take over the universe. sha are you alone here - are there any other sentient beings here besides yourselves? sha besides us arcanites? No.

ro have you ever fought with each other? sha not in my incarnation. I wouldn't know about before then. tr wants to go back. ro with a sample? tr initially without. my family was powerful. not only did they create a powerful race, they then created a prison to keep them in. ro and they thought it was wise to do that. who are we to disagree with that? tr all in all I need to go back and ask some questions. it will be interesting to see how they react to that. arr any decisions we make here should be brought to others wiser than us. arr tr your family were involved in the creation of these things, they may have journals or diaries even books about them. Maybe we should revisit trying to enter the locked rooms in Elondel. ro how big is this island? sha pretty big, we haven't actually recorded it. it is not long to go from edge to edge.

sha addresses all as equals - including har and cal/dog. arr thinks sha is telling the truth. when she mentions leaving, she lights up. talk of getting sha to fly one of the party from one side to the other.

tr sha if you are cut, do you bleed? sha I think I know what you mean by cut, but… tr give me your hand. ro tr, if you are so hell-bent on cutting something, cut yourself. arr cuts the palm of his hand. sha look at that red stuff! arr heals his hand with a cantrip. tr has your skin ever broken like that? sha yes. tr and what was on the inside? sha more flesh. ro may I hold your hand? sha extends hand ro takes it. it feels like dessicated, shrivelled flesh - not much elasticity, and cold. tr again thinks that they bear the same sorts of magic as constructs, but he doesn't think that they are constructs - or at least not as he knows them. they appear to have bones and other anatomical features of humanoids, but no pulse. tr so when you are reborn, how do you look? sha like taa. tr and then you get bigger? ro how does one get bigger without eating? sha we just grow. ro so are we going to go our separate ways and do stuff? arr I'm not comfortable being left here without a means to ever leave. ro you can go to avarriel if you want. arr they seem nice at first, but I'm not that keen on leaving any of us here. I think if we go and do some research, that we should all go.

ro I'm thinking of giving one of them a task, measuring how long it takes to perform, then seeing how many times they complete it while we are away. time may pass differently here.

tr I am almost convinced that releasing these creatures to our world is a bad thing. arr but it is patently unjust for a race to be imprisoned forever. ro They have no concept of forever. I'm all for the status quo here. For once I'm with Troll. tr they also don't have a concept of justice, right or wrong, consequence. ro not to mention it might be safer - for them - to remain here. If we take them back to our world, one of them is going to go into a bar, have a fight, and then that's it, one's gone. And over a hundred years, the entire race is probably going to be exterminated. tr they might be quite powerful but they are not all-powerful. arr we need more information. tr yep we need to ask people who have lived for thousands of years. let's leave.

the portal is just under 2 hours away. will investigate the statue and the potential site of Trina's root.

approach sha. ro sha we have some business away from here so we will attend to that and will come back later, if that's alright with you. sha you mean off the island? ro towards the edge of the island. sha wait so are you leaving? ro we are leaving here but we will be back. sha why? you've come back. shall we not come with you? ro we were never here to come back. this is all new territory for us too. I'm sorry if this has some sort of emotional attachment for you and your people. we may not be the saviours you are expecting. sha you say you will be back? ro yes. sha are we not ready to return? have we done something wrong? ro not to my knowledge, no. shari, I will be honest with you. It is not up to me as to whether you are ready or allowed or whether it is even possible to return to the world where you were created. we need to find out what is going on, we need to ask some questions, we need to read some books. that's one of the things that we will be doing. I will be back. does this distress you? sha I don't have much concept of time, how do I know you will be back in this incarnation of mine? ro to be honest sha I do not know. I do not know how my concept of time and what passed for time in this place interact. it could be that when I return, many incarnations of yourself will have happened. but I ask you, does that actually matter? I will be back. sha I think you need to go out and do some things. you sound about as puzzled by the whole things as me. ro truly. you are a remarkable people. sha I will ask that before you go that you teach me how to track time. ro certainly. can you dig a hole? sha yes we have dug holes before. ro lio i may need your help with this, but if you were to start digging a hole

and stop when we say so, could you do that? lio, try to measure out an hour. ro gets two to dig a trench while she does the same thing, and lio measures out an hour. arr wonders whether a less destructive way might be for them to lift up rocks using their magic. sha explains that the use of their gifts is not forbidden per se, but it is actively discouraged. sha gets three spades and another arcanite (hamuleilin).

after an hour ro is tired. she has had to stop for a few minutes on two occasions. the arcanites just kept on going. all three trenches are very similar in length. the two arcanites do not work exactly the same. they do not sweat or puff. ro sha, the length of time that you took to do that, we call that one hour. in our place, the sun will move around the sky and it will return to roughly the same place in 24 of those hours. when the sun is in the sky it is called 'day'; when it has disappeared below the horizon it is called 'night'. sha and hamu look enthusiastic. ro just so you know, 24 of these trenches is a day. 365 days is called a year. i have been alive for eighteen years. tr how long have you been alive, sha? sha I don't know. tr that trench, did it seem like it took a long time, or not long at all? sha oh, not long. tr so what that means is that was subjectively a short space of time for you. which means that you have a long space of time in your life. we will be a few days. sha a few days… ok. so, what is a few? tr 2-5. ro we do not wish you to keep digging trenches to mark the passage of time; it was merely a learning exercise. sha we may need to have more conversations on this. ro interestingly, do the trees here grow? sha not like us no, they do not change. ro cal that is unusual isn't it? tr or is it that it just seems that it does not grow? ro you have not noticed any trees growing at all in your lifespan, in your incarnation? sha no. the trees always stay the same, unless we change them. ro we may hit upon a better measure of time for you but for now that will do. tr do you have a river, stream, waterfall? sha there is a river over there and a lake. I do not know what a waterwheel is. ro i'm sure it is a lovely concept for you and it helps you understand us a little better but it doesn't seem to be particularly useful. nothing changes over time. does anything on this island change? sha well, we change.. and you say that you will be away for a certain time, it is useful to us to know what that means. ro sha are you comfortable with that? sha I am willing to cooperate if it means helping to get my people out. I believe the ones that have been learning to live without magic will be a bit disheartened. I don't know about the others, the solitude. please be back soon. ro we will.

party leave, heading for the statue. arr cal lio keep an eye out in case they are being followed. get to statue. investigate it. all are feeling peckish. statue 10 feet high, sun elf, holding book in one hand and its other arm is outstretched. 2 ft high pedestal, 8 ft humanoid. on dirt, no grass. no inscriptions or plaques. spellbook has no words. no secret compartments. ro asks har to go into the earth and have a look around. uninteresting. earth goes down long way then stops. statue goes down a foot then stops. would you like me to look in statue? ro yes. all stone. ro lio does it look as if people regularly come here? there are tracks of people who have come and gone. the stone is not weathered, looking as if it has been well-maintained. move on. get to the place that lio believes the root to be in their world.

there is no clearing here, as there is in the other place. No endotaa. cal shakes his head. ro and har go underground and have a look. nothing there. leave for portal. see flying humanoid approaching, descending, making a beeline for the. party. the group stop and wait. it is kano. hi guys can i come with you? ro how many rules have you broken in coming here? kan just the one in not breaking any rules to come here. sha said to wait until you guys left before venturing out. but I want to come with you. arr I'm sorry you can't come with us this time but we might be able to take you with us next time. kan what if i'm really quiet and don't use any powers? arr no. I'm sorry. ro that's not the thing that is stopping us here. arr we need you to go back to sha. he looks disappointed. arr I know it's a disappointment. ro out of interest, how did you find us? kan when I left I saw you heading towards the treeline. I followed you there. kan how do I know that you will be back? ro we have given sha our word and that should be enough for you. now i'm going to have to ask for your word in return that you will not follow us. it is really important, both for yourselves and for us. kan looks sullen. ok. ro I know you will be disappointed but it is really for your own good and ours, we must tread very lightly. do you promise? kan ok. ro alright. arr you go back to sha and we will come back to say hello and visit you again. kan takes off and leaves, heading back towards the arcanite encampment. continue on. get to hut. look around, don't see anyone. go inside, get light source, close door and search thoroughly. doesn't seem to be anyone here. tr opens the door. back to our world. just after midday. lio believes the same amount of time has passed in the party's world as in the prison plane. ro suggests experimenting with the hut's activation phrase to see whether they can cloak it again. the same phrase does nothing. tr attempts to find some other trigger for an hour; he is unsuccessful. head to the branch, down the ladder. ask tri how long we have been gone. tri last time we talked was nearly six hours ago. they go through. tr asks tri to find eth. eth enters tent. tr right, so, you know how awesome my family is, right? you're gonna love this one… you think the spiders were fun! tr summons tri, Abbey, and asks for Elondel to listen in. He then explains meeting the arcanites and their creation story. tri recognises the name arcanites but does not know what they are. she believes she heard them mentioned when she was much younger. abbey does not recognise the name. elondel does. he goes through his recollections, remembers overhearing something about them. they were originally called arcane elves, were imprisoned after the rise of the arachtria. predate the creation of the trees and the towers. were the inspiration and the framework for the trees and the towers we know today.

arr thinks they should retry getting into tr's parent's personal rooms. ro we could take an arcanite. she asks elondel whether he might be able to tell them more by looking at one. yes. ro is that a risk worth taking? tr not at this stage, too early. arr we should consult with those more wise than we. what might we need to know? tr/ro their capabilities, here and there. ro perhaps they are unpredictable here, as we are there. ro I'm going to need damn good convincing to let them out. tr try to find Saju? Go back to this tree of the planes? I'm perfectly happy to go look for that but… arr so we are finding out about their nature and their abilities. I feel like things would have to be quite negative to justify keeping a whole species imprisoned for all eternity. tr assuming they are a species. the arachtria… we kill them. I'm not comfortable making a call to change the status quo. arr although if the status quo is unjust… ro what do you mean by unjust? arr keeping people imprisoned when there is no good cause for it. ro ok. we have problems with the word 'people' and 'good cause' and 'prison'. arr if another species came here and told us that we weren't allowed to leave this world, I'd have a problem with that. tr as a lawful society we imprison people all the time. arr for things they have done, not for things they might do.

options: 2 different towers (even though they haven't found one of them yet), the avarriel library, the queen (she should be told in any event), divination.

tr teleports himself, arr, ro to outside eth's tower. guard spooked. seek audience with queen. granted. room with long table. tell her what they have found. ro have you heard of these? rae no. ro have you heard of any other creations of the roulae family? besides the towers, the tree, the arachtria… rae not offhand. I can get some people onto it. ro would you? rae they are connected to tri? ro they are accessible via one of tri's branches. rae any intentions with them? arr great caution. ro our intention is to not let them through unless there is very good reason to. rae what is stopping them coming through? ro it appears they are in a prison and the lock can only be activated by a Roulae.

Troll: Yay, another thing that only I can do and nobody else can. Coz we only had a few of those!

arr for all we know they might be able to go through the door and the only thing stopping them was that the building was not there. rae do we need people at this building to defend it? tr no, we need to get to the floating mountains to do that. ro might we consult with k'at? he is not here. arr get message? yes but it will take some time. I will arrange it.

next morning in avarriel. cal in tri. ro buys an hourglass. arr casts Divination:

"what will happen if we let the arcanites back into this plane?"

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