Chapter 18: Showdown

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Session Number: 130
Date: Sunday 15 April 2012
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog1/Clr10 (Fergus) (kills: Kaloveithas)
Feren Rog11 (Yeran) (kills: Dreiden)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA4 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal11 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz11 (Densial) (kills: Maishéoll)

XP Awarded: TBA

Sovak disappears. His instructions are that the persons he brings with him are to hold the ground floor while he heads up with the others. Lionel, Feren, Troll and Arrian coordinate their movements, keeping Troll in the middle as they sneak together towards Horster. Arrian is not being particularly quiet. Horster whirls around and peers in their direction. He cannot see anything, but he could have sworn…

Sovak appears with Herfod and three SpiderKillers, all visible. Horster's eyes widen.

"Get him," Troll says to Lionel. The archer bends his bow and lets loose. Horster survives the first arrow but the second drops him. Lionel ducks down, as he is now visible.

"Someone should lead that can check for traps," Arrian whispers. They head for the stairs, Feren in front. The staircase appears to circle twice before reaching the next level.

Sovak disappears again. Herfod draws a scimitar and runs towards the exit. Lionel, Arrian and Troll all wait, weapons in hand. Feren slowly moves up the stairs, checking for traps.

Sovak appears, bringing another group of four SpiderKillers. He moves towards the stair.

"Lionel," Arrian whispers, "check Horster for anything wiggling out of his neck!" Herfod casts a spell and moves back. Feren ascends to first floor, outpacing Troll and becoming visible. He sees that there is a door and five glassed windows looking upon the next level. Inside, through the windows, he sees a male elf pacing around and a woman on a bed. The woman is Rowaine, the man is unfamiliar. The staircase continues to wind upwards. Feren silently descends as far as he can, not seeing the others.

"Rowaine is up there," Feren whispers. "And someone else." Lionel sneaks back to the dead body and searches the back of his neck. There is a scar. He indicates back to the stairwell that he has found something.

"Cut it out of his neck and kill it!" Troll whispers with an edge to his voice. Everyone waits for Sovak to reach the stairs. Feren hears the sound of boots and metal descending stairs above him. It sounds like it is lower than the first floor. "Something is coming down the stairs," he whispers. The SpiderKillers move in formation towards the door.

Sovak sees Lionel, but no one else. He moves over to the stairs. "What's going on?" he whispers.

"Upstairs," Troll whispers back. "Let's go."

Sovak heads upstairs, bumps into Troll and stops. Arrian follows him, his armour clanking noisily. He sees Feren, then casts Owl's Wisdom on himself. Troll casts Spider Climb and moves twenty feet up the stairs, brushing past Feren. He is almost level with the door on the first floor when further up he sees a sword held by an armoured figure. Troll climbs ten feet up the inside wall. Feren climbs the stairs and sees the same figure that Troll saw. It is Dreiden, Captain of the Guard. He looks at Feren; his eyes narrow, then widen as Feren stabs him. The Captain takes the hit stoically. From just behind him appears another elf in half-plate, bearing a wand. "What is this?" the figure says. "Kill him!" The wand-bearing elf backs out of view. He opens the door and moves in. Another elf, his robes engulfed in blue flame, follows him inside. Herfod steps back and casts a spell. Lionel draws his longsword and attempts to decapitate the dead servant at his feet. Blood gushes as his first strike bites deep, but it doesn't separate head from body. The SpiderKillers form a wall before Herfod, guarding the door. Dreiden retaliates, stabbing at Feren. His longsword leaves a long cut on Feren's forearm.

Sovak casts a spell, then climbs the stairs to just behind Feren. Arrian casts Recitation, affecting himself, Sovak, Feren and Troll. Troll is on the wall beside Dreiden. He sees the door that the two elves went through, still open, and three glassed windows looking onto that level. He moves along the wall and through the open door, halting above it. He sees two elves, one armoured and the other cloaked in blue flame. He identifies the effect as a Flame Shield. Also inside is another elf off to the left, chained to a pillar, and a girl on a bed. He casts Caustic Mire surrounding the bed that the girl lies on, remaining invisible. The last bed he did this to survived the assault; Troll hopes this one will too.

"Someone's here!" the wand-bearing figure whispers in elven. Feren tumbles past Dreiden, whirls around and stabs him through the heart; Captain Dreiden dies. An elf moves towards the stairwell, looks in and sees Feren. He casts a spell. It sounds terrible - things no living creature should be saying. Troll knows the spell - Blasphemy. Everyone except Lionel is dazed and weakened. Sovak is staggering. The other elf casts a spell centred in the middle of the stairwell. A cloud of golden particles covers everything, Feren in particular. Troll is covered by illuminating dust. "Ah," Troll thinks. "Glitterdust."

Lionel hacks away at servant's neck. Head separates from body. A gore-covered worm attempts to escape the carnage. Lionel kills it with another sword swipe.

His opponents unable to move, the armoured elf laughs and casts another spell. He starts growing, becoming considerably larger, stronger and fatter. The other elf casts a spell. Herfod casts a spell. Lionel moves to the stairs.

Sovak shakes his head. "Holy shit!" he says in elven. He staggers into the room, below where Troll hangs from the wall. "It's Maishéoll!" Sovak yells in common, pointing to the armoured elf. "Maishéoll and Kaloveithas! Prepare yourselves, make peace with your gods, for today we die!" He looks back at the lintel. "You know how sorcerors are said to have dragon blood flowing through their veins? Watch this!"

Sovak casts a spell and transforms into a bipedal, winged draconic creature - a wyvern. Its breath is laboured and rattly. It looks up at the wall and winks one of its two eyes. Its tail whips around in anger as it turns towards Maishéoll. "Stick something in MY neck, will you?" the reptile snarls. "Wait until I stick this in yours!"

Arrian moves up to the landing, steps in and casts Holy Smite, catching both elves in its area. Kaloveithas takes some damage, Maishéoll is unaffected. Troll looses a Fireball, enveloping the two elves in obscuring flame. The inferno quickly disappears, leaving both elves completely intact! Troll is now visible, hanging off the wall. He climbs, stopping about thirty feet off the floor.

"The flames around Kaloveithas will hurt you if you approach!" Troll yells in warning. Feren stumbles down the stairs a few steps, trying to wipe the dazzling particles out of his eyes. Maishéoll smacks Arrian with his wand, simultaneously saying "Suck-Roar!" The wand appears to have a small skull on its end. The seemingly slight physical blow causes disproportionately massive injury. Maishéoll repeats, again saying the strange word. Arrian reels, but does not fall. Maishéoll seems disappointed that his target does not go down. He steps back. Kaloveithas moves away and casts a spell: his form shifts from side to side. Arrian's True Seeing reveals his real location.

Lionel takes the stairs two at a time. Arrian stands in the doorway in front of him; inside there is a wyvern, an elf on fire holding a staff, and a large, armoured elf with a wand. Eyeing the on-fire elf, Lionel lets loose a seeker arrow through the doorway that veers unerringly towards and strikes its target.

Sovak, in wyvern form, casts a spell - True Strike. Arrian casts Summon Celestial Griffon then runs away tactically retreats. He eyes the elf he moves towards, he is chained to the viney column and is trying to stay away from the acrid floor in front of him. Troll casts Acid Splatter, loosing the orb at Maishéoll. Green acid strikes and burns, but underneath Troll sees a pale blue glow that seems to mitigate the damage. Maishéoll moves closer to Sovak the wyvern and raps the reptile viciously with his wand. Sovak is still up, but considerably worse for wear. Kaloveithas casts a spell, targetting Arrian who feels his world turn upside down. He starts rocketing towards the ceiling and hits it. Lionel shoots Maishéoll. Two out of his three arrows strike true, each seeming to inflict less injury than it should.

Sovak attacks - his True Strike-enhanced wing talon pierces Maishéoll, doing some damage. He then casts a spell - True Strike. He attacks with a second wing talon and hits, doing some more damage. Sovak grapples Maishéoll with two wings, then stabs him with a wyvern stinger. Maishéoll is stung and poisoned, and does not look too happy about it.

"Lionel!" Troll yells. "It's happening HERE - get all the other guys up!" Arrian is prone on the bowl-shaped floor/ceiling. His summoning spell fizzles - no griffon. "Argh!" he thinks. "I can't summon in here!" He gets to his feet and casts Spiritual Weapon, directing it towards Kaloveithas. The disembodied weapon misses its target, but forces Kaloveithas to be wary of it. Arrian moves towards a column, intending to climb up. He immediately falls forty feet to the true ground, hearing bones crack at the impact. Lesser elves would succumb to such trauma, but not Arrian! Troll hurls more acid at Maishéoll. The orb easily hits its target, inflicting more caustic injury, mitigated by the strange blue glow. Troll moves around the corner, keeping Maishéoll in sight but staying clear of Kaloveithas. Maishéoll attempts to break free from the wyvern but fails. Kaloveithas moves, lines up and casts a spell. Twin bolts of lightning fire out of his eyes and strike Sovak. He ducks down and avoids some of it, but not enough; the wyvern collapses and Sovak reappears, dying.

"Seriously guys, we need help up here!" Lionel yells downstairs. He fires more arrows. Again, two of his shafts hit Maishéoll - one straight through his neck. Maishéoll spits out a mouthful of blood and sneers. Lionel moves out of the way of the entrance, allowing others to enter. The SpiderKillers charge up the stairs and close with Maishéoll. Maishéoll swings his wand in retaliation - too high. Three SpiderKiller blades lash out, three find only armour.

"If anyone has any healing," Troll yells, "it'd be nice to heal Sovak!" Arrian stands up and casts a healing spell on himself. His Spiritual Weapon hits Kaloveithas for substantial damage. Troll changes wands and casts Acidic Splatter, making it look like Ray of Enfeeblement. Another orb of green acid arcs out, splashing on Maishéoll ample torso. He screams and moves back, casting a spell. His visible wounds immediately close and heal. Kaloveithas casts a spell, holding his hands out. An icy emanation bursts out. The six SpiderKillers in its path frost over and die. One remains, in the stairwell.

Herfod climbs up the stairs, surveying the bloodbath around the door. "Do your best, boys!" he says, casting Haste. Feren, Lionel and the SpiderKillers benefit, not that Feren cares…

"Can you dispel blindness" Feren calls out.

"Blindness? I can't do anything about that. I can make you more blind…"

The Hasted Lionel looses four arrows at Maishéoll. All four hit, the last one rather well. Maishéoll staggers back a step, but is still very much in this. The last remaining SpiderKiller pulls out his bow and fires twice. Neither shot causes injury.

Arrian adds another Spiritual Weapon to his first, putting both to work on Kaloveithas. The first misses, the second hits. Kaloveithas felt that one. Arrian moves backwards around the stair column, on his way towards Sovak. Troll lobs more Acid at Maishéoll, hitting him squarely. The acid is slowly taking its toll. Troll moves around the wall, out of sight of both elves. Maishéoll moves behind a ropey pillar and casts a spell. A cold, cloying miasma of greasy darkness wells up in the stairwell, bringing with it a brimstone stench of pure evil. Lionel, Feren and Herfod shake off the effect but it still marks them. Kaloveithas casts a spell and disappears to all but Arrian. Herfod makes arcane gestures and three glowing bolts of purple force energy dart out, slamming into Maishéoll. They are somehow robbed of their energy. The cover afforded Maishéoll by the viney column does little against Lionel's aim: three out of his four arrows strike their target. Even Maishéoll's ability to shrug off injury is unable to withstand much more of this. Arrian's Spiritual Weapons both attack Kaloveithas. Both blades bite elf flesh and the wizard falls to the floor, becoming visible. Arrian's spiritual swords return to his side. He moves over to where Sovak lies dying. Troll skitters back around the central column and shoots Maishéoll with Acidic Splatter, burning away more armour and flesh. Maishéoll moves to the stairwell and whacks Lionel with his wand, but Lionel arches backwards and avoids the wand's lethal touch. Herfod casts a spell and a Flaming Sphere appears behind Maishéoll. He directs the sphere at Maishéoll's back. Flame bursts around his legs but Maishéoll appears unburnt. Lionel steps and fires. Three more hits - Maishéoll is beginning to look like a hedgehog. Arrian directs his Spiritual Weapons to attack Maishéoll, but the spell does not work against him. Arrian casts Cure Critical Wounds on Sovak, restoring consciousness to him. Troll launches another Acidic Splatter and Maishéoll collapses, shrinking back to his normal size. "Lord," he says in his death throes, "I have failed you. Receive the soul of your cleric, and have pity!" Red mist exits his mouth and disappears into the floor. Like an echo, the party hear a distant roar. Or did they feel it? It is hard to be sure.

Troll makes sure that Maishéoll will not get up again, aciding his neck area. It is hard to tell if there was anything living in his neck any more, but if there was, it is certainly dead now. Lionel checks Kaloveithas; he has a scar on the back of his neck. Arrian leads Feren up the stairs, intending to cast Dispel Magic should his sight not return. It does. "What'd I miss?" Feren says, shaking his head.

Something erupts out of the back of Kaloveithas' neck. Troll splats it with acid. The Caustic Mire around the bed lingers for a few more moments, then disappears. Arrian walks to the bed. Rowaine is frightened out of her wits - she looks at Arrian and cringes.

"You don't know me," Arrian says, keeping his voice calm and measured, "but I know you. I am a cleric of Corellon Larethian." He casts Cure Disease on Rowaine. She looks around and screams.

"Aaaargh! Get me up!"

"What's your name?" Arrian asks.


"Ro, I am glad to find you alive."

"I am very glad to be alive." Rowaine's hair is hacked off; in places she is nearly bald. Troll burns her shackles away with acid.

Arrian moves over to the other elf. "Who are you?"

"I do not know."

"Turn around." Arrian sees the familiar scar. He begins calling to mind the incantation that he knows will cure this elf of his infestation when Troll interrupts him. "There may be more worthy recipients."

"We do have Sovak," Arrian counters.

"True, but Sovak could be overruled by at least two of his family, both of which have things in their necks."

"We have Rowaine," Arrian says. "I say we bugger off and let the queen deal with it."

"There are seven others here," Troll says. "I can teleport out that many, but it will take two trips, meaning I will need to study this area. Sovak, your father may or may not be under the influence. Our theory is take out the head and the body dies…"

"I say we cure this guy," Arrian says, "and then move everybody to the top floor. Guard one entrance…"

"He is infected?" Rowaine asks.

"He has a scar on his neck and doesn't know who he is," Arrian says. Rowaine walks over to the elf, looking into his eyes with sympathy.

"Don't waste all your spells!" Troll says. Rowaine ignores him, placing a hand on the back of the elf's neck. She closes her eyes and prays to Moradin to purge this soul of disease. Within scant seconds, the elf's demeanour changes. "Thank you, lady," he says.

"Who are you?" Troll asks.

"Who are you?"

"We are the guys who just saved you from infection!" Arrian says with indignation.

"Pardon me for a certain lack of trust!"

"Sovak," says Troll, "who is that?"

"I do not know."

Arrian introduces himself, identifying himself as a cleric of Corellon Larethian. "We came to rescue our friend Rowaine, who was also infected and at this point we are worried about what is going to be coming, so wanting to know more about you so you are a known factor."

"My name is Ilmiriel," says the elf. Troll's memory fires at the sound of the name. "Avarriel, Ferlar, Isendor, it's all the same to me," he says.

"Riaz sent you?" Ilmiriel asks.

"Yes," Arrian says. "We were sent."

"You are a known factor and are trusted," Troll says. He reconfirms the head count. "I not cannot take this many people."

"Then we have to leave by more mundane means," Arrian says. "Shall we have a look around first?"

Troll Detects Magic while searching their fallen enemies and the room. Maishéoll's wand, mace, armour, ring, brooch and three scrolls are magical. The party collect the items.

Sovak looks upon the other fallen elf. "Kaloveithas, my friend. We did not see eye to eye on many things, but my soul aches to see you like this."

"Who was this?" Arrian asks.

"Kaloveithas, the archwizard of the Tree of Sorcery." The casualties carry a small sum of money that the party do not touch. Troll confirms that Kaloveithas' staff, bracers, ring and cloak are imbued with magic. Sovak collects the items. "For safekeeping," he says. "I will return them to the Tree of Sorcery. He then covers Kaloveithas' form with a sheet from the bed.

The victors use the stairs and head to the level, checking for magic and traps. It seems safe, so Arrian opens the door. The level beyond is an open space that looks to serve as a kitchen, laundry and Horster's quarters. There is a large iron stove opposite the door, with a metal chimney that exits through a hole in the wall. Pulley and rope contraptions that are strung up outside the windows serve as movable washing lines. One nook holds two large copper pots, and there is a bed and table in another.

The next level has two doors on opposite sides of the stairwell, leading to two separate but similar rooms with beds and other furniture: guest quarters.

The party ascend to the top level. The stairwell stops here, and there is a single door, ornately carved. Arrian searches it carefully and finds that it bears a magical trap.

"Could you burn your way around it?" Feren asks. "Like you did in the Groll's house?"

"This is different," Troll says. "This is an endotaa. It seems a bit rude."

Arrian casts Dispel Magic on the door which successfully dispels the dangerous dweomer. The door is locked. Feren takes a look. It is an intricate mechanism, but he manages to defeat it. The door opens and the party enter.

The room beyond is vaguely semicircular, similar to the guest quarters below, with large, curved windows spaced equally around the wavy outer wall. The wall that bisects the level has two sets of double doors, one either side of the central column. A rug lies on the wooden floor opposite the stairwell door.

Arrian asks Feren to relock the door, should anyone come up for them. Troll directs people to man the windows, looking for anyone approaching. There are none yet, all is quiet outside. Lionel stays close to the stairwell. Arrian eyes up Maishéoll's armour lustfully. Troll breaks his reverie, motioning him over to a double door. Arrian checks it for traps but finds none. Feren and Ilmiriel doublecheck, reaching the same conclusion. The doors appear to just push open. Arrian gingerly pushes open the left set of doors.

The other half of the level appears to be a master bedroom, lavishly appointed. There is an abundant, opulent bed on the far wall, with small tables either side. Various cabinets, wardrobes and bookcases line other portions of endotaa wall.

Arrian checks everything for traps, but the room appears clear. Troll looks for magic. He spots emanations from a cupboard. Inside is a backpack that they recognise as the one Rowaine carries, and a belt pouch belonging to Ilmiriel. Also inside are two corked jars, one empty, one containing fluid with 7-8 black and yellow worms suspended therein. Behind the cabinet is Rowaine's waraxe.

"Do we want to keep live samples?" Arrian asks the others.

"We already have one," Lionel points out.

"I don't know," Troll says.

"I think I would prefer to be rid of them," Lionel says.

"I tend to agree," Arrian says.

"Why are we talking about this?" Rowaine says, striding towards the jars. Arrian catches Troll's eye and tips the contents out on the floor. Troll blasts the parasites with fire. They fry, helped along by the flammable fluid they were suspended in.

The party perform a full search of the level, keeping a good lookout. In a wardrobe are various items of clothing. Together they form outfits which are somewhat odd: a member of the guard, a guard at the Tree of Contrition. All the clothes seem to have a purpose in Isendor. The books on the bookshelf are reasonably mundane.

In the study, the wall next to the rug is darker than the others, as if it has been scorched. It looks as if someone has tried to remove the blackened marks, but has not completely succeeded. The rug covers a pentagram symbol etched into the wooden floor. Troll and Arrian work together, concluding that it performs double-duty: a summoning circle, and a place of worship to Orcus, Demon Prince of Undead.


Those watching out the windows hear a commotion outside: House Larellian soldiers gathering at the base of the tree. At their head is Sir Imothell Larellian. He stretches out his bastard sword, pointing it at the top level of the tree. "Maishéoll Larellian! In the name of House Larellian, get your forfeited arse outside! Get out, or we will burn down this abomination!" He sounds incredibly pissed off. Everyone looks at Sovak.

"Either the cavalry has arrived," Sovak says, "or we are in a great deal of trouble."

There are at least threescore warriors below. Half of them have bows trained on every window in sight. The other half are busy lighting fires behind them.

"Rope Trick?" Lionel suggests.

"Do you want to take a chance? There is Teleport, but I can't take us all. No dwarf left behind! how about I grab Maishéoll's head and throw it outside? Actually, from a political perspective, it should be you, Sovak…"

"Maishéoll!" Sir Imothell bellows from the base of the endotaa.

"Let's give it a try, and quickly," Sovak says.

The party descend, collect Maishéoll's head and go to the main door. Sovak takes Maishéoll's head and strides to the door. Herfod follows him. "Excuse me, sir…" He makes arcane gestures, then offers the door to Sovak. Sovak opens it. Instantly, twenty five arrows are trained on his head and body. He presents the head of Maishéoll and throws it out. Sir Imothell looks at it, looks at his second son, and strides forwards, sword lowered.

"Son, is this who I think it is?"

"He is dead, my lord."

"And a bloody good thing, too! The evil that he has caused us to do! I wish this tree destroyed. Is there anyone of value yet left in it?"

"Yes." Sovak turns around and indicates that the party should exit.

"What happened to your eye?" Sir Imothell asks his son.

"It's a bit of a long story…"

The party file out of the tree. Sir Imothell orders his troops to lower their bows. Rowaine indicates that she is detecting the same menace about Sir Imothell that she originally did. She approaches the head of the Larellian family.

"Who are you?" Sir Imothell asks. "I have seen you before!"

"Sir, I am in truth a paladin of Moradin. I sense that the creature that controlled you lives in you still; I wish to kill it, if you will let me."

"Yes, yes. Let's be done with it!" He turns around. Rowaine lays a hand on his neck and Cures the disease within. She confirms that the trace of evil has disappeared. Arrian asks Rowaine to check the assembled. No one appears evil.

Sir Imothell must have a robust vetting process in place for his soldiery.

There are still plenty of people known to be infected: the Head Priest at the Tree of Corellon Larethian, not to mention Adrialus Larellian. Sir Imothell splits the army, sending one half to the Tree of Corellon Larethian with Sovak and the party, the other with him back to his endotaa palace.

The party and Sovak head to the Tree of Corellon Larethian. As they approach the door, they hear a smash of glass above them. Glass and a body fall to the ground. It is Asredor Viell, the High Priest. He is quite dead. There is a scar on the back of his neck. A worm burrows out, which Arrian stamps back to the Abyss. Arrian and Rowaine see that each cleric in the Tree is clear. No one present that can raise the High Priest.

After about half an hour a runner arrives at the Tree of Corellon Larethian with the message that Adrialus had locked himself in his room, that the door was bashed down. He tried to take his own life but was subdued and knocked out. A cleric was called to Remove Disease.

Ilmiriel says that he can contact Riaz if that will be of help to you.

"Today?" Troll asks.

"Right now, if you wish," Ilmiriel replies, reaching inside his belt pouch. He pulls out what looks to be a child's glass marble. Using it, Ilmiriel and the party make contact with Riaz.

Arrian, Lionel and Rowaine stay in Isendor. Troll returns to Trina, to let his worrying wife know that he survived certain death. He takes the sole surviving SpiderKiller back with him. There is a sense of relief, tempered with loss.

The next day the Isendor clerics of Corellon Larethian and others are mobilised. Arrian raises Isendor's High Priest and ArchMage from the dead. Asredor is very apologetic. A citywide search is organised and interestingly, no more parasites are found. Sir Imothell has had Maishéoll's endotaa burned to the ground; indeed, he fired the first flaming arrow himself.

The party is asked to a meeting with Sir Imothell, Sovak, Adrialus, Kaloveithas and others. Truth comes out. Sovak was the first to fall under Maishéoll's influence. Logical, as he and his cousin were close. Later, Maishéoll had the opportunity to visit his liegelord and uncle shortly after a hunting accident where the head of the Larellians took a stag hoof to the head. His bodily injuries soon healed, but it took a little while longer for the elf's memories to return. Maishéoll accompanied Adrialus to "visit some friends outside of the city". He "studied the finer points of magic" with Kaloveithas and "went into seclusion with his faith mentor". In reality, he infected each in turn, quarantining them in his quarters until the parasite matured. Sovak was responsible for enspelling Theodric Kanafel and forcing him to do the things that he did. Which Sovak deeply, deeply regrets and wishes to visit the Kanafel lands to make right what was done. In the course of the meeting the party ask what to do with Maishéoll's belongings.

"Do with it what you please," Sir Imothell says. "I do not wish to see any of it again!"

  • Wand of Inflict Critical Wounds, caster level 14 (38 charges) [destroyed]
  • Heavy Mace +2 [given to Asredor to return to the Tree of Corellon Larethian]
  • Half-Plate +3 [Arrian]
  • Ring of Energy Resistance (Minor, Acid) [Arrian]
  • Brooch of Shielding (75 points remaining) [Troll]
  • Scroll of Regenerate [given to Sovak, to restore his lost eye]
  • Scroll of Unhallow [destroyed]
  • Scroll of Plane Shift [Arrian]

Four days later, Queen Raewyn hosts an honour banquet in Avarriel, at night, under the open sky. The occasion's site is surrounded by singing elves. Not the sort of choir you'd want to meet in a dark alley; the beautiful voices come from well-muscled, well-trained Roielle soldiers. Sir Imothell is there; he expresses gratitude for releasing both himself and his two sons from their enslavement. Theodric and Eirass Kanafel are also there. Theodric, with the assistance of a Kanafel Telepath and correctly applied cleric spells (Restoration, Remove Curse, Atonement), is wan but on the mend. He gives his side of the story. Eirass does most of the talking, expressing gratitude for the party's part in her husband's safe return and clearing their house's name. There is an abundant feast, complemented with fine elven wine. Afterwards, some palm leaves are brought to the Queen. She calls upon each party member in turn:

Étella Roulae:
"Arcane lore, and something to help you remember it."
From the Roielles: 10 spell levels worth of spells from the Avarriel Mages' Guild. e.g. 1 x 6th level spell and 1 x 4th level spell, Pearl of Power, 4th level

"A Protector, and the wisdom to use it."
From the Kanafels: "Protector", Holy longsword +1 with Corellon Larethian symbol in guard, Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2

"Power to your shots, archer, and defence against others'."
From the Larellians: "Heart Shard", Frost / Hunting Composite Long Bow +1, made for +3 Str bonus, Darkwood Buckler +1

"Garments that will help you be discreet."
From the Roielles: Cloak and Boots of Elvenkind. Yes, that's right, his mother gave him clothes.

"I would not clothe you in elven garb, but I would pronounce you 'Elf-Friend' and bolster you with elven magicks."
From the Roielles: Title of "Elf-Friend". A +3 and a +2 enhancement bonus added to two unenhanced, masterwork items.

Access to the Roielle's personal library.

During the course of the celebrations, Sovak offers Lionel the opportunity to pursue his own path for as long as he chooses, assuring him that that he is of course welcome to serve House Larellian in any form and for as long as he desires.

The party share a few words with Elowyn. The wedding is … postponed. The Larellians did serve the monarchy, and Adrialus is an excellent choice for a suitor, but both houses agree to slow things down for a bit. Say, forty or fifty years.

Rowaine shares a quiet word with Troll, eyeing her glass of elven wine. "You know, Troll, I think I've had enough of elves for a while. Give me dwarves any day. If nothing else, they throw a much better party!"

After the banquet, Elysia (an agent of Riaz) contacts Feren with a magical whisper. She is satisfied that the party do not pose a threat to the elves, and redeploys him to another task.

With the elven monarchy no longer directly threatened, here ends Craig's instalment. Over to you, Yeran!

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