Chapter 11: Exit Strategy

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Session Number: 112
Date: Monday 24 October 2011
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog1/Clr9 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Feren Rog10 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal10 (Craig) (kills: none)
Tomen Rgr9/Drd1 (Ash) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz10 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: enough for 11th level

Rowaine has returned undead shambling towards us making plans to leave. see undead moving towards. climb stairs. two of Elathon's soldiers present. reach square room. continue on, closing door that leads to this room from above. meet with guards above they recognise Theodric. Rowaine Elathon is safe. they ignore him. Feren explains that Elathon is safe but this place is about to be overrun by undead.

at entrance level of fort, outside of no magic zone. doors down hallway are not lockable or barrable. Rowaine goes through plan - to walk together to branch. river of lava to cross, Harley can ferry people across. Feren asks soldiers whether there is a ford. not familiar with area. Rowaine scout? one soldier says undead have been banging on the doors into the fort. Feren and Rowaine go up to wall and look out. Rowaine asks whether Arrian has invisibility to undead, no he doesn't. Troll cover ourselves in gore? from tower see two battering on doors, surrounded by crowds of others. Rowaine he has been dispelled, is it something he is carrying? strip him of his possessions? take Theodric to one end of battlements, his sword armour and ring to the other. the undead after a time start to pool around Theodric. strip him of everything, same thing. It is him.

Troll suggests Rowaine take Theodric to other side of lava river to see if undead follow Theodric. banging from down the hallway. Feren investigates. he sees door moving. goes back. debate directing Harley to take Theodric and Tomen over to the other side of the river then return. discuss a signal for Tomen to show Harley to return. crowds of undead milling on far side of river. wandering back and forward. none go into lava. numbers are thicker at river than at fort. signal to go back. Harley does. again, but this time Feren and Theodric are to be taken to the branch. Harley then comes back to ferry the next two. they leave.

Rowaine suggests Troll start drawing a wall using pigments somewhere down corridor, beyond antimagic area. Rowaine and Tomen guard farther down. on the stair, higher than half way.

Feren finds himself at branch, outside orb of metal. dismounts takes Theodric inside transports to Trina. not surprised to see him Elathon has told them what has been happening. Feren explains situation. elves take Theodric to tent tie him to stretcher send word for magically gifted to come. Feren checks on Elathon he is with Ethalyn. the queen is there. rae Feren we are very pleased to see you. Feren how did you manage to escape? Elowyn is there too standing next to adrialus Larellian. rae Trina isolated our rooms at the palace adrialus led a raid to free us got Elowyn and myself out.

5 mins of drawing later, Tomen and Rowaine hear splintering wood from below. Troll says he needs another 5 minutes. Rowaine thinks Harley will be at least another 15 minutes. (20 min round trip). Rowaine we are not going to hold out for 15 minutes!

pigments: nothing exists until drawing is finished (takes 10 minutes), after which it is "activated". if interrupted some way through, a percentage of pigments equivalent to the percentage of time is wasted, but nothing is created.

1 minute later Rowaine and Tomen see large hand bash through the door then is pulled back through. one of the doors collapses. large creature 9' tall humanoid glowing red eyes (Rowaine does not know what it is) shambles towards Rowaine Tomen Rowaine gives it an axe in the face. it comes alive and notices us for the first time.

Tomen fullattx4 ac17 miss ac22 misses nat20 hits acmiss one hit for some dmg less than expected. Rowaine fullatt ac19 misses ac27 hits for 6 dmg does less. thing exhales greenish vapour envelops fortsave ro30 tom25 both save.

Rowaine says they will kill this one then let the others through. Troll thinks he cannot continue if things are wandering past him. they will all get through before Troll finishes the wall and the lava will stop them. Tomen if Theodric is despelled then these things come alive. oh no. let's run away! but Harley is coming back here!

Feren thinks of coming back down with a squadron of elves down to assist the party.

Rowaine we have to wait until Harley comes back 10 mins from now. Troll do you have a Rope Trick? Troll yes. Rowaine then let's use it.

Feren Trina can you find Troll beyond the branch in the Underdark? Trina no I can ask for allies to find him. Feren that would be good, allies to assist Troll? any way you can get them back safely to you? Troll yes but not quickly I would have to find something big enough to carry them. Feren any way to influence them not to kill Troll? Trina very little influence in the Underdark. I could send a message couple of hours… Feren yes. tell them that when Theodric is cured the undead will attack you do you need aid? Trina I will arrange it. Feren asks for mages gets directed to Ethalyn. explains situation. Ethalyn gravely concerned, asks about undead curse. Feren tells. Ethalyn asks if that means that they could be overrun by undead before nightfall? Feren it may be. we may need to cure Theodric to prevent that. Ethalyn is Troll ok? yes but he used his last teleport to get Elathon to safety. Ethalyn ok I'm going to find some people and send them down. Give me 5 minutes.

thing attacks Rowaine achit for 12 dmg (mitigated to 10). Rowaine fullatt ac27 hits for 14 dmg (lots more than last time), ac24 misses. Arrian heals Rowaine for 12 hp. Rowaine Arrian! turn it! Troll come around the corner first so you only turn it! Rowaine good idea! Rowaine, Arrian and and Tomen withdraw. next round Arrian and Rowaine ready an action to turn it as it comes into view. turning checks Arrian 18 Rowaine 26, both are enough. turning dmg Arrian 20 Rowaine 22. the creature is fleeing. not getting very far others pushing back it's a bit of a scrum. it is losing ground. all leave, Troll abandons his drawing. go to keep assemble everyone on parapet get Troll to do a Rope Trick on top. keep hallway doors open but trapdoor leads to battlements. up top have a look over, see less undead outside now. they are walking away. go back down and open main gate. no undead are there. go back up, close and lock guardhouse door which is very sturdy. go through heavy trapdoor. hold off casting the rope trick just yet. keep an eye out and stay down out of sight. after 3-4 minutes hear banging through the trapdoor think something is at the door below. open trapdoor sounds like big banging. close trapdoor but cannot lock it as the lock is on the inside. parapet is 15' diameter. agree to put rope trick in the middle and high up, 30'. get in and pull rope up. this is where Harley left from. a couple more minutes pass (Harley still 5 mins away) trapdoor opens same undead climbs up looks around starts going down wall out of sight then a little later cannot hear it either. wait another 5 mins flapping noises Harley lands. next two to go are Troll and an elven guard (redshirt). get to branch both go through Ethalyn relieved and cancels assembling men. mage and priest working on Theodric.

80 mins later everyone back. mage and priest know what is going on. it looks like Theodric has cast a spell drawing undead to himself. strange thing is he is not known to be a spellcaster. he was tested for aptitude and he had none. Feren are we absolutely certain this is Theodric? yes. Rowaine what about possession? spellcasters will test.
Ethalyn and queen plan to use him to get Kanafel forces to back off. Rowaine asks about spell drawing undead, it is still in effect. undead may not head towards the branch, depends on whether it is towards Theodric or not… ask Trina to monitor the Underdark branch.

two preparations in camp. Kanafel forces pushed out of capital, battle going well esp since Larellians threw their lot in with the Roielles. deal struck that Larellians support Roielles in return for adrialus marrying Elowyn. Troll realises that that gives him right to Trina. nothing can do such things are inevitable.

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