Chapter 08: Pedestrian Crossing

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Session Number: 109
Date: Sunday 21 August 2011
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog1/Clr9 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Feren Rog10 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal10 (Craig) (kills: none)
Tomen Rgr9/Drd1 (Ash) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz10 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

"Let's just go," Troll says. "How hard could it be?"

"How hard is an arrow to the throat?" Rowaine replies. "Since your magical defences won't work, how about something more mundane? A table, perhaps?"

"A ballista!" Troll says. "I'll just go get one…"

"Excuse me, but that won't be necessary," Swindell says. "Two of our men hold the area past the far door."

The party venture inside and talk to the men at point. Beyond their station, the corridor turns right, heads down a set of stairs, then turns left again and ends at a reinforced door - the farthest Elathon's men have managed to penetrate and not without cost. The pair haven't heard anything in a while. They typically receive plenty of warning of anything coming up, as do those below when they try to approach the door.

Tomen notices markings on the other side of the open double doors at the corridor's end. They look similar to the markings on the courtyard floor behind them, arranged in a shallow concave arc. He points out the markings to Troll, who believes them to be the opposite border of the antimagic area they encountered in the courtyard. Tomen steps through the doorway, over the line and tries his hat. Rowaine sees Tomen's outline shimmer.

"Ah, friend elves," Rowaine says. "Don't be alarmed, but the dark elf behind you is one of ours."

The guards look at the figure. "Useful," they say, unperturbed.

Tomen looks down the stairs with his drow eyes, seeing the passageway turn to the left. Feren sneaks down and pokes his head around the corner. A heavy, iron-reinforced wooden door stands ajar on its right-side hinges, opening into a large, lit room beyond. Feren sees the far wall many dozens of feet away. Feren approaches the door, wary of traps but finding none.

The chamber is square, each side around a hundred feet long. Its ceiling is at least forty feet high. On the floor to the left, Feren sees two large wooden discs made of planks. A dead elf lies in between them. He hears a faint, rhythmic dragging noise that gradually fades away. He pokes his head around the door. In the centre of the right-hand wall is a double door, twenty feet wide, splintered and smashed from blows from this side. There is a hole in the centre of the far wall. Two more dead elves lie near the centre of the room. Feren listens but hears nothing more. He sneaks back up the stairs and relays all he saw.

"That noise could be dragging feet," Rowaine muses.

Feren leads the others to the door. He cringes at the cacophany at his back, shooshing everyone. They hear more dragging sounds that seem to be coming from the hole in the wall opposite. Thirty seconds later, a large humanoid figure swathed in rags in bandages shuffles into the room through the ruined wall.

Troll casts Spider Climb and springs onto the wall, climbing around the door lintel. Feren draws his rapier and walks towards the creature. "Hello," he says. The figure does not respond, continuing to move towards the smashed double doors. Tomen follows the right-hand wall. Rowaine trots past Feren, Detecting Evil. It most certainly is.

"Mummy!" Rowaine hisses.

"I agree," Arrian says, casting Owl's Wisdom on himself.

"Strong," Rowaine warns the others. "Not mindless. They carry disease - and I have no more of Moradin's blessings to counter it!"

The creature moves in a straight line towards the wrecked door, not reacting at all to the party. Feren hears more shuffling noises coming from the broken wall. He tells the others.

"Let's let the first one go, and concentrate on the second," Rowaine says, splitting her attention between the cloth-swaddled creature and the hole in the wall. Once the creature passes through the doorway, Tomen moves up behind it and watches it descend a stairway. Arrian moves in support of Arrian, to the centre of the room. Troll scuttles along the right-hand wall.

A large, emaciated, eight-foot tall humanoid appears at the ruined wall, its eyes burning red.

"It's evil!" Rowaine confirms. The creature pays her no heed, its eyes locking on the double door. It moves towards it, more quickly than the mummy. It is not armed, but its large hands end in wicked-looking claws. Rowaine casts Eagle's Splendour on herself, then walks on an intercept course. As she nears the creature's path its glowing red eyes fix upon her but it does not deviate from its path. Feren figures that the situation is well in hand, and investigates the wooden discs and the dead elf. Troll moves around the wall towards the door. Arrian stays in the middle of the room.

Feren sees copious blood spilled where the elf lies. He establishes that the soldier was killed by sword blows. He begins searching the remains. Troll discharges his Acid Arrow wand at the skeletal thing. The missile hits its target and it flinches, but the caustic splatter appears to do nothing to its dessicated skin.

"I think it's enspelled!" Tomen says.

"It might be," Arrian adds. "It wants to react, but it is not."

Tomen walks towards the creature, supporting Rowaine. He glances through the ruined wall behind it. The stone is at least three feet thick, and beyond it… nothing. Just empty space. Tomen keeps watching. Rowaine stands her ground as the creature closes, then chops high at its neck. A solid smite, but the creature's skin robs much of the blow's power. She strikes again for similar effect. The creature turns off its path to face Rowaine.

The wooden disc lies on the stone floor rather than being inset. It looks like a pallet, but it has no obvious means to lift it. Feren tries to move the disc, but it bests his strength. He presses his ear to the timber but cannot hear anything over the nearby sounds of battle.

The creature swipes one clawed hand at Rowaine, then the other. One gouges the paladin's shoulder, the next her torso. Troll's first Acid Arrow continues to ineffectually burn at the creature's skin, so he follows it up with another…


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