Chapter 10: Cat & Mouse

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Session Number: 99
Date: Sunday 22 May 2011
Venue: Fergus'
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog1/Clr9 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Feren Rog10 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal10 (Craig) (kills: none)
Tomen Rgr9/Drd1 (Ash) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz10 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

The battle continues!

Troll steps in front of the prince. "Guard the door!" he says. "You guard the door as well!" he says to the prince's armoured companion. He then turns to the mages. "You call that a containment spell?" he quips before turning Invisible. He considers the magic circles from his invisible vantage point. They should have prevented anyone within from teleporting out, but they might not prevent someone becoming invisible. Rowaine looks at the ceiling above the disabled magic circle, suspecting something similar. Might her quarry be above her?

"Someone get me a weapon!" bellows the remaining Uther.

"Get it yourself!" Troll retorts. "It's by the door…"

"You will not get out of here without a fight!" Uther growls, heading towards the door and retrieving the hammer.

"He teleported," one of the prince's mages says. "I don't know how, but that's how he left the circle. He cannot leave the building."

"Can he leave this room?" Arrian asks.

"Hang on a moment…" The mage presses his palms against the two interior walls. They crack open horizontally at his touch, just above head height. The crack widens as the walls separate and begin to withdraw into the floor and the ceiling, twenty feet above. Before they fully retract, the walls fade out of sight. The small room immediately beyond the main door is gone, leaving a massive area. Lit torches at regular intervals along the windowless stone walls light the space. The double door leading outside is closed.

"He can't have left the confines of the building," the mage reiterates.

"He wasn't supposed to have been able to leave the circle!!" Troll fires back. The mage's visage hardens as he bends to inspect the circle's inscriptions. Everyone else stays alert, searching for the missing Uther. He is nowhere in sight.

"Does anyone need a weapon?" Feren asks, pulling out daggers.

"Yup!" says Rowaine, looking around. Feren tosses a dagger at her feet.

Arrian casts Dispel Magic in the vicinity of the door, hoping that Umbridge is there. Nothing happens. He walks towards the now-nonexistent wall, hoping a different perspective might help. Tomen moves towards the door, grabbing a torch from its sconce on the way. He stops outside the door, guarding it against any who would leave. The remaining mage Summons a long sword and hands it to his armoured ally. He then moves over to examine the other circle.

"You can't do another of those can you?" Arrian asks.

"I have one more," the mage replies.

"Michael!" the prince says, addressing the armoured man. "Come get the door!" Rowaine begins Summoning Harley.

A voice booms from everywhere and nowhere: "Let me out and you shall all live!" A very familiar voice. Rowaine remembers it emanating from the giant metallic foe they recently battled.

"Come out of hiding and you shall live!" Rowaine shouts back.

"What she said!" says Arrian.

"Shut up, paladin!" the voice replies, irritated.

"Just keep hiding," Troll says, also unable to be seen. "That's OK. You can be afraid. We won't hold it against you."

A small orb arcs through the air from the far corner, shattering on the stone floor near the building's centre and releasing a cloud of smoke. Strangely, the smoke does not dissipate. Rather, it seems to coalesce into a tall, thin form covered in spines and barbs…

The peasant runs straight towards the door. Tomen moves to the right of the doorframe, grabs a second flaming torch and returns to guard the door, eyeing the peasant. Troll winks into view as he Fireballs the far corner beyond the swirling smoke, near where he thinks he saw the orb originate. Uther and Feren close with the materialising creature from opposite directions. Arrian Summons a celestial griffon. The mage who summoned the previous sword looks up from the magic circle he has been inspecting andSummons another, handing it to Arrian. "It's been tampered with," he says, indicating the circle. The prince heads towards the door, drawing his sword.

Harley appears, growling. Rowaine ignores the dagger at her feet and climbs into Harley's saddle, releasing the imithrium lance that her mount carries. She leads Harley protectively in front of Arrian and Troll. Michael, the prince's man in full armour, ignores his prince's last command in the face of this new threat. He trots towards the forming creature, every step laced with violent intent. The other mage's eyes bulge and he starts to choke. His feet half leave the floor as he is dragged backwards by some unseen force.

Smoke completes its transition from fluid to solid. The spiky figure immediately begins Summoning something else. More than one thing, by the looks of it. The peasant eyes his would-be allies guarding the main door, decides not to chance his way through and instead runs towards the left-hand corner.

Troll looks at Umbridge's latest mystical trick. It appears the mage is in the grasp of some sort of projected force, one that has the ability to move and throttle its victim. By rights, if the spell's caster was invisible, he shouldn't be now. Nevertheless, the only visible foe is the summoned barbed creature. Umbridge remains stubbornly out of sight. Troll looks around. He cannot see how the force could be projected more than about forty or fifty feet. He appraises the spaces around himself and Fireballs to his left. Whoomp! The flames threaten to engulf Uther but stop short.

"Aaaarrgh, you are NOT an apprentice!" the same billowy voice utters. It sounds more annoyed than injured. Uther charges the spiked creature, Hammer of Lawmeron raised. It slams into the creature's shoulder, shattering several spikes, but not before several others pierce Uther's forearm. The creature continues Summoning, ignoring the injury. The hapless mage is still helpless in the spell's grasp. Feren flanks the spiked creature but his stab is wild. Arrian casts Spiritual Weapon, directing the disembodied blade at the only visible, corporeal opponent - the spiky creature. The blade does not connect. Arrian's griffon appears and closes with the spiky creature but it too cannot pierce the monstrosity's considerable protection. Tomen continues to guard the door, surveying the room. The unhindered mage attempts to Dispel the summoned spiky being, but it resists the banishment. Prince Dimaan continues to guard the door with Tomen. At Rowaine's urging Harley springs forward towards the barbed outsider. Rowaine's imithrium lance smites right at the being's centre of gravity and penetrates deep, but it still clings to this plane.

[Craig] Must remember to use Rowaine's Power Attack, especially when charging!

Michael regards the injured, spiked outsider and the swirling fog masses it has called into being. He finishes closing the gap just before the gassy figures coalesce into four horned, winged, stooped humanoid creatures, each some five feet tall. Each bears a short, wide, slightly curved blade. Their summoner lashes out at Uther with one powerful limb and at the celestial griffon, its antithesis, with another. The griffon receives a glancing blow, whereas Uther is hit solidly. The creature's spiked arm wraps around Uther's shoulder and does not let go.

One of the smaller creatures slices its vicious little sword at Michael. Were he a lesser man, the blow would have gutted him. As it is, he is losing blood. Another closes with Rowaine who is too late resetting her lance to prevent it attacking. Its sword blow clangs off her armour ineffectually.

"Damn," Troll says to Arrian in dwarven. "I'm out of attacks spells!" Arrian feigns worry.

A third little creature blinks out of sight, rematerialising closer to the exit.

Why would a summoned creature teleport towards the door? Hmmmmm…

The throttled mage is carried a further step closer to the door. The peasant cowers in the corner.


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