Chapter 14: This OUR House

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Session Number: 85
Date: Sunday 6 February 2011
Venue: Fergus'
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog1/Clr8 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Feren Rog9 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal9 (Craig) (kills: none)
Tomen Rgr9 (Ash) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz9 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBC

After their hasty evacuation the party find communication difficult. Rowaine Detects Evil but senses none. She shakes her head to the others. Arrian activates a sunrod and looks up through the trapdoor. He sees a large open space. Tomen swims inside and Troll levitates his Disc through the hole. Strangely, the room above extends sixty feet horizontally in all directions and the hole beneath is forty feet wide. The ceiling is too far away to discern. Shelves line the distant walls.

Have we shrunk?

Rowaine pokes her head through the hole and confirms the spatial anomaly. She stands back up and joins hands with two others, but not before Troll wanders towards an edge. Tomen fires up a sunrod and scouts above. He sees two large, fast creatures swimming above, limbed and with large fangs jutting downwards from their huge mammalian jaws. He does not recognise the species. He flees back down towards the others, looking over his shoulder. The creatures follow, catching up. Tomen rejoins the others and draws his sword. The others look up. Tomen walks warily towards Troll who is beside the wall. He taps him on the shoulder and motions him to be alert. Arrian moves towards Troll. Rowaine drags everyone else in that direction also.

The others see the creatures as they close. He casts Speak with Animals.

"We mean you no harm," he says.

"Go away," one of the creatures growls. "This our house, go away."

"I'm sorry for trespassing, I shall try to…"

"Go away now. Go away this our house go away!"

The others hear the exchange. Tomen signals for all to leave. Rowaine agrees and they move towards the hole. The creatures circle above but do not pursue. The party exits, looking up at the four foot square hole they apparently passed through. Arrian bolts the trapdoor closed.

The party swim back to Aquilla's edge and discuss what to do. Eventually (and that word covers about an hour of roleplaying time) they decide to return tomorrow after they have healed and Tomen has prepared more useful spells. Meantime, Tomen researches the strange sea mammals while Feren and Rowaine retrieve a number of imithrium rapiers from Abbey. Tomen discovers that the creatures are called sea tigers, massive saltwater predators that are described as 'best left alone, especially in mating season.' Guess what season it is.

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