Chapter 06: Hur Hur Hur

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Session Number: 59
Date: Sunday 18 July 2010
Venue: Fergus'
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog1/Clr7 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Emily Ftr3/Rog5 (Tammi) (kills: none)
Feren Rog8 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal8 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz8 (Densial) (kills: 1 ogre)

XP Awarded: TBC (characters are about half way to level 9)

In which we find out that Craig, Densial and Fergus are more interested in the rules and the finer points of dungeoneering, whereas Yeran and Tammi are more interested in cool moves and talking crap.

Emily heads upstairs after telling the others what she and Feren had seen. The rogues then sneak through the door and examine the corridor. Below, the others debate. "Rowaine," says Arrian, "we do need to find Enok, but we need to get to this dam even more. I understand Enok is important to you all, but there is a town in danger. Surely that must trump our desire to rescue Enok? I think we need to get there as soon as possible. We can come back."

"Are you saying that we abort and go now?" questions Rowaine.

"Yes," answers Arrian. "I think that were the tables turned, Enok would lead the charge. At this point, there is no one who knows we've been here. I'd say we can safely use this entrance again. If we do continue we should set a time limit. I'm worried about this dam."

Upstairs, Emily presses her ear to the first door on the right. A deep voice chuckles "Hur hur hur" behind the door. Emily quietly looks around the nearby corner where a pool of blood has long dried. She sees the remains of a humanoid body lying at the bottom of stairs leading up. The corpse is missing its head, a shoulder and one of its legs. What remains is horribly bloated. Feren listens at the door across the corridor - all quiet. "Hur hur hur" comes the voice again, loud enough for both to hear.

Arrian looks for a way to slow down any pursuit. He climbs the stairs and inspects the door at the top landing where Vale waits. It is made of iron-reinforced timber and opens outwards into the long corridor, as does the door below. Arrian returns downstairs.

Feren briefly returns to the top landing, asking whether Vale can identify the corpse Emily has found. Vale ventures forth. "It's definitely a Black Arrow," he says sadly. "There's our insignia on the jerkin. The same as those on the tapestries."

Arrian figures the easiest door to block would be the lower one - but what to use? The table? He considers setting it on its end beside the door's arc so that it can be toppled in front of the door, requiring any pursuers to push it out of the way. Rowaine looks on. "The bed is heavier." Arrian looks at her. Together they stand the bed on its end to the side of the door. "It'll make an almighty bang when it falls," comments Rowaine. "I don't care," Arrian retorts. "If we need it, the time for stealth has past."

Emily and Feren hear furniture moving downstairs. Arrian creeps upstairs and gets their attention, beckoning them closer. They close the top door and regroup downstairs. Feren describes the corridor, including the stairs, the body and the chuckling sound behind the door. "Well," says Arrian, "we either keep looking for Enok in the keep, or head to the dam and see what's going on there." Arrian asks Vale to describe the local area, including the Storval Deep and Turtleback Ferry.


The rangers think that were the immense dam ever breached, the ensuing torrent of water would follow the course of the river all the way to Claybottom Lake and Turtleback Ferry.

"OK, let's continue exploring the keep," says Arrian, "keeping a line of retreat intact as best we can."

"That means we need to start with the first door, where the laughing ogre is…" says Troll. Vale identifies the room beyond as the keep's infirmary. "How big is that room?" asks Emily. Vale quickly sketches it on the back of Lucrecia's letter.

The party quietly climb the stairs and assemble around the infirmary's door, Rowaine in front. It is hinged on the right, and appears to open into the room beyond. "We go in and close the door behind us," whispers Arrian, "to reduce the risk of being heard." The party's three rogues first search the door for anything suspicious. After giving the all-clear, Rowaine opens the door. Inside, an ogre sits balanced on the edge of an infirmary bed, arranging a corpse on a table in front of him. The right side of his face is torn to shreds, his jawbone and skull clearly visible beneath. His chuckle catches in his wrecked mouth as he looks up from his work and sees an armoured woman at the door!

"For Moradin!" Rowaine cries as she moves in, forgetting Arrian's call for stealth. Arrian follows. Feren tries a blitzkreig tumble past the ogre but despite the creature's surprise he cannot find a way through. From outside the room, Emily looses two arrows as one but they both fly high. Shalélu does the same; her two arrows pierce the ogre's shoulder. Troll slips into the room's left corner then Spider Climbs up the wall. Vale guards, Jakardros moves closer to the corridor door.

The ogre reaches behind him and calmly pulls out a huge hook, immediately scudding it towards Rowaine. The hook skewers the paladin twice; her hair flies in all directions. The ogre's face cracks into a hideous, crazed grin. Rowaine stands her ground and one of her two return chops lands true. The ogre barely seems to notice. Arrian's stab is turned by the ogre's hide armour. He steps back towards the door. Feren feints right then stabs left. The ogre is taken in but its tough skin is not easily breached. Feren too gives a step of ground. Troll beckons Emily to come in beneath him. The ogre spies Emily entering and swipes his huge meathook, slamming her into the wall. She manages to keep her grip on her bow and her twin arrows bury themselves under the ogre's outstretched right arm. Shalélu fires two more simultaneous arrows, both of which somehow manage to avoid all her allies and puncture the ogre's hide jerkin. She steps back. Troll Acids the ogre from his wall perch. The caustic blob eats away at the ogre's forearm but his grip on the hook only tightens. Troll climbs around the corner and ducks back through the doorway. Jakardros steps, eyes Troll and aims just beneath him. Both his first and second arrows hit the bed the ogre leans on. Vale guards, listening.

The ogre grimaces and yet continues to grin through half of his face as he attacks Rowaine again. His first swing skewers the paladin's shoulder and Rowaine collapses to the stone floor. "Haaarr!" he yells, then aims his backswing at Emily. The curved hook punctures her leg and the weapon's momentum lifts her off her feet. Arrian steps and defensively casts Cure Moderate Wounds on Rowaine, whose wounds close as her eyes open. Feren tumbles closer to the huge humanoid and stabs with Lucrecia's rapier. Its tip catches ineffectually on the ogre's thick hide armour. Blink launches off Emily's shoulder, hovers above Feren and plunges its stinger at the ogre's neck. The barb scratches the ogre's skin, drawing blood, but the wound is not deep enough to inject the dragon's somnific poison. Emily fires three arrows in blinding succession. One arrow catches in the ogre's thick neck. Shalélu fires twin arrows but the ogre's cover spoils the shot. Troll's Acid jet sprays over the ogre's face. He screams and dies. Blink flies back to Emily.


Troll Detects Magic, finding that the ogre's hook and hide armour bear a dweomer. He also finds a magical potion. The party head downstairs, taking the magical items. Troll Acids the bars in a northern cell and Rowaine helps to bend them outwards. Troll then arranges bloody footprints leading between upstairs and the cell's rear stone wall, then Spider Climbs out after removing his boots. Arrian uses Create Water to help the rangers clean up any other footprints. The party exit Lucrecia's bedchamber to the south, close the secret door behind them and enter the caverns. Harley is there, eagerly awaiting her mistress. The shocker lizards cannot be seen or heard. Together, all retreat to the relative safety of the southern cavern.

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