Chapter 10: The Grolls' Demise

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Session Number: 53
Date: Wednesday 2 June 2010
Venue: Fergus'
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog1/Clr7 (Fergus) (kills: 1 rat, 2 dogs)
Harley (Craig) (kills: 3 dogs)
Hippogriff (Densial) (kills: 1 matriarch Groll)
Rangers (DM) (kills: 3 dogs)
Rowaine Pal8 (Craig) (kills: none)
Shalélu (Tammi) (kills: 1 zombie, 1 rabid Groll, 2 dogs)
Troll Wiz8 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBC

Special Guest Star: Tammi Blair

The matriarch hovers back into the room where Troll hangs high up on the wall, points a stick at him and screeches "You fire breather, you will dieeeee!" She raps him across the face with the stick and he is enveloped in a translucent black cloud. Troll feels part of his body weaken even as some of the matriarch's wounds heal. Two dogs leap at Troll, snapping and barking. "Enemy in the rear!" he yells.

Three more dogs circle around Jakardros and barking from an adjacent room suggests there are more on their way. The treelike creature is no longer on fire; in fact, there are now no signs of it having burned at all. Its tendrils continue to flail about. Arrian stabs at a rat and kills it.

Rowaine feels something push her shield arm down. Immediately a Groll blinks into existence in front of her, standing a full head taller than her. White foamy spittle sprays from its mouth and its red, bloodshot bore into her own with unmitigated fury. It yanks on Rowaine's shield and reaches for her weapon arm, pulling her closer to the tree. Rowaine stands her ground, snaps her left forearm down and wrestles free.

The zombie moves closer and swipes a rotten fist at the beleagured paladin, but misses.

Rowaine's trusted axe feels so uncommonly heavy in her arms, yet she cries Moradin's name and and chops at the Groll. Her smite strikes true but the enraged Groll seems to barely notice. The tree's tendrils are very close to the front line. Rowaine steps back and yells "Fall back!"

Troll steps back and Acidic Splatters the matriarch Groll. He catches her eye, pointing his finger in her fat face. "I can do this all day long."

Shalélu raises her bow. The Groll is not too enraged to notice and it lashes out with a fist. The blow misses - just. She feels the wind as it passes her face. She lands two arrows in the zombie beside it and the undead creature goes down.

The matriarch reappraises her foe, then flies away up the stairs. Arrian casts Spiritual Weapon, directing the glowing long sword at the Groll but it misses. The Groll retaliates at Shalélu. Its sickle-like hook sparks as it gouges a deep trench in the stone wall next to her head.

Harley erupts into the room near her charge. Her huge, heavy jaw snaps on a dog's hind quarters but it is not a fatal wound.

"They're not leaving!" thinks Rowaine and steps back into the fray. Her first smite hits heavily but her return chop is off. The Groll is bleeding.

Troll moves into the stairway but the matriarch is nowhere to be seen. He steps backwards then looses a Fiery Burst behind him, catching four dogs. They yelp in pain and the fight visibly leaves them.

Shalélu fires two arrows into the Groll's throat and it crashes to the ground. She hears something smash like broken glass and sees smoke waft from under its body. She smells burning flesh that intensifies and sees hissing green liquid pool under the body.

Vale kills a dog with his battleaxe, Jakardros kills another with his bow. Arrian's Spiritual Weapon slices a dog's flank; it bleeds but survives. Harley dives into the earthen floor and surfaces in the room adjacent. She savages a dog, killing it. Rowaine moves through the door after Harley. She spies a dog attacking Jakardros and attacks it. The dog yelps but lives.

The appearance of Harley grabs the dogs' attention. Troll takes advantage and jumps down, hustling upstairs. The door to the kitchen is still closed; he did not hear any doorlike noises. He climbs through the acid hole, entering the playroom. The matriarch does not seem to be there. He listens but cannot hear anything to help him. He continues towards his other acid hole, peering through. The other door in the dining room is open, and Troll is certain none of his allies opened it. He backs up a step and waits.

"Rowaine - duck!" yells Shalélu, bending her bow. Her first shot kills the dog in front of the paladin. She lodges her second shot in another dog's shoulderblade. Jakardros shoots an arrow into the dog that he and Rowaine flank, killing it. Arrian's Spiritual Weapon slices another dog and it collapses. Harley jumps sideways, her bite taking another dog out of the fight.

Troll casts Invisibility and Spider Climbs along the walls into the corner of the dining room.

Not so much cat and mouse as spider and whale.

Arrian swings his Spiritual Weapon and kills another dog. Two remain. Harley bites one of them in half. Rowaine chops twice at the last remaining dog, hitting both times but the dog remains on its feet! Shalélu fires two arrows; one of the missiles kills the dog.


Troll crawls along the corridor wall, ignoring the open door. He hears a noise at the far end of the house, thinking that it sounds like a female voice in the middle of spellcasting. It sounds like an illusion spell. Troll casts a spell of his own - Summon Monster III. A celestial hippogriff appears halfway down the hallway and immediately charges away, seeking something to engage. It apparently succeeds - Troll hears combat.

Shalélu and the rangers hustle upstairs, followed by Arrian. Harley woofs at Rowaine in Terran. The paladin jumps on and they sink through the earth floor, exiting outside in the courtyard beside the well.

Troll enters the rear bedroom and sees the large bed. His hippogriff is half on the bed and is viciously attacking something just out of view. Troll enters the room and sees two matriarchs. He Fiery Bursts, catching both images but not the hippogriff. Both images grimace in pain and rage and spot him as he becomes visible.

One of the matriarchs screams "Be cursed! You will not do this again!" Troll grimaces and flinches, but nothing obvious happens. The hippogriff claws at one of the matriarchs and the illusory image disappears. The beast claws at the remaining matriarch's neck and her head snaps back under the immense force. Troll hears a crunch and the matriarch slumps to the bed. He yells "Over here!"

Shalélu hears Troll's yell and cautiously runs towards the bedroom. Arrian is close behind. "What's going on?"

"I killed the witch," says Troll.

"Good job!"

Outside, dogs are fleeing in all directions. Rowaine goes back towards the house, Harley bursts the door open. "Arrian? Troll? Shalélu?" she catches up with the others in the bedroom.

Troll lets everyone know what happened and asks if anyone can help with a problem of a personal nature.

Troll is permanently cursed. Each time he wishes to perform an action on his turn, there is a 50% chance that he cannot act.

Arrian casts Detect Magic on the matriarch's corpse, pointing out three wands, an amulet and two demonic-looking idols. Two other items bear a residual magic glow: an empty bottle and an empty scrollcase. Rowaine checks for evil but only senses a slight residue that is probably a remnant from the matriarch.

Arrian spots a little toad beside the bed, looking confused. "Careful! I know about these…" He Acidic Splatters it - eventually. The toad dies.

The party's plan is to thoroughly search the house before burning it to the ground.

Alain's last roleplaying session with us for … some time. Bon chances, notre ami!

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