Chapter 03: Measure Twice, Cut Once

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Session Number: 43
Date: Sunday 4 April 2010
Venue: Alain's
PCs & Players:

Arrian Rog1/Clr6 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Enok Rgr7 (Alain) (kills: none)
Harley (Craig) (kills: 1 lich)
Rowaine Pal7 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz7 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBC

So named because it took 130 minutes to decide what to do, and 40 minutes to successfully execute it.

The other crates are nailed shut, sealed for travel. The last remaining crate is made using dark wood, bound with two metal straps, and like everything else in this building, covered in ice. No hinges or locks are visible.

Rowaine walks out onto the ice, arcing towards the far shore where Harley patiently waits. A few minutes into her walk, subtle movement catches her eye. She spots a barrel-sized hunk of ice floating across her intended path. The object opens into a hand and gropes around. Rowaine stops, motionless, and waits. The oversized fist continues on its slow journey. Rowaine quietly moves on, careful not to let the fist out of her sight.

Rowaine mentally calls out to Harley and makes contact. She dismisses Harley, who whimpers but complies. Rowaine returns to the spire without seeing the icy fist again.

"We may have an additional problem," begins Rowaine. "That icy undead thing is still alive out there. I saw its fist groping about through the ice and snow. Maybe the lake isn't as deep as we thought. Maybe it can climb out."

Enok stands guard while Troll melts the ice around the spire door, all the way to the ice below. They then return upstairs, Enok carrying the barrel of oil from the wreckage. They loosen a table in the top level which is then upended atop the shattered trapdoor. The barrel is placed nearby. Rowaine chips away at the ice surrounding the roof trapdoor, in case another exit is required.

The party settle down for the night. A sunrod is kept active throughout. Troll and Arrian each take a 4-hour shift. Rowaine rises in the small hours and keeps vigil until dawn. Despite everyone's unease, the night passes without incident. All enter into their morning devotions and disciplines and prepare their daily spells.

Rowaine stows the magical books within the haversack she carries. She then sets off 4 sunrods, arranging them around the 4 corners of the black crate.

Arrian casts Endure Elements upon himself and Rowaine. Enok bestows the same spell upon himself. All three then remove their furs and don armour. Troll protects himself with Mage Armour. Arrian then casts Shield Other, nominating Enok as the target. He then casts Magic Circle on an area behind a crate 20 feet distant from the ominous dark container.

Rowaine casts Detect Undead, scanning first the dark crate, then the rest of the room. A single, almost overpowering undead aura emanates from within the iron-bound crate.

"Well, that's it then," Rowaine utters with almost feverish delight. It's evil, and it's undead. There can be no love for this one. Let's KILL it!"

"Why fight?" asks Enok. "Why not just burn it where it lies?"

Rowaine says "The only thing that mitigates my absolute, overwhelming agreement with that, is that there might be something else within that crate that can help us release Krag."

Rowaine then closes her eyes and forms a mental picture of Harley, summoning her from her celestial home. Harley's wounds have vanished. She looks upon Rowaine with unabated love, then whines and growls as she picks up on Rowaine's emotional state.

"We have work to do, Harley. Stand there," she says, indicating the end of the crate farthest away from Troll and Arrian, "and don't take your eyes off this crate."

Rowaine walks to the wall behind Troll and Arrian and sets down a backpack portal. She tries to activate it but it does not respond, as if it had no power source. The same happens when she tries to deploy the portal on the roof. Just in case, she tries the remaining backpack but it too fails to deploy.

"Hmmm… That's odd. Perhaps you can't set up a portal within a tower… Which gives me hope that this is a tower…"

Rowaine and Enok set to chipping away the ice that surrounds the crate's nailed-shut lid. Rowaine notices that the ice is strangely clearer than the already preternaturally clear ice in and around the spire - and is it colder as well? Half an hour later the ice upon the lid is free. Rowaine and Enok slide it to one side where it drops to the ice-covered floor, intact.

The players then toy with the idea of drilling a hole in the lid, pouring the barrel of oil into the crate, stuffing an oil-soaked rag in the hole and setting it alight. BOOM! Great idea and great image, but what if the only thing that can bring Krag back lies within?

[Craigo] I'm not opposed to sticking pointy things in there!

Rowaine unlids the barrel of oil, pouring half on top of the crate. She then places the remaining half-barrel of oil on an adjacent crate.

"Troll, if I tip the rest of this oil on top of the crate, set it on fire. Don't stop for me, just do it. Understand?" Troll indicates that he does. Arrian casts Magic Circle on the area that he and Troll will inhabit.

Rowaine then hefts her axe, resting her brow upon its massive head. Arrian moves up behind Enok, ready to buff both him and Rowaine with spells. Rowaine whispers "Moradin, be with us." She then starts singing as she hacks away at the crate's lid. After a few moments she stops. "Shhhh!" She then listens but hears nothing.

"Harley, do you think you can smash this?"

"Of course I can, Shaggy!"

NB: Rowaine's nickname is not Shaggy. You do not call a female paladin "Shaggy".

Imagine a horse made of stone banging at a wooden barrier. It starts to splinter.

Arrian casts Protection from Evil on Rowaine as she casts Bless Weapon on her waraxe. Arrian then casts Protection from Evil on Enok as Harley smashes through the crate's lid.

Rowaine attacks the darkness.

Rowaine strikes at the contents of the crate and her blade bites at something within. Enok drives his scimitar through the shattered lid but the blade simply strikes the base.

Bright white light emanates from the crate, followed by a burning explosion. All fail their reflex save and suffer 36 damage from a burst of flame - even Harley's spell resistance does not help. The oil on the crate is now alight.

Most of the crate's lid has now been blown apart. There is a figure inside that looks like it should be dead. The flames do not even touch the creature, dissipating inches from its skin.

Enok casts Resist Energy, selecting fire. Arrian casts Magic Weapon upon Enok's scimitar.

Harley tries to bite the creature's face off, also using Smite Evil, but misses.

Troll prepares an action to loose acid at anything arising from the crate.

A figure rises from the crate, using the metal bands for leverage. Rowaine smites the creature for 20 damage.

The creature stands up. Rowaine, Enok and Harley all see its vulnerability and strike. Enok hits for 5 damage, Rowaine misses, Harley hits for 10 damage. The creature gets up and swipes a desiccated, clawed hand at Rowaine, hitting for 10 damage. Rowaine successfully makes a fortitude save, so that's all it does. The touch was very cold.

Wrong energy, Enok!

Enok stabs at the creature for 10 damage, his second attack misses.

Arrian casts Prayer.

Harley bites at the creature but misses.

Troll jets a line of acid at the creature and hits. The acid simply flows off the creature, affecting it not in the least.

Rowaine smites again, hitting for 13 damage. Her second attack misses.

The creature reaches out for Rowaine but misses.

Enok slashes his scimitar at the creature, missing. His second attack hits for 6 damage.

Arrian casts Bull's Strength upon Enok.

Harley's bite rends the creature for 13 damage. The creature collapses.

[Fergus] I haven't finished buffing Enok!

Rowaine Detects Evil in the room, finding none. The creature is definitely dead.

Arrian suggests trying the portal again. Before anyone can, the ice in the room begins to melt. The room is suddenly lit.

Troll utters his full name. A short, pear-shaped woman with braided hair appears, wearing plaid dress.

"Hello," Rowaine addresses the woman. She replies in elven, which Troll translates. Rowaine does not detect anything evil about her.

"Hello, sweets! Ooh, it's nippy in here!"

"What is your name?"

"I am Abbey. This is my abbey".

"This is your abbey?"

"I am Abbey. This is my abbey. I am Abbey."

Arrian asks "Do you know Elondel?"

"Oh yes, how is the old fart? Yes, I can sense that he's out there. Ohh, it's cold in here - let's get some heat going, shall we?" With that the ice starts to disappear, leaving no water behind.

"I don't suppose you are capable of healing, are you?" Arrian.

"Yes, I am."

Rowaine asks "You have imithrium here?"

"Yes… Oooooh, I have a LOT!"

Rowaine asks Abbey what year she believes it to be; it is around 2000 years ago.

"Abbey," asks Rowaine, "what is your last memory?"

"Oh, my master, he was preparing to leave on a big long holiday, then he had a visitor… Strange man, didn't like him much. That's the last thing I remember."

"Did he look anything like this?" asks Rowaine, pulling the corpse's head out of the crate.

Well, he wasn't that skinny… Some of his clothes were the same, though."

"What can I do for you lads then… and lass?"

"Are you able to send us back to Elondel?"

"I should be able to get in touch with him… Yeah, he's there."

"Abbey, do you have any defense systems that you can use to keep things out of here?"


"Are they online?"

"Yes… There's something out there."

"Under the ice?"

"Yes… It's just floating out there in a circle."

"Does it have a heartbeat?"

"Oh no, it's not alive…"

"Is it your master?"


"Is Troll able to assume the role of your master?"

"I don't have a problem with that."

"Can you deal with the creature floating outside?"

"Ooh, yes, I think so…"

"How might that happen?"

"Well, I figured I'd just get something BIG…"

The creature is crushed under a very large rock. Rowaine uses her Detect Evil to confirm that it is indeed dead.

Troll Detects Magic and identifies that the creature's bracers, cloak and a ring are magical.

Troll directs Abbey to transport all the books to Elondel. She seems a little reticent but complies.

"Are there any other caches of valuable objects here?" Arrian.

"Yes… There are the other rooms…"

Other rooms?

"Oh, you can't see them… There are doorways."

The tower has 27 invisible doorways that Abbey can make appear. The first doorway leads to a guest bedroom. Abbey cannot get into any of the 5 rooms on the "top floor", an area that is not the physical upper level. Abbey makes a staircase appear on the other side of the circular chamber that leads to the top floor. Abbey heals the party of their wounds.

Abbey has more imithrium than she knows what to do with.

Arrian climbs the stairs. At the top is a lounge with a lit fireplace and 5 locked doors. The keyholes are very shallow.

Troll instructs Abbey to keep everything out except himself, and to repair the trapdoors. Abbey is able to make an area encompassing the lake rather inhospitable, to keep out potential intruders.

Abbey cannot detect any arachtria or matre within her sensory range.

Back at Elondel Troll Identifies the magical items:

  • Bracers of Armour +4 (Troll)
  • Ring of Protection +1 (Enok)
  • Cloak of Resistance +1 (Enok)

The magical books are necromantic spellbooks. Rowaine is interested in destroying them.

The nonmagical books are..?

Man 0 - Wild 1

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