Chapter 16: Out Of Air, Out Of Energy

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Session Number: 39
Date: Sunday 7 March 2010
Venue: Alain's
PCs & Players:

Enok Rgr6 (Alain) (kills: 3 arachtria)
Rowaine Pal6 (Craig) (kills: 2 arachtria)
Troll Wiz6 (Densial) (kills: 4 arachtria)
Harley CR4 (Craig) (kills: 1 arachtria)

XP Awarded: TBC

Yes, that's right… TEN arachtria die in this session!

The surrounding woods impair Harley's ability to take to the air. Rowaine thinks that the group probably don't have a lot of time before being found. Enok wonders whether the hill is a repair shop.

Craigo's interesting tactical idea: Rowaine and Harley sit in the hill and let the imithrium's aura effect slowly kill the arachtria? Harley would need to keep moving at half speed, as she is technically flying while Earth Gliding. Also, the creatures seem to be able to sense and pinpoint the location of imithrium with considerable accuracy; might they not simply move out of its aura of effect? How about firing an arrow into each and letting it do the same? See above - the suspicion is that the creatures would easily sense the presence of a toxic arrow and remove it. Wouldn't you?

Enok doesn't know this place. Rowaine Lays Hands upon her mount, healing 6 points.

Rowaine decides to scout out the inside of the hill, taking Enok with him. Troll hands Enok the regeneration ring. They find a clearing and squeeze through roots, descending into the earth. Harley detects an open area within, including a corridor ahead. Rowaine realises that they will be unable to see inside the hill and begins rummaging around for a sunrod. Enok finds the sensations of Earth Gliding intolerable and panics, wrapping an arm around Rowaine's neck. Rowaine mentally urges Harley to make for the tunnel. They "land" and Enok jumps off Harley, determined never to do that again. A sword-like stab to his thigh gets his attention. Rowaine is busy trying to light the sunrod and calm Enok when Harley rears unbidden; Ro can sense her alarm. Light burst forth from the activated sunrod and illuminates numerous arachtria on either side!

"We have to go!" yells Rowaine. "We CANNOT stay here!"

"On THAT thing? I would rather die here!" retorts Enok.

"Why did I come here?" thinks Enok. "Why was I born? If I survive this, I will just do … wooden chairs!"

Enok sucks it up and jumps back on Harley.

Two arachtria slash at Enok and Harley. The stone flyer is cut.

Rowaine checks that Enok is safely behind her and withdraws into the earth wall. They take a circuitous route through the hill's interior. Rowaine senses when Harley approaches open areas; there is a chamber and another area with fallen rocks beneath it, connected by corridors. Rowaine exits near the others, to Enok's great relief.

"Do you need healing, Enok?"

"I need … air!"

Enok may not be doing much in the way of Earth Gliding

The group next plan to gain air superiority at the hill entrance. Rowaine asks Enok whether he would be happy being on Harley in the air. Enok's look suggests he is not happy. Troll takes the ring back, before working out that perhaps the guy on the ground should wear it… and ruining the ring's ability to repair Enok's recent damage!

"I hate magic!" yells Enok.

Rowaine, Troll and Harley take to the air. Enok heads up the hill and turns towards the entrance. Five arachtria are stationed around the entrance. Troll peppers them with imithrium arrows. An arachtria is hit but seems not to react appreciably, maintaining its position. "Fire at will, Troll!" yells Rowaine. "Weapons free!"

Troll runs towards the entrance. The arachtria promptly disappear into the forest towards Enok. The aerial contingent continue circling and soon after Enok streaks into the clearing with 5 arachtria scuttling after him.

"Enok!" yells Rowaine. You have to get 60 feet ahead of them and out of sight! I think they can sense imithrium!"

Enok disappears into the forest again and Troll shoots a pursuing arachtria. Enok runs straight and puts some distance between him and the spiders. They lose the scent and return to the clearing, arranging themselves around the hill entrance.

Troll shoots about a score more arrows, felling three arachtria. They still make no great effort to save themselves. Enok walks towards the clearing and sees the aerial assault. The arachtria spot Enok and start running towards him. Rowaine dives towards the rear arachtria while Troll concentrates on a spell. Enok looses two arrows. Both hit and the arachtria goes down, skidding to the ground. Rowaine's charge impales the remaining creature, killing it.

The party enter the hill - Enok in front of Troll, with Harley and Rowaine beside them both. Rowaine's sunrod illuminates the tunnel that extends straight ahead. About 30 feet inside the party notice a horrible smell, like that of rotting meat. Not long after the party come to what was a 4-way intersection. The paths ahead and to the right carry on for 20 feet before being blocked by fallen rock. It is completely sealed, and appears to have been so for a long time. The ahead passage has a few humanoid bones that have been lying there for perhaps 20-30 years.

The party continue down the left-hand passageway. Very soon after they start to hear the sound of metallic legs striking stone. Troll is passed the regeneration ring. The sunrod glints off many arachtria, running at the party. Enok fires an arrow and hits. Troll does the same, hitting another.

Enok shoots 2 more arrows at the one he hit previously, doing a total of 27 damage. The arachtria goes down.

[Enok] I hate you!

The remaining lead arachtria slashes at Enok but misses. Troll acids the other lead arachtria for 9 damage.

An arachtria rushes at Harley, but Rowaine lowers her lance before it can attack. She hits for 9 damage. The arachtria survives and continues, stabbing at Harley, just defeating her damage reduction.

Rowaine drops her lance, pulls out her dwarven waraxe and chops at the arachtria in front of her. She misses (rolls a 1).

An arachtria attacks Enok and very nearly hits. Enok drops his bow and unsheathes a blade; he misses. Troll acids another arachtria, killing it. Three arachtria remain.

Rowaine tries to guide Harley to attack simultaneously with her. Craigo needs a 4 or higher to make Rowaine's ride check, he rolls a 3. Harley attacks and misses (rolling a 1). Sucks to be us.

Enok draws his second blade and attacks with his first. He hits for 11 damage. The arachtria retaliates and misses. Troll lobs acid and melts an arachtria.

Harley is attacked and hit for 13 damage, mitigated to 8.

Rowaine makes her next ride check. Harley bites for 16 base damage. Rowaine follows up with a full attack. Both attacks hit doing 12 damage in total; the arachtria collapses into pieces.

Enok slashes with his blades, the short sword hits for 8 damage, killing it. His second round of attacks miss.

Enok looks like he is flying into a rage. Perhaps a level of barbarian, Alain?

The arachtria retaliates but misses. Troll burns the last spider with acid. On her turn Rowaine fails her ride check; Harley bites the last arachtria into oblivion.

Rowaine heals a few of Enok's and Harley's wounds before the party carry on down the left corridor.

A long part of the right-hand wall is missing, revealling a chamber beyond. Piles of butchered animal remains lie everywhere within. It smells awful in here. There is no movement.

Rowaine should have Detected Evil!

Rowaine guards the passageway beyond while Enok and Troll investigate. When they enter the chamber a pile of bones and flesh rises up in a loosely humanoid, skeletal form. The figure claws at Troll, doing 3 hit points and 3 strength points of damage, and renders Troll unable to move.


Enok notices that the figure is skeletal with flesh still clinging to its bones. It is armoured and wears a helmet. What remains of its face is smeared with blood.

"Rowaine! Bring your pretty <-> here!"

He then attacks with his imithrium scimitar. The weapon seems to pass straight through it, meeting no resistance.


Troll steps back and lobs a ball of acid at the creature. 7 damage. Troll does nothing.

The creature lashes out at Troll again, hitting easily. Troll's strength reduces to zero. He finds it impossible to stand.

What does Enok do in this round?

Rowaine backs Harley enough to turn and enter the chamber. She sees Troll on the floor and pulls out her symbol of Moradin. "Back, unwholesome creature!" Her Turn attempt succeeds; the creature flees out of the chamber, deeper into the hill. Rowaine stabs at it with her lance, but misses.

"What's wrong, Troll?" asks Rowaine. "I feel so weak, like I have no energy…" Troll mutters.

Enok lifts the helpless Troll onto Harley's back and the trio exit the hill. Rowaine will fly Troll back to the monastery; she agrees to meet Enok at the river crossing. If she is not there after an hour, Enok is to return to the monastery. Rowaine and Troll take off.

Back at the monastery Khazul and Berathoin meet Rowaine outside the temple. The dwarves heal wounds (including Harley's), and restore Troll's strength with liberal application of Lesser Restoration spells.

"Rowaine, Troll," says Khazul, nodding to the temple, "You'd better go inside." With that they enter.

Next week is a bye; Ferg and Craigo are at Cityside Camp :-) No it ain't, we got back in time!

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