Chapter 15: The One That Got Away

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Session Number: 38
Date: Sunday 28 February 2010
Venue: Alain's
PCs & Players:

Enok Rgr6 (Alain) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal6 (Craig) (kills: 1 arachtria)
Troll Wiz6 (Densial) (kills: 1 arachtria)
Sir Veketh Pal? (DM) (kills: 1 arachtria)

XP Awarded: TBC

Rowaine decides that she shall call her stone flyer "Harley".

Enok and Troll are in a tower. Enok has the renerating ring. Rowaine returns to the temple. The matre quickly retreats beyond the wrecked gate to the north. There are still arachtria within the monastery walls; three are hacking away at the fortified temple door. Rowaine helps barricade the door.

Enok and Troll have one last chance against the fleeing matre. "Moradin, guide my arrow".

Alain rolls a 1. Moradin is not with Enok.

Troll Fireballs the matre (and its cohort?)

28 dmg if it fails its reflex save.

The matre staggers and almost falls, but continues on its way. Rowaine helps get people downstairs. There are two arachtria beneath Troll & Enok's tower. Enok ties the rope, drops the end down the outside of the wall and climbs down. Enok, still enjoying the benefit of his Longstrider spell, runs after the retreating matre. It has picked up the pace. Enok rounds the corner and sees the matre disappearing into the undergrowth to the north of the monastery. Its escort is lagging behind, just exiting the gate. Enok parallels the arachtria. Troll rounds the corner and sees Enok. To the left he can see 10 arachtria leaving by the wrecked gate. He ducks back, unseen, and readies his bow. He looses an imithrium arrow at one of the arachtria following the matre; the arrow bounces off the arachtria, causing no damage but getting its attention. The arachtria turns around and stalks back towards the monastery. Troll steps into view; the arachtria screams. Three others divert towards Enok, who continues running after the matre.

Troll Spider Climbs back up the wall. Rowaine notices that the arachtria are grouping at the bottom of a section of wall, stacking upon each other. She sees Troll at the top of the wall, grabs her lance and calls her mount.

Enok runs after the matre, slowly closing the gap. He hears arachtria behind. The matre's tracks are quite obvious.

The arachtria beneath Troll number around 20. Rowaine flies to the tower that Troll is making for. Troll jumps on the back of the stone wolf. He tells Ro what he and Enok have been up to.

"Can you fire your bow from the back of this?" asks Rowaine.

"Sure!" says Troll.

Troll is less sure whether he can hit anything…

"Where did they go?"

"That way!"

Troll and Rowaine fly off in slightly the wrong direction.

"By the way, the matre's got some form of ballista on her back… You might want to duck when I say."

Neither Rowaine nor Troll can see any sign of the matre or Enok from the air. Rowaine circles; she sees nothing but canopy. They head back to the monastery and fly due north from the gate, looking for any sign, but find none.

Enok meanwhile is keeping pace with the matre but not gaining any discernible ground. The matre's rhythmic gait becomes a splash; Enok figures it is crossing the river north of the monastery. He makes the river bank but there is no sign of the matre. He can still hear it however, crashing through undergrowth on the other side. He finds a dry branch to assist and jumps in the water.

Rowaine wonders whether her wolf can help, but struggles to communicate her request. She tries to imagine a desire to find the matre, hoping that the wolf picks up on this.

Enok makes the other shore and easily picks up the matre's trail.

Harley lands at the edge of the forest to the north and starts to sniff around. From here the matre's trail is easily discernible.

"Go, Harley, go!"

Troll thinks this is pretty cool. However, the riders are basically bouncing on stone, which is rather painful. He considers summoning a celestial monkey to cushion the ride. It must suck to be a celestial creature :-)

Enok is keeping pace with the matre but not catching up. Rowaine, Troll and the wolf reach the river and see the matre's passage on the other side. They fly over the river and follow the trail at Harley's best speed. Troll's Spider Climb is still in effect; he stands on Harley's back and holds onto Rowaine's shoulders.

After 5 minutes Rowaine and Troll hear the sounds of arachtria ahead. They continue on until they see 3 arachtria travelling abreast. Rowaine urges Harley to jump over them. As she closes, more arachtria come into view. Many more. Rowaine changes tack and instead gets her mount to dive beneath the earth and Stone Fly beyond the small spiders. They surface in front of the arachtria, out of sight.

[Troll] Aaaaarrrrrrrggghhh… Do it again!!

The mounted contingent choose to periodically travel underground, it being faster and less painful. When they surface the second time, they find they have lost the matre's path. After losing some time reacquiring it, Rowaine decides to stay on the surface.

Ro & Troll suck it up! They take some damage for their trouble.

Enok hears something large and heavy approaching; he plunges into the forest. A moment after he sees a couple of his friends riding a stone flyer. He whistles for their attention and gets it. Enok passes the magical ring to Troll. Rowaine and Troll continue following the matre on Harley, flying underground for 2 rounds at best speed. Enok continues on foot.

Rowaine, Troll and Harley surface about 500 feet to the north and hear a large metallic creature ahead. As they pursue the sound "muffles". Ten seconds later they enter a small clearing. There is a hill on the other side with a 20' tall x 12' wide cut entrance. Muffled metallic footsteps can be heard inside.

Time is ticking and Rowaine is concerned about the noncombatants at the monastery. She takes Troll back and leaves Enok behind, on top of the hill. If for whatever reason Enok must move, the river crossing is chosen as an alternate rendezvous point.

Twenty minutes of flight takes Rowaine and Troll back to the monastery. No arachtria can be seen and the temple door is in ruins. The sounds of clashing weapons can be heard within. Rowaine flies her mount through the temple ceiling. Lots of spider detritus is strewn across the temple floor. Sir Veketh is at the far staircase, badly wounded and fending off 3 arachtria. Rowaine charges at one of the arachtria, killing it (21 damage). Troll hurls a glob of acid at another arachtria. Its side visibly melts.

Ranged touch attacks that deal 3d6 damage rock!

Sir Veketh attacks twice with an imithrium-laced battle axe. A second spider goes down.

Troll hurls another glob of acid. It lands on the remaining creature's face.

Critical! 22 base damage! But it saved…

The surviving arachtria attacks Sir Veketh but misses. Rowaine full-attacks with her lance, hitting once for 7 damage. It still stands.

Sir Veketh slashes his battle axe twice at the remaining arachtria. He connects once; the arachtria hobbles on.

Troll attacks again with acid and the last spider falls.

"Well you lot took your time" says Sir Veketh.

"We have found where the matre went!"

"That is useful information…"

Everyone else is below. Sir Veketh declines Rowaine's offer of healing. It turns out that Sir Veketh's force repelled just short of 20 arachtria before the party turned up. The dour paladin comments that the imithrium weapons seemed to weaken their foe over time.

"With your permission, sir," says Rowaine, "I will leave to pick up Enok."


Rowaine takes off through the wall, with Troll in tow.

Meanwhile, a couple of minutes after the paladin's retinue left, Enok sees 10 arachtria approach the hill out of the forest's cover. Enok takes cover and freezes. Five arachtria enter the tunnel, 5 remain outside and spread out around the entrance. The arachtria that remain seem not to settle; they mill about for a few seconds before moving together up the hill. Enok shoots two arrows at an arachtria. One hits doing 9 damage. Enok then runs farther up the hill, away from the approaching spiders. He outdistances them and no pursuit is heard. He puts his ear to the ground and hears arachtria moving away. Enok stay hidden.

Rowaine and Troll retrace their steps on the ground (it is too hard by air) and slow when they feel they are close. They enter a clearing and see 5 arachtria charging at them! They leap into the air, Harley's wings beating furiously. Four of the arachtria manage to attack the wolf. Two attacks hit for minor damage (after damage reduction). Rowaine heads to the hill summit, looking for Enok. Enok sees them and looses an arrow to attract their attention. Rowaine guesses that it might just be Enok; she lands on the far side of the hill, out of sight of the arachtria. Enok follows and rejoins the others.

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