Chapter 13: "Ooooh, I LIKE You!"

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Session Number: 36
Date: Sunday 14 February 2010
Venue: Alain's
PCs & Players:

Enok Rgr6 (Alain) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal6 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz6 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBC

Craigo tries something new - recording the audio from the session. He likes it. Oh, yes.

The party level up. In light of Rowaine's impending celestial mount which she intends to buff with the warbeast template and Enok's 4 arrows per round, Denz decides that an orb of acid would be a better fit than the ability to alter the shape of his face. Ferg: "Take acid if you want it" (!)

It has been 6 days since the barrier went up over the monastery. Elondel informs the party that he has 3 special packs. They can be deployed to create a permanent area where those designated by Troll can summon a 6' x 3' portal back to Elondel. Nothing visible is left behind after a backpack is deployed. Moreover, Elondel can create an effectively permanent 100 yard diameter modifiable illusion around a deployed portal. Starting the deployment process takes very little time, but the device takes 2 hours to deploy. Troll can communicate with Elondel as long as he is within 100 yards of an deployed backpack or a tower. The portals can also transport equipment; that which will reasonably fit through the portal's dimensions, up to a limit of 1000lb. Elondel can only sustain 3 deployed portals at any given time. It takes years to create a backpack; it is a complex task. The spiders are not affected by any of Elondel's illusions. The portals do not destroy spiders in the same way that the tower is able to.

Rowaine describes to Elondel the shield surrounding the monastery and asks whether the transport system might be able to penetrate it. Elondel replies in stuttering dwarven that he simply doesn't know. Troll is all for just trying it, but Rowaine is not keen on risking losing another party member.

Elondel asks whether Troll wishes to grant any form of access to his companions. Troll decides that the other party members are allowed to do all things, including grant others the ability to use the portals for travel, but noone but himself has the ability to modify the access privileges of others.

Densial will tell Fergus of any other restrictions.

Elondel reports that extending the tower's area of effect to 3 miles has eliminated 250 arachtria and 2 matre. Each matre is capable of commanding or controlling 100 arachtria.

i.e. we missed one.

It is unknown whether a matre can make another matre. None remain within the tower's imithrium-charged 3-mile damping field. Elondel says he would probably know if there were any within an extra mile beyond the tower's perimeter.

The party turn their thoughts to the inaccessible rooms above - what might they contain? Perhaps it is not Troll's name that unlocks them. Elondel knows the names of Troll's family tree for thousands of years. Sadly, the names of Troll's parents do not open the doors. Fiery Burst blackens, but also fails to open.

The continual supply of imithrium has now stopped after having delivered 50 units. Troll questions Elondel about the limits to his creation ability and is disappointed to learn that he cannot create precious metal or gems. Instead, Elondel is asked to fashion more weapons and armour - 1 lance, 1 warhammer, 2 battleaxes and 4 suits of dwarven-sized chain mail.

There is much discussion on what to do next. With the situation reasonably stable here, the focus returns to Kharag monastery. A plan is formed to transport to the monastery's magical bolthole, secure the area and erect a portal within. Afterwards, flares can be used to signal the monastery's inhabitants that it is safe to evacuate. The besieged then transport to the bolthole and then to the distant safety of Elondel.

Remembering her dream of a winged creature, Rowaine tries to call her promised mount as Sir Kharag has instructed her. She senses that her call is well received, but paradoxically no steed appears.

Enok, Rowaine and Troll each take a backpack. The three transport to the bolthole exit, along with Kachik, Enok's wolf. Emily remains behind.

Kachik - The Breaker Of Chains.

The bolthole's doors have been battered down, seemingly by sword-like appendages. Rowaine and Enok spot glints of metal in the distance to the north. They decide not to activate the backpack now, figuring it would be better to activate it within the walls of the monastery if possible.

Apparently we forgot to ask an important question of Elondel.

Rowaine finds herself in a really good mood. In the distance the group hear an almighty crash, followed by arachtria screams. Enok and Ro see metal glints moving away from the bolthole - 3 arachtria moving north. Enok and Kachik leave through the broken door and head up the hillside to the east. From the top Enok can see the blue shimmer of the barrier surrounding the monastery. Enok turns towards the arachtria he saw earlier. One is being thrown around in the jaws of what looks to be a huge, grey, winged wolf. Metallic limbs scatter in various directions and the huge beast tosses the remainder away. The wolf appears injured and ten more arachtria are bearing down upon it!

Enok heads back to the building and tells the others of the strange wolf. As he is describing it they all hear the beating of huge wings overhead, followed by a bang on the roof. The party look up as one, and see a canine face literally slide through the roof as if it were the surface of a pool of water. Its tongue is lolling and the look on its face seems to say "I've just had the best time!" Its eyes settle upon Rowaine. "Oooh, I like you!" The wolf slides through the roof, leaving no trace of its passage, and lands in the corner. Rowaine moves protectively in front if the others with her axe out. The creature charges towards her.


Rowaine is knocked down. The wolf licks her face vigorously, taking care not to stand on her.

Make an Opposed Lick Roll!

"Argh - get off!" Rowaine cries, trying to push the seemingly solid stone creature off her. The wolf backs off, smelling Rowaine's crotch before it sits down, expectantly. Meanwhile, arachtria screams sound ominously close outside.

Overloaded here!

"What are you??" Rowaine says to the wolf. "I don't think it's trying to kill us… In fact, I think it's … she's … happy. Happy to see me! Come here," she says, and the horse-sized wolf obeys. "We don't have much time," Enok whispers. "There are arachtria coming… A lot of them." Rowaine puzzles over the creature some more. 'We have a problem!" reminds Enok. Troll casts Invisibility on himself, Enok casts Pass Without Trace on the entire group and they all exit the small building. 100 feet away, they see 10 arachtria approaching. Enok casts Long Strider upon himself. He briefly catches Troll's eye and gestures towards the monastery, then takes off northwards, Kachik in pursuit. Three arachtria approach the building in a flat run. Ro is hit twice by two separate arachtria but the wounds are slight. The third arachtria stabs the wolf but the creature's stone hide protects it from much of the force of the blow. Rowaine empathically senses the wolf's soundless yelp and the penny drops.

Have mount, will travel.

Ro beckons Enok closer, saying "I have a way out of here! Wolf, come here!" She casts Bless. Troll summons a celestial hippogriff, dropping it between himself and the line of arachtria. The beautiful creature kicks and snaps at the arachtria, damaging one of them. "Go, Rowaine, I am safe!" yells Enok. "No, you're not!!" says an incredulous Rowaine, jumping on her statuesque mount. "This is weird," she thinks to herself. "Not much give!" Rowaine thinks about taking off and the powerful beast beneath her launches into the air.

Does it shit rocks? :-)

The arachtria retaliate against the hippogriff. Four limbs hit and the hippogriff's hold on the material plane collapses. An arachtria sets off after the only earthbound prey it sees - Enok and his wolf. Troll runs towards the monastery, leaving no trace. Rowaine and her mount fly overhead Enok. Her vantage point grants an excellent view of many arachtria around the blue barrier. She faintly sees a lone matre through the translucent barrier on the other side of the monastery. Most of the arachtria in that direction are motionless. Some of the original arachtria veer off in the direction Troll ran off.

"Go, find Troll," Enok says to Kachik. "Stay near him." The wolf obeys. Enok gestures that Rowaine should follow the wolf, which she does.

Troll hears arachtria behind his right shoulder, they do not sound like they are gaining. The arachtria seem to know the direction he is going.

Enok slows down, so the spiders can keep up with him.


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