Chapter 12: Crank Shaft

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Session Number: 35
Date: Saturday 30 January 2010
Venue: Alain's
PCs & Players:

Emily Ftr3/Rog2 (Densial) (kills: none)
Enok Rgr5 (Alain) (kills: 2 humanoids, Drel [again!])
Rowaine Pal5 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz5 (Densial) (kills: 2 humanoids, 1 giant spider)

XP Awarded: enough for 6th level

Sayed works on opening door.

Rowaine Detects two sources of evil beyond the door.

Door falls outwards.

Rowaine & Emily see big spider.

Spider aims spinnerets at Rowaine, entangling her. She tries to break free but cannot.

Figure comes out, roasted by Troll's Fiery Burst.

Second figure exits armoury, Emily's long sword misses. Figure chops at Rowaine with short short sword, hits.

Rowaine hears rustling above, sees nothing.

Enok fires 2 arrows at figure, killing it.

Spider comes out, bites Emily (4 Str dmg).

More rustling to the right. Rowaine positively Detects Evil down the corridor. She directs Troll to Fiery Burst down hallway - no noticeable effect.

Enok 2 arrows spider. Troll Fiery Burst spider, killing it.

Troll and Enok hear the rustling and pursue. Emily helps Rowaine break free of webs. They quickly check that the armory is secure then follow the others.

Enok runs then listens. He fires 2 arrows, one of which disappears. Troll catches up. An arrow hits him. It burns. He Fiery Bursts. A body appears and falls to the floor. The burning continues and Troll succumbs, falling to the floor. Enok fires blind and hits. A second body hits the floor. It is Drel.

Rowaine and Emily catch up. Rowaine and Enok remove Troll's clothes that are smoking from acid burns. Together they stabilise him. Rowaine carries Drel and Enok carries Troll back to the armoury. Rowaine deposits Drel at the feet of the king. He pulls out a dagger and slits the corpse's throat. He and another then search the body, removing a ring from Drel's finger and pulling out a book from his robes.

The king declares the party trustworthy and allows the return of their confiscated weapons. Rowaine asks for help for Troll and they are directed to the infirmary. Troll is made comfortable but no more.

The party track down Sayed, hoping to borrow him to continue investigating the mysterious circular chamber. He is busy. They go without him but are stumped over how to proceed. They go to the king. Rowaine mentions the items taken from Drel, asking that they be lent to the party. King Inler will have nothing of loaning, but he is willing to sell the items for 1500 gold. The party offer 1000 in coin plus a divine scroll and a potion. The king agrees and Sayed turns over the goods. There is a ring, a book and two potions. Sayed says that he has determined that the ring is magical. The party retire.

The next morning Rowaine Lays Hands on Troll and revives him. She also partially cures Enok.

Troll uses Spellcraft to identify a healing potion, but cannot for certain say what the other one is, although it looks very similar. He Identifies the ring as a Ring of Regeneration that heals 1hp of damage per minute, provided the damage was sustained while wearing the ring. Emily checks out the book and believes it to be trapped. He first attempt to disable the trap fails. He second fails even more spectacularly, setting off a Fireball that scorches both herself and Rowaine. Only two of the spells survive the conflagration - Spider Climb and Fireball (poetically). Troll Reads Magic and transcribes the spell into his spellbook, then memorises it three times.

The party return to the circular chamber. Rowaine ties a sunrod to her left forearm and Troll's staff to her right forearm with a short length of rope. Troll casts Spider Climb on her and she descends into the hole. Troll casts another Spider Climb and a Light spell on Enok and he starts to climb towards the ceiling.

Rowaine sees the staff start to disappear. She pulls it back out; the end is simply… gone.

Enok finds a completely smooth ceiling. He looks for a chute leading up and… finds one. He relays that he is climbing up but something doesn't seem right; the others don't see him ascending. It is an illusion that he finally sees through.

The illusion hides two concentric rings of 5' diameter chutes in the ceiling, leading up into darkness. Troll casts Spider Climb upon himself and joins Enok. Enok climbs up one and finds it blocked by an iris-like portal about 150' up. He climbs up another and finds a half-open portal. He smells imithrium. Enok returns to the ceiling and Troll climbs up.

The chute opens into a 100'-wide hemispherical chamber dotted with corresponding iris doors. In the centre is a mechanical device with wheels, belts and pulleys. It is not moving and Troll cannot make it move. A short corridor leads off the chamber, terminating in a door. Before the door lies a skeletal corpse. It has sustained scorch marks to its front. Enok gingerly climbs up. He notes that the corpse has been there for a very long time - at least 10 years - but appears to have been more recently disturbed.


Troll remembers entering the tower above and says his name aloud. Glowing elven script appears above the door - "Maintenance - Staff Only". Troll opens the door with a push. It opens. Inside is a small room with various cleaning tools. He is called back out by Enok who has noticed similar script on the machine. Troll translates - "Ore Reception Unit - Deactivated". Troll speaks "activate". The machine murmurs for a few seconds before returning to immobility. Another message appears - "Out Of Fuel". A small slot appears beneath.

Down below, Rowaine sees glowing script appear just above the invisible phenomenon. She quickly returns to the main chamber, afraid that something bad is about to happen.

The party figure that the "fuel" the machine requires is imithrium. They return to the base of the tower and Troll summons Elondel. A fraction of a a cubic inch of imithrium remain; Troll requests 3/4 of it, which Elondel arranges. Shortly after it is in Troll's possession the other party members begin to feel nauseous (Con damage, Enok is the worst off). Elondel confirms that normal mortals must remain at least 60' distant to avoid imithrium's detrimental effects. The field does not appear to be containable, not even with lead. The party hole up in the tower and prepare more spells. Rowaine casts Lesser Restoration on Enok, mitigating most of the Con damage. The party return to the large hemispherical chamber, Troll trailing behind by a healthy distance. With Troll 's help, Emily Spider Climbs down to the disintegration field, dangling the slightly shorter staff as Rowaine did. Troll climbs up. The writing has disappeared. He says his name again and it reappears. Emily reads the elven script below - "Ore Processing Area".

Troll deposits the imithrium into the slot and speaks the elven word for "activate". A voice speaks in elven - "Warning - activation inadvisable while personnel in the Processing Area." Troll gets Emily to climb out and repeats the word. "Warning - activation will commence in 2 minutes. Evacuate the area. Fifty units queued." The party leave, closing the door behind them and return to the tower. Elondel reports that imithrium is being delivered to the tower - in the past half hour he has received half of a quarterly shipment. The shipment completes in the hour and the imithrium keeps coming. Each hour sees another quarterly shipment safely within the tower. After several hours the supply continues. Troll orders that the tower return to full suppressing output which Elondel reports extends the tower's influence to a radius of 3 miles. Healing the party does not significantly impact imithrium reserves; it is done. Troll asks about weapons manufacture; Elondel basically says "place your order". The party request imithrium-enhanced versions of their existing equipment. Elondel reports that one-way travel to the other 49 towers scattered about the world is now possible - however the destination tower would need imithrium to power the return trip. One-way travel to other locations is also now possible, to a distance of 200 miles.

Saddle up!

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