Chapter 10: She's a WHAT?

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Session Number: 20
Date: Sunday 9 August 2009
Venue: Alain's
PCs & Players:

Konni Ftr? (Alain) (kills: none)
Krag Clr4 (Fergus) (kills: 2 wet halflings)
Rowaine Pal4 (Craig) (kills: none)
Vor-wrek Mnk4 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBC

Crap! What do I do now? What do I say to these people? What can the All-Father offer them? Why didn't I give myself more time? Quick. Think. Moradin, help me! Trust my instincts. Use my strengths, use my influence…

"Let's head back to the temple - we need to organise our next move."

Think, Ro! What can we offer these people? What honest work could they do? What skills might they have? Who can help?

"Vor-wrek - you've heard from Enok? That's great news! He's OK? In the city? Wonderful. Well, we have been busy - and we need you help. Would you mind helping Konni and Krag buy some food? As much as you can - we need to overcater rather than undercater. And good stuff, if you can. I need to go meet some people. I'll see you back here in … half an hour? Great."

Right. Fhaschalk. What can our brother do? And that nice young man at Pelor's temple. He might be able to chip in. Perhaps they know some local officials…

"Vor-wrek - how did you get on? Did you just say seventeen food vendors? and most of them will deliver? Oh, Vor-wrek, that's wonderful! Well done, all of you. As for me, I've convinced two temples and four councillors that they need 17 halflings in their employ. Now, all I have to do is convince the halflings… Right, let's pick up the remaining food and go - we don't want to be late!"

Where are they? They're late. At least a quarter of an hour. That halfling - he never promised they'd come… But I thought…

"What's that, Krag? No, you can't eat the food, big guy. it's not for you. Let's wait some more. I'm sure they're just being cautious. That means careful. Alright, Krag? I promise I'll make it worth your while."

Maybe they just need reassurance. Perhaps I'll just wander down to the drain…

"Just in case someone's listening, there's a banquet worth of food up here, going to waste. I'm just saying."

What was that noise? Can't see anything… Maybe back off, give them some room…

"Let's keep waiting, a little more."

What was that? What the..? A halfling! With my dagger! Wait - he should be long gone by now… He wants me to follow him…

"Wait here! I'll be back in a few minutes. Make sure no-one but the halflings gets near the food."

Where the … there he is. Definitely wants me to follow. Down that alley. On that box. Beside the other one… a girl this time.

"Hi. Oh, you're welcome. It was my pleasure. I truly hope you enjoy it. I also have something else that may interest you… A business proposition. I don't presume to know you or your people, but … I feel sure that there are better options for you than living in a city sewer. How would you feel about the offer of a number of jobs? How many? Seventeen in total. It's not glamorous work, but it's honest, and it pays."

Please please please, consider it. I'm not passing judgment, I respect you. Please see that.

"You will? On a trial basis? Yes, I see the wisdom in that. Trust works both ways. But once earned, who knows what possibilities..? I will be at Moradin's temple for the next few days… Yes, do meet me there. We will work out the details then. And, well met … Sheila. Well met, indeed."

Unbelievable! Thank you, Moradin. Watch over these ones.

"Krag! Konni! What's been happening? The food's mostly gone… You did what, Krag? Poured gallons of water over them? That'll teach them for throwing stones at you! Hahahah! I wish I'd seen it."

At least it wasn't Spiritual Hammer.

"Well, I had a most inspiring talk with one of the halflings. I think this just might work! Right. Let's move on to our other task - finding out more about the necklace."

"Hello, Norrell. What more can you tell us? These necklaces are sometimes used by liches, you say? Yes, I've heard of them… And the necklace might be able to be used as some form of leverage over the lich that created it?"

That's good… And not good. If it's a lich were dealing with, we are in all sorts of trouble…

"Difficult to damage? Yes, you mentioned that. Oh, a dragon or a volcano? You really do mean difficult! And it's definitely eating away at her mind and body…"

Good thinking, Konni, asking whether anyone might be able to magically check her mind and memories.

"Andre the small, yes? Where might we find him? Thank you, you've been a great help. The gold, as promised."

My, this Andre looks very much like our Anassia… That's interesting…

"Hello, Andre. An acquaintance of ours recommended you to us. Our charge here is gradually losing her memories, and we believe it has something to do with the necklace she wears. We've been told that the necklace is the vessel of a soul."

"I'm sorry, can you repeat that? She's not real? Her memories were … implanted? And you suspect she's not even human? A construct? Yes, I've heard of the word - like a golem, you mean? Moradin's hammer!"

If the memories were implanted around two months ago as this man believes, then that would be… 3-4 weeks before our scouting party found her in the caravan wreckage? Where she was oh-so-luckily found unscathed..!

"What was that? The magic of the necklace is not of the divine or the arcane, but is derived from the mind? And the mind that created it is the mind within? How does it get out? It has to have somewhere to go - someone willing?"

I don't like the sound of that!

"…and Anassia… I mean, the construct… You don't think she'll last more than a couple of months?"

He's also heard of the Murder… I hope not too closely! So they are assassins, a clan of hired assassins. Practical, "honour"-bound, expensive assassins. So who hired them - and why? What is the purpose behind all of this - and should we be stopping it - or supporting it?

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