Chapter 03: "They Never Talk..."

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Session Number: 13
Date: Saturday 28 March 2009
Venue: Alain's
PCs & Players:

Enok Rgr3 (Alain) (kills: none)
Krag Clr3 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal3 (Craig) (kills: none)
Vor-wrek Mnk3 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBC

Silque bows out of the campaign……cause she SUCKED!!!! Mwahaha!!! [Tammi's input]

Rowaine is chosen as the best candidate to question both Ellie and the captured intruder. Adrak buffs her with Tongues and she approaches Ellie, determined to win her trust.

"Ellie's" real name is Anassia. Though she looks around 5 years old, she is in fact 12. She carries herself with a grace that would shame local nobles many times her age.

Anassia is a long way from home, a hotter place than here. Her house has at least three stories and carries an impressive staff, including slaves.

She is on a journey to meet her betrothed, an individual some years older than her - she forgets his name and this appears to disturb her. Annassia's father Paiapa and mother Anoushia are back in her homeland. She travelled with some form of dowry and an entourage of 20-30 people: she mentions a maid, a nursie, and a strong, fast, run-all-day individual named Igon entrusted with her safety).

She knows of no special name for her father, though she talks of him as a man who commands respect. She has been taught to introduce herself as "Anassia, first daughter of Paiapa."

Krag casts Detect Magic and lets Rowaine know that Anassia's necklace radiates magic. Rowaine asks Anassia about the necklace. She only knows that it will "protect her," and that she is never to remove it.

Anassia identifies the captured assailant as "The Murder" - a dark organisation in her land that refers to itself as a family. Its members are always small (even for her diminutive race) and fast. Few in its service are ever captured, and those that are "never talk." Her father has encountered them before, his wife being the subject of an attempted assassination plot by poison. The perpetrator was captured and publicly hanged.

Given the choice, Anassia would choose to return home.

Rowaine then moves to the hogtied assassin. Krag rouses him with healing magic and casts Zone of Truth. All of Rowaine's efforts to open communication are ignored. Rowaine eventually relents, leaving his fate to the teachers.

Adrak casts stronger divinations on Anassia's necklace and is surprised at how little information is returned. He tells the group however that the necklace possesses both protection- and travel-related dweomers.

Sir Veketh presents the party with the task of returning Anassia to her homeland. After a short discussion the group accepts. Rowaine calls it a "Quest."

The group develop a ruse to hopefully mask their departure. The assassin is dressed in Anassia's clothes, drugged with the poisoned ale and given to a group of dwarves to take to Minehome, their stronghold north-by-northwest of the monastery.

Classic Fergus quote - "we give him the normal amount of ale for a 5 year old" (!)

We also put ourselves in the assassin's shoes, and wonder whether given the choice of either (a) death, or (b) being drugged, dressed as a 5 year-old girl, tied up and handed to a bunch of hairy dwarves… Might he have chosen death?

The decoy departs shortly after dusk. Shortly before the following dawn, Anassia and the group depart in the same general direction, heading for a coastal city named Carthenage, 15 days northeast of the monastery. The group's first waypoint is a small fishing village called Farthenheim, 2 days walk downstream to the north. Vor-wrek passes the time by beginning to learn Anassia's language.

The group make Farthenheim without difficulty, and learn that a group of dwarves has passed this way a number of hours earlier.

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