Chapter 08: Goin' on a Bear Hunt...

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Session Number: 8
Date: Sunday 8 February 2009
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Enok Rgr2 (Alain) (kills: none)
Krag Clr2 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal2 (Craig) (kills: none)
Silque Rog2 (Densial) (kills: none)
Vor-wrek Mnk2 (Densial) (kills: 1 goblin [knocked out])
Yore Rgr? (DM) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: 55

- Vor-wrek and Silque head backwards and left, aiming to circle around and approach the hill entrance from the side.

- Vor-wrek spots an inconsistency in the colouring of the undergrowth ahead and freezes.

- He eventually lobs a stone nearby, then a stone on top of the suspect area. It makes a weird sound.

- He then throws a sai which hits a figure, and he charges in.

- Enok rises to his feet, bow in hand and the pair narrowly avoid inflicting more friendly fire.

- The group happily rejoin and catch up. Enok and Dirrin travelled to Minehome, convinced the Thane of the seriousness of the matter, and they returned to the Kharag monastery with 6 dwarven warrior/stoneworkers and a dwarven cleric. Sir Veketh then asked Enok to try and find the rest of the group.

- Enok and Vor-wrek resume scouting out the earthen hole. It is about 10' in diameter and cuts into the hill more or less horizontally. The top is devoid of the surrounding grass and looks cracked and dry. They approach the entrance from the sides and overhear snippets of speech in a language neither of them understands.

- While the two scouts are away, Krag gets bored. Rowaine keeps him quiet and occupied by tossing him some cheese and bread.

- Enok and Vor-wrek return to the group and reposition them behind the hole entrance. Vor-wrek and Silque move to either side of the entrance. They overhear the same unknown tongue. Rowaine lights a torch in preparation. About a minute later the conversation stops briefly and a voice begins speaking in common. They overhear words like "food" and "find".

- Footsteps, a goblin exits, carrying a chuck of meat under its arm and scratching its bum. It blinks in the morning light and heads off.

- Vor-wrek and Silque follow. The goblin hears something behind it and whirls around. Vor-wrek charges in and performs a nonlethal flurry of blows, knocking the goblin senseless. They drag the limp form back. it looks like it might be female, but noone really wants to verify that…

- Vor-wrek sneaks into the entrance, which continues about 60' and opens into a larger area beyond. The rest of the group follow behind.

- Inside is a roughly oval earthen cavern. Half-way inside the cavern against the right wall are a number of boxes and crates of assorted sizes. Sitting on mats towards the end and off to the right are four creatures that appear to be goblins, staring up at two larger cowled human-like figures that appear to be arguing over something. The figures do not appear to have spotted the party… Yet…

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