Chapter 07: Expensive Shoes

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Session Number: 7
Date: Saturday 31 January 2009
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Krag Clr2 (Fergus) (kills: 1 monitor lizard)
Rowaine Pal2 (Craig) (kills: 1 monitor lizard)
Silque Rog2 (Densial) (kills: none)
Vor-wrek Mnk2 (Densial) (kills: none)
Yore Rgr? (DM) (kills: 1 monitor lizard)

XP Awarded: 160

Yore leads the group through the forest and into the swamp, straight to the crocodile carcass. He eyes it somewhat greedily before continuing on across the river.

The swamp continues for another hour of walking before giving way to grassy plains that dip into a wide valley. The treeline begins again on the other side. Feeling very conspicuous, the group casually but quickly cross the valley and make the relative safety of the trees.

About 30 minutes later Yore calls the group to a hushed stop, indicating movement in the brush ahead. The movement turns out to be three large four-legged reptiles that spot the group and charge in hungrily!

The group follow Vor-wrek's instruction and close ranks. A furious fight ensues where Vor-wrek is rendered unconscious twice and Silque once. Rowaine uses her newly-gained Paladin healing to aid Vor-wrek the first time, and Krag does the rest. Finally the battle is won when Yore cleaves the last lizard's spine with a heavy blow from his battle axe.

The group hide the lizard's bodies as best they can. Rowaine and Krag's healing capacity is depleted and the group are still sorely wounded, so they walk 30 minutes off to the right of the trail and pitch camp. The night holds far less excitement.

Day breaks and Krag uses more healing magic to replenish the party. They rejoin the trail and continue on. About 20 minutes later the trees begin to thin and Yore points out an earthen cave entrance in the hill beyond…

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