Chapter 03: Paperwork

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Session Number: 3
Date: Sunday 30 November 2008
Venue: Tammi's
PCs & Players:

Drake Blackspear Ftr1 (Dudley) (kills: none)
Enok Rgr1 (Alain) (kills: none)
Krag Clr1 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal1 (Craig) (kills: none)
Silque Rog1 (Tammi) (kills: none)
Vor-wrek Mnk1 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: 120

Silque waits at the oak tree. The appointed meeting time with Drake comes and goes; Silque heads back to the girls' dormitory. She uses the underground tunnel network to travel unseen to the boys' dormitory to find out what's going on. She arrives outside the subterranean door to Krag's bedroom, peeks through and listens to the unfolding drama within.

Sarthen recounts his story, steadfastly claiming that he is telling the truth and is leaving nothing out. At a loss, the group start heading upstairs… all except Drake who is blocking the stairwell, smiling. "Let me out!" demands Sarthen. Drake just smiles and tells Sarthen to "siddown" in his husky voice.

After a few uncomfortable moments alone with Drake, Sarthen makes a break for the door leading to the underground tunnel. Drake beats him to it, but cannot prevent Sarthen from flinging the door open into his face and running through…

…right into Silque! The rogue manages to keep her feet under her, unlike Sarthen who falls flat on the floor. Drake recovers and steps into the doorway, planting a large boot on the hapless boy's neck. He pulls Sarthen to his feet and drags him back into the room, depositing him on a nearby bed.

"Help! HEEEELP!" Sarthen screams, loud enough that others can easily hear. Drake wraps a big hand around the boy's face, effectively muffling his cries. Not before the rest of the group hear, though.

Silque bolts for the stairs but meets Krag half way up. Krag, intent on getting back into his bedroom, grabs Silque and manhandles her back down the stairs, placing her off to one side. Silque doesn't like that. She waves her sword near the half-orc's throat, warning him to never try that again. Krag appears contrite, but unperturbed. He heads over to the cause of the ruckus.

Drake has Sarthen in a headlock, and the boy is gasping for air. Krag loosens his heavy mace, looking to brain the human…

Enok and Vor-wrek charge into the room and defuse the situation. Drake releases Sarthen. "FUCK your group! Fuck the LOT OF YOU!" Sarthen screams, and bolts up the stairs. He can be heard rummaging through his things. A door slams shut.

Vor-wrek races up the stairs, grabs a handful of paper, some charcoal, and takes up the pursuit. At opportune times he scribbles an arrow and drops the paper to guide the rest of the group.

Enok runs to the temple to fetch Rowaine. She follows.

Vor-wrek follows the rapidly departing Sarthen, keeping quiet and sticking to the shadows. The boy flees south then southeast, meets the river then follows it south. About 20 minutes later he crosses the river at a place where it narrows and then heads southeast on the other side. About 100 yards farther on, Vor-wrek sees Sarthen leap over something on the ground. Vor-wrek cautiously approaches the spot and his low-light vision barely picks out a fallen log. Puzzled, Vor-wrek drops another piece of paper and carries on.

Vor-wrek keeps Sarthen in sight for the next 10 minutes or so when bushes and small trees begin to become more numerous. He soon loses sight of his quarry amongst the ever-thickening foliage and despite his best efforts loses the trail. He heads back the way he came and rejoins the group, not far behind.

Enok's training pays off as he quickly picks up Sarthen's trail. However, after losing it once more and failing to catch up with the fleeing boy, it is now past midnight. The group decide to make camp for the night and continue at first light.

About an hour before dawn, Vor-wrek's watch is disturbed by a sound directly ahead. He lobs a sai in Enok's direction, who awakens at the noise. The disturbance ceases, so Vor-wrek investigates. Nothing there. Enok hears something off to the left of the group's path and as the others awake he and Vor-wrek pursue.

It is Sarthen! Drake throws a spear at his back but misses. Enok tackles the boy to the ground and subdues him as the others gather around.

"I'm cold, and I'm lost!" Sarthen pleads. "Please take me back to the monastery!" "Hmmmm… Lost and travelling in very straight lines," thinks Vor-wrek.

More rattling of swords in scabbards and general intimidation follows. "All right, all right…" Sarthen continues. "I knew about a farmer's cottage a few miles that way," he says, pointing the way the party were travelling. "I was hoping they would put me up, but they threw me out. I really am cold and a bit lost though… please take me back."

The group aren't buying it. No, not a bit.

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