Chapter 01: Night Moves


Session Number: 1
Date: Sunday 2 November 2008
Venue: Alain's
PCs & Players:

Enok Rgr1 (Alain) (kills: none)
Krag Clr1 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal1 (Craig) (kills: none)
Vor-wrek Mnk1 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: 80

The characters are approached by Sarthen, a boy a couple of years their junior. Sarthen was accepted into the monastery around three weeks ago and desperately wants to be part of the PC's group. To that end, he invites the group to surreptitiously venture out at night to meet a friend of his, Gluuk-Taar. An orc.

Sarthen talks about his past - how he and his family were captured by "red orc" slavers, met Gluuk-Taar, an orc also imprisoned, and how together they escaped. Sarthen and Gluuk-Taar returned to the orc's encampment, Gluuk-Taar expressing confidence that his newfound friend would be accepted into the tribe. He was wrong. Gluuk-Taar's reputation was in tatters as a result of his capture. Sarthen was forcibly thrown out of the encampment, lucky to escape with his life.

Sarthen and Gluuk-Taar maintained their odd friendship, with Sarthen occasionally meeting with the disgraced orc while he performed sentry duty at the encampment.

The group wrestle with the choice before them - do they violate the rules of their home for the chance of a lifetime? They decide to risk it. The boys bribe Drake, the night watch in their dorm, to keep the group's sojourn quiet. Rowaine is supposedly on night watch in the girls' dorm, but sneaks out to join the others, conflicted.

Vor-wrek writes Hep a note detailing the group's movements, slipping it under the monk's shed door. He then visits the kitchen, smooth-talking Dirrin out of a backpack full of meat, bread and apples, ostensibly for the ever-hungry Krag. They all meet at the ugly oak tree and set out.

Sarthen leads the group north for almost an hour, following the river, before breaking left into the underbrush. Together they follow barely-visible animal trails for three quarters of an hour when Sarthen pulls them up short, motioning that they have arrived. He disappears for a moment or two, then returns, grinning. Behind him marches a huge orc warrior bearing a massive double-bladed axe.

Gluuk-Taar cuts an intimidating figure, forged from pure muscle and testosterone. He talks of fighting with the heart, not the head. He contrasts this with the hobgoblins (red orcs) that captured him - far too tactical and organised for the orc's liking. He looks Vor-wrek up and down and mistakes him for a wizard, in obvious disdain. He answers some of the group's questions, and in turn asks a few questions about the monastery - its location, its warriors, its defences. He and Sarthen finally exchange a quick glance before the orc returns to his post. The group return to the monastery, anxiously discussing the possibilities an orc encampment on their doorstep might pose. Sleep does not come easily.

Craigo: Gluuk-Taar was easy and very fun to role-play when I figured he was essentially a Klingon :-)

Early the next morning Hep storms into the boys' dorms after discovering the group's note. He is more than a little perturbed by the night's activities and immediately goes to rouse the Headmaster, Sir Veketh.

The dwarven patriarch brusquely questions the group about their antics and rebukes their behaviour in no uncertain terms. He seems surprised to hear of orc activity in the area, mentioning that he hasn't heard of the like in over 20 years. He orders the group to gather in the classroom while he weighs his next move.


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