Non Player Characters

John Parsons


Male Human Paladin (?)
John Parsons initially recruited the party to find out what had happened to his nephew, Dwight Parsons. He is a businessman based in Thrace, trading primarily in fine cloth. He also happens to be Sir Parsons, Knight of the Realm. He is stockily built. When encountered adventuring he wears an imposing set of plate mail that emphasises his bulk, and bears a glowing sword.

Dwight Parsons

3th Level Male Human Fighter
Dwight appears to have been in league with the goblins inhabiting the crystal cavern. He is rather devious. And dead. Because we killed him (Filthy Thieving Goblins, Chapter 5).

Captain Paul Wilson

Capt. Wilson is the chief guard at Thrace's prison. He is often encountered sitting behind his heavy desk, drinking tea and being rather vague.

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