Chapter 02: A-maze-ING Goblins

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Session Number: 15
Date: Friday 25 April 2008 (8 hour session!)
Venue: Tammi's
PCs & Players:

Baelor Ftr3 (Alain) (kills: 2.5 goblins)
Catria Rgr2 (Tammi) (kills: 4 goblins)
Nuff Mage1/Drd2 (Densial) (kills: Well - he kept the lantern going nicely!)
Sack Thf3 (Fergus) (kills: 1.5 goblins)
Sigil Ill1/Thf2 (Craig) (kills: 1 goblin)

XP Awarded: nil

The party collect up their possessions that they wish to stay dry. Nuff puts them all on a table and transports them to the chute cavern, leaving them on the upturned table. Nuff returns, Baelor dons Parsons' magic ring and the two make their way to the other side of the water-filled intersection. Nuff then swims back to the others with the ring while Baelor waits, watching… body still submerged, eyes and nose just peering up out of the water [strange sight for someone to see – helmet horns/spikes up out of the water, and what appears to a large floating pile of kelp… perhaps a dwarf's beard?]

Nuff returns and hands Sigil the magic ring. As Sigil places the ring on his hand, Nuff says "Here let me help you," and pushes Sigil head-first into the water and kinda holds him down for a wee bit. Coughing and spluttering, Sigil re-emerges, looking very flustered and not very happy! He tells Nuff "That was not very good – I don’t appreciate that!" His harsh words seem to… actually, not really do too much. So Nuff heads back into the water and guides Sigil though. They find Baelor still waiting in the water.

Baelor motions to Nuff and Sigil that he has heard a sound coming from the left passage. Baelor slowly makes his way up out of the water and stands guard… unfortunately making quite a racket with all the water dripping off his large dwarven frame. Sigil makes his way out of the water also, while Nuff returns to help Sack. As Nuff approaches, Sack has his sword at the ready and holds his hand out 'tempting' Nuff to try what he did on Sigil. Nuff refrains and leads Sack back to Baelor and Sigil… both of whom motion caution at a noise they have heard from down the hallway. Rising from the water, Baelor then attempts to quietly get out of the water and stand at the corner of the next hallway. Unfortunately, due to his girth and the amount of water that has collected in his fabulous dwarven beard, he drips rather loudly. The sound seems to have stopped. Baelor reports hearing nothing further to Nuff and Catria as they arrive a short time later.

(Catria practicing with ring, retrieving tables)

Catria and Sigil will stand guard at the water's edge. Sack checks out the left hallway while Nuff and Baelor investigate the corridor to the right.

Sack's corridor turns right, descends down a set of stairs and turns right again. This pattern is repeated three more times, forming a square 50' on each side.

Nuff and Baelor's corridor is in many ways a mirror image of Sack's - turning left, then ascending as it turns to the left.

After re-grouping at the water-filled T-intersection, the party decide to venture downwards using the corridor to the left. The party descend down four flights of stairs and turn right around a fifth corned. They expect to see more stairs, but instead Sack spots a goblin! Shocked by this group of armed intruders, the goblin flees out of sight around a corner to the left. Baelor stomps after, followed by Sack.

Baelor leads the charge down a long corridor. His infravision makes out that the corridor ends at a T-intersection, with two goblins standing guard. They fire their crossbows and disappear down the passage to the right, their two missiles both hitting Baelor whose frame nearly fills the 5'-wide corridor. He cries out in pain, but "doesn't have time to bleed," so keeps running after them.

The party follows the routed goblins. Before Baelor turns the corner at the T-Intersection, he takes off his helmet and puts it on his axe handle, easing it out slowly into the corridor. Goblins are sneaky and treacherous little creatures, well able to stand in ambush, ready to fire another volley at Baelor as he turns the corner. Nothing !!! They fled then…

The pursuit continues down another long hallway terminating in a kidney-shaped room that becomes broader as it curves off to the left.

Baelor, Catria and Nuff progress along the right wall of the strangely shaped cavern, their backs to the wall. Sack and Sigil do the same on the left side. To the left the party spot a rough 2' diameter hole in the wall about 5' off the ground with a worked passageway to its right. On the cavern's right-hand wall the party see another worked passageway.

The party searches around the cavern and the goblins are nowhere to be seen.

Noises are heard coming from the left - 2 party members check it out. Nuff suggest that Sigil should crawl into the small hole to checked if the goblins had taken this way. Sigil reluctantly goes in. The shaft turns upward a little farther away. Sigil hears noises farther into the hole and quickly backs out.

The only sign of the next ambush is the sound of an arrow as it whistles past Nuff's ear! it appears to have been fired from the worked passageway to the right of the small hole.

Baelor, Sack and Nuff race down the passageway but the culprit(s) have again made their escape. The passageway opens into a roughly square 30' wide cavern with a partially obscured exit in the far left "corner". They come back.

A group discussion determines that to race after the goblins in this maze is counter-productive. Nuff suggests that the group should split up. An ambitious plan is concocted - Nuff, Baelor and Catria waare to walk away from the kidney-shaped cavern hoping to draw the goblins out, while Sack and Sigil wait in ambush for them. The first group then wait in the squarish cavern, returning to aid the two brave ambushers at the first sign of trouble.

The team spreads out… Nuff and Catria take up positions watching the new exit from the squarish cavern while Baelor guards the worked entranceway. Sigil and Sack hide themselves in the recesses of the walls of the kidney-shaped room, covering the small hole in the wall. More sounds are heard coming from there…

Sack and Sigil soon hear and then see a goblin, quietly crawling out of the small hole with a dagger in its teeth. It spots Sack and screams, running into the middle of the room and drawing a sword. A second goblin scrambles out of the hole and attacks Sigil as Sack turns to follow the first goblin.

The first goblin trades blows with Sack and Sack comes off worst, falling to the ground… but not before calling for help. Sigil stands his ground against the second goblin…

Catria & Nuff run from their passage to see Sack on the ground and Sigil outgunned! Catria charges, her sword slides into a goblin's side and skewers it. It slides off her sword and she kicks it in the head while Nuff using his mystic powers, heals Sack who groggily stands up.

At this point, Tammi mumbles something about "bloody Telecom staff…"

Sigil downs the second goblin, but cries out as another goblin emerges from the hole!

Catria grabs the goblin and wrenches it from the hole, swinging it around and bashing it into the rock wall where it falls to the floor. Baelor stomps into the room and swings his axe in a massive overhead arc, aiming for the goblin's head. Sparks fly as his axe misses, gouging the stone near the goblin's face!

The goblin somehow manages to get its feet under itself again but to no avail - it is soon cut down by Baelor and a vengeful Sack.

Baelor attempts to provoke the bulk of the goblins to battle by feigning a retreat and goading the normally cowardly goblins to attack in force. Unfortunately, Catria is on a killing spree. As another goblin appears in the entrance of the squarish cavern, Catria throws a dagger with a flick of her expert hand that sends him join his maker.

Nuff followed by Catria runs in the squarish cavern and see another goblin crossbowman in the rough tunnel. Nuff doesn't give him a chance to shoot, charges him trying to knock him down using his staff. Nuff maneuver fails but he is able to give Catria enough room for her to expediate the little bugger in hell.

Party regroup in squarish cavern, the two thieves either side of the worked entrance and the remainder stationed inside the rough exit.

Sack hears small stones & dust coming from the kidney-shaped room… Peeks out…

Double attack! Two crossbow goblins shielded by a sword-wielding goblin in each corridor.

A bolt slams into Baelor's set shield. Catria leaps up and attacks.

A goblin appears, sword in hand, between Sack and Sigil. Our two thieves…erh…scouts are sorely pressed and Baelor rushes to their aid. As Baelor swings his axe aimlessly, making more wind than injuries, Sack thrusts his sword with surgical precision into the goblin's belly who goes down mortally injured. Baelor runs straight into the kidney-shaped cavern where two more goblins stand ready for a fight. Sack grabs a dead goblin's crossbow and follows. The fight is short as Baelor cuts to ribbons the two goblins that dare stand in his way.

Catria cuts down the sword-wielding goblin and then attempts to push the first crossbowman into the wall. Partially successful. Eventually kills the first crossbowman, flicking its bollocks past Nuff. The last remaining crossbowman drops its weapon and runs.

Cat and Nuff follow, turning left. Another cavern - larger this time - with four goblins in it, two close and two more archers farther away!

The two near goblins flee down a passageway to the right while the far goblins fire. Nuff and Catria retreat.

The party retreat back to the kidney-shaped room where they hear goblins in full flight but where are they?

The adventurers retrace their steps back to the winding square stairway. The goblins can still be heard - they seem to be ahead!

Up four flights of stairs, the group reach the water-filled intersection and dive in. Baelor checks the other side of the passageway but finds no footprints, wet or otherwise. A quick listen reveals splashing sounds down the T-intersection.

Nuff and Baelor pursue, Nuff swimming and Baelor walking underwater with the aid of the water-breathing magical ring. Surfacing at the other end, sounds of splashing to the right towards the chute betray the fleeing goblins.

Nuff and Baelor navigate the water-filled dogleg corridor and quietly break surface to look around the chute cavern - the goblins are nowhere to be seen. Their equipment is untouched however.

Nuff and Baelor resign from their pursuit and return to the water-filled I-intersection. Nuff swims back to the others with the ring while Baelor stands guard. Sack is the first to cross back with the ring. After Sack is safely on the other side with Baelor, they realise that the ring no longer functions which complicates things a bit. Catria and Sigil are still on the other side and they don't know how to swim.

Nuff swims back to Catria and Sigil. He brings with him the end of a rope hoping that they would agree to having it tied around their waist and cross back with him. Baelor and Sack could then help them traverse the submerged tunnel by pulling on the rope. Sigil won't have a bar of it - he finds the whole idea far too scary. Catria decides to give it a go, albeit without the rope. taking several deep breaths, she dives under with Nuff. Unfortunately, weakened by the hardships of the day, she begins to panic while underwater. She drops the everburning lantern which sinks slowly to the bottom. Nuff tries to grab her and get her to the other side but Catria, in the throes of panic, fights him. Nuff selflessly stays with Catria, still trying to coax her through the tunnel despite the protests coming from his own lungs.

As the passing moments begin to mount up, Baelor senses that something is not right and immediately begins to rip off his armour. Sack stops Baelor, arguing that the unarmoured half-elf is the better choice. Sack goes to the rescue and dives into the water, the rope securely tied around him. Meanwhile, Catria loses consciousness. An exhausted Nuff grabs her and slowly makes his way back to the other side. Sack and Nuff drag Catria's limp body out of the water where Nuff performs first aid. The trio carefully guide a conscious but dazed Catria up the hole to the crystal cavern. They build a fire using the brazier where Catria slowly recovers.

After a brief rest, Nuff crosses to the other side again, retrieving the lost everburning lantern on the way. Sigil is more than a little suspicious that something bad had happened, especially given Nuff's blithe attempts to reassure him otherwise, and will not be convinced to enter the water. Finally, Nuff comes up with the idea of casting Spider Climb on Sigil to allow him to walk on the walls instead of swimming. The idea appeals to Sigil and he accepts. Sigil and Nuff join the others without any problems.

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