Chapter 01: Promise to the Paladin

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Session Number: 14
Date: Friday 18 April 2008
Venue: Tammi's
PCs & Players:

Baelor Ftr3 (Alain) (kills: none)
Catria Rgr2 (Tammi) (kills: none)
Nuff Mage1/Drd2 (Densial) (kills: none)
Sack Thf3 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Sigil Ill1/Thf2 (Craig) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: nil

Catria's conscience gets the better of her and she decides to have a "quiet word" with Parsons, confessing to him the true nature of his nephew's death. However, she takes all the blame for the incident upon herself and asks Parsons to leave the rest of the party alone. Sack is close by, hears a few snatches of the conversation and gets quite a bit worried that this young human girl is leading the party into danger.

Parsons asks Catria to assemble the group. He instructs Catria to let them know what she has told him. Parsons then becomes very stern, saying that he has been nothing but accommodating and understanding of the group's actions. He then asks the party in no uncertain terms if there are any other truths they are hiding from him. Sack says that it is noble of Catria to take all the blame on herself, however each of the members of the group had taken part in some way or other, and that it was actually his own weapon that finally struck the killing blow. There was nothing else that the party was hiding from him and we were all truly sorry for the death of his nephew. However, Sack takes care to mention that he is more than a little perturbed at the actions of the Judge back in Thrace. Parsons mentions that he was aware of the Judge's less-than-appropriate legal actions at times and would "have a word to him" on his return.

"You have all given me much to think about," Parsons continues. "I have obligations to Hulio and his family now, arrangements to make… There has been a change of plan. My group and I will head back to Thrace at first light. I acknowledge that I have no 'hold' over you, but believe that you are somewhat in my debt. I charge you to remain in this area and keep the goblin infestation in check." The group agrees. Parsons turns to Baelor - "Good dwarf, understand that I hold you under no such obligation." "That's OK," Baelor replies. "I will stay with them. They are a good group." "Good, but misguided at times," Parsons replies. "Yes, but good all the same," Baelor adds.

After the party's confession, Catria has something else to take care of after speaking with Parsons… she moves to apologise to Stef, the man she shot in the back.

No, she did not sleep with him - he was quite shocked, then for a moment seemed like he was going to stick a sword through her belly, but instead said "never speak to me again," and walked away.

The small group and Parsons' team sleep in separate areas for the night.

The next morning the giant Paladin ventures out of the cave "…to get some sun into these old bones." He kneels in the sunlight and appears to pray. Upon his return, Catria speaks to him - "I have completed my task." Parsons nods and continues past her toward Nuff. "How has our patient been?" he asks, bending low over Nuff's prone form. Parsons places his hands upon him and heals him. After returning to consciousness, the group explains to Nuff what has taken place the night before. Nuff is a little upset that the group has "promised" the Paladin to rid the mountain of goblins. Nuff feels that we should have all just left the area for good… or at least healed him first before making this decision!

Sorry about that, Nuff!

As Parsons' group is packing up and preparing to leave, Sack asks Parsons if he can borrow the underwater ring. After looking at each of the party and taking into consideration the past events, Parsons asked Baelor, who has only just joined the party, if he would care for this ring, returning it to Parsons in Thrace once their work was complete. Baelor accepts.

Just as Parsons' party is leaving the area, Baelor embarks upon the somewhat awkward task of asking the elves the whereabouts of his prized hand axe (having embedded it into one of the elves' chest the day before). The elves look at the dwarf with obvious disdain, saying that they had not seen it.

The Paladin and his team then leave for Thrace with a promise that he would try and make Thrace safe for the party… although, for the time being, it would be best not to go back there for a while. Parsons would however leave a message for the party with a man called Lyons, located in Parsons' order's sister chapterhouse in Hallowdale. Baelor suggests that he might need to watch out for his relatives in Thrace.

The party again heads into the caverns. In the barge room, they see that the water frozen by Hulio is beginning to melt. Nuff runs toward the ice and playfully slides across, followed by Sack. Baelor, not so comfortable with these antics, looks for his mislaid hand axe. The party helps him and they find it embedded in the ice, with 2"-3" of haft visible. Catria and Baelor fail to pull it out and there is not enough haft to tie a rope around. Catria then plans to hold onto the axe's haft while Baelor bashes the surrounding ice with his hammer. Sack suggests that they tie themselves together and attach the other end of the rope to something solid, in case the ice suddenly becomes unstable. Baelor and Catria do so. Sack moves across and begins tying the rope to the wooden structure when he hears a noise and looks up. He sees a goblin in the corridor beyond, looking alarmed. the goblin fires his crossbow and the shot is true (a natural 20 in fact) - Sack is wounded. The goblin turns and runs out of sight. Sack readies his bow.

Baelor and Catria hear Sack's shout and charge after the goblin, but find themselves hampered by the rope. They loose their bonds, round the corner nearing the crystal cavern and slow, anticipating an ambush. The goblin is nowhere to be seen. Baelor heads into the crystal field, hugging the right-hand wall and choosing his footing carefully. He finds nothing and returns. Sack moves into the crystal cavern, joining up with the dwarf and human. Baelor looks for any "tracks" amongst the crystals, noting that they crush underfoot. He finds an area to the right of the path that has many shattered crystals. The party eventually figure that the area was made when Sack fell, many days before. Catria looks around the cavern, Sack scans the ceiling. Neither find anything of note.

Meanwhile, Nuff continues to try to retrieve Baelor's axe by chipping away at the ice with his dagger while Sigil stands guard.

Catria and Baelor cautiously move into cave with Sack covering them. Sigil checks that Nuff will be OK and then catches up with the others in the crystal cave. The two thieves scout the left-hand wall, keeping to the shadows and stepping lightly. A smoky smell is in the air at the far end of the cavern. The thieves continue round to the right but find nothing.

Catria and Sigil return to the barge room to check on Nuff. As they enter, Nuff finally frees the stubborn axe. He stands up and holds his prize high over his head. Catria tells Nuff to stop showing off and the pair return to the crystal cavern.

Catria notices small wet footprints near the far end of the cavern, close to the hole. They lead away from the hole, towards the path that heads towards the barge room. They appear to be less than 15 minutes old.

The party resumes their plan of going further into the cavern system and climb down the hole, Baelor in the lead. The rope attached to the floating tables has been severed.

There is some disagreement about which way to go. Baelor dons Parsons' ring and tests if it is working. Success! Baelor heads down the water-filled corridor towards the vertical chute with Nuff swimming after him. They cannot see anything either up or down the chute, but note a smoky, oily smell in the air.

Nuff and Baelor head back and take the T-intersection, carefully and quietly surfacing on the other side. Nuff heads right and finds nothing of note. He heads left and sees wet footprints leading away around the corner. The pair quietly retreat.

Nuff and Baelor tell the party what they have found. They return to the chute room to recheck for wet footprints. They find some, but they could conceivably have been made on their first visit. The wet and cold duo return to the waiting party and all decide to follow the obvious tracks.

[Ferg] Everyone (players) wondering how wet dwarf smells… (actually just made this up. I am wondering…)

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