Chapter 13: "But They Killed Hulio!"

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Session Number: 13
Date: Saturday 12 April 2008
Venue: Tammi's
PCs & Players:

Baelor Ftr2 (Alain) (kills: 1 elf rogue)
Catria Rgr2 (Tammi) (kills: )
Nuff Mage1/Drd1 (Densial) (kills: )
Sack Thf3 (Fergus) (kills: 1 human mage)
Sigil Ill1/Thf2 (Craig) (kills: 1 human warrior)

XP Awarded: 800

[Craigo] Work in Progress - brain dump in outline form at the moment. Needs TLC.

Baelor bravely takes point behind the barricade as the others fall back to the far side of the barge.

Cut the rope guide on the barge.

Cat & Sigil begin retreating towards cavern. Sack stays in corridor near barge.

Cat & Sigil go down tunnel and begin retrieving the floating tables on the end of the rope.

Baelor overhears voices talking about being hired to kill the cavern's inhabitants, falls back.

Two elves are spotted at the far edge of the water; they jump in and swim across. Sack begins firing arrows. Baelor calls for help ("Brothers!").

Sigil hears the call and climbs back up to the cavern above, leaving Catria to retrieve the tables.

As the elves reach the other side, Baelor throws hand axe. He staggers but does not kill one of the elves.

Sigil enters the barge area and shoots where he can.

Sack fells the wounded elf with an arrow (?) The other elf reaches Baelor and cuts him deep with a dagger but is cut down by Baelor's axe.

Flickering light and at least two more figures on the opposite side of the water.

Begin retreating to the cavern.

A robed individual rounds the corner followed by two chainmail-clad warriors.

Mage points finger at the dwarf and three green glowing missiles strike, felling him. Nuff tries to drag the dwarf to safety but is not up to the job. He tends to the dwarf's wounds instead, stabilising his condition.

Sigil and Sack shoot the mage with a volley of arrows. He stops what he was doing and tries to patch himself up.

The two warriors briefly stop and ask the wounded mage what to do - he points at us!

Sigil and Sack fire more volleys of arrows at the enemy spellcaster and he slumps to the floor.

The two warriors bear down on us. Catria finishes retrieving the tables, anchors them and returns to the cavern.

One warrior engages Nuff, the other holds back and fires at Sack with a light crossbow.

Nuff goes down.

Catria dives to the front of the action, engaging the guard standing over Nuff.

A large figure wearing plate armour and carrying a glowing sword appears in the corridor beyond. Both Sack and Catria shoot at the figure (?), both miss.

The figure bends down over the downed mage for a moment and then moves towards us.

Sack suspects the figure is an illusion, but cannot see through it.

Catria stands her ground for a while and then grabs Nuff and disengages, carrying Nuff to safety.

Sigil downs the guard standing over Nuff with an arrow.

Catria returns from the rear of the cavern firing arrows at the heavily armoured figure. Excellent shots simply ring off the metal clad figure harmlessly.

The remaining guard turns his crossbow on Sigil and takes out the little gnome.

Sack runs away and meets up with Catria. The two carry Nuff's body down the tunnel, clamber aboard the tables and retreat to the far end of the water-filled corridor.

Sigil awakens to the warm feeling of healing hands. It is the armoured figure, bent over him with gauntlets and helmet removed. It is Parsons!

"It seems we are in a bit of a pickle," Parsons says as he reaches over and rests his hands upon Baelor who awakens at the healing touch.

Parsons explains that he and his troupe have come to the caverns to rid them of goblins, and that the ensuing encounter has all been a bit of a misunderstanding.

Parsons produces a bottle, takes a small sip and hands the remainder to Baelor, telling him it is a potion of healing. While the story unfolds, Baelor takes ever-increasing swigs of the liquid.

Parsons introduces himself as Sir Parsons, Knight of the Realm. Sigil asks him about his involvement in our arrest and "trial" in Thrace. Parsons regretfully says that he did inform the Judge about the death of Dwight Parsons, and that Dwight was soon to be the Judge's son-in-law. Parsons doesn't seen surprised at the Judge's actions, saying that he'd have to have a word to him one of these days…

Parsons says that he managed to revive the fallen elves. He also mentions that this place is a dwarven mine that he once visited a long time ago.

"Have you found any more goblins?" asks Parsons.

"We haven't seen any so far," says Sigil, "but we haven't explored very far. Oh, we did come across some large bat-winged mosquito things…"

"Long nose? Drinks blood?"

"Yes! that's them!"

"They're called Stirges. Nasty little creatures, find them in caves such as these. You have to be careful, their bites can get diseased."

Huh. Go figure. The DM was right.

Sigil says "So, what next?" He says he will return to the [gets kicked by Baelor] … ermm … place where the others likely are, and talk to them. Parsons says that "he won't" - implying that he still might be a little scary. He's right.

Sigil mentions that the way to his friends is a bit fraught. Parsons responds by giving Sigil an ever-lit lantern and a ring that enables the wearer to breathe underwater (he wants the ring back).

Parsons and co pick up their fallen and return to the sunshine at the base of the chasm, waiting for the return of Sigil and Baelor.

Meanwhile, Catria and Sack reach the chute and climb down with a rope they then retrieve. Sack climbs down the increasingly steep cavern floor until he reaches what appears to be a rubble-filled bottom. Ahead the floor begins to climb again, mirroring his descent. At the top of the climb, a corridor continues onward. Catria finds that the floor around the cavern's walls is flat enough to navigate around what looks to be a large hole and joins up with Sack.

Sigil and Baelor go down the tunnel. Baelor ties rope around Sigil's waist, the gnome pops on the apparently magical ring and tests the waters. It works! He walks down the corridor in wonder, his infravision just making out the open passageway to the right. He climbs out of the water and moves to the chute chamber, dripping water. The party is not there and there are no obvious ropes indicating which way they might have gone, but he can hear voices below - one of which he recognises as Catria's.



"It's me - Sigil! Where are you?"

"Down the chute! How come you're alive?"

"Ermmm… long story. I'm coming down!"

Sigil climbs down but Catria and Sack are nowhere to be seen. They remain cautious, suspecting a trap. Sack confirms that the figure indeed is Sigil by asking him where he hid outside Thrace when the group were on the run. Sigil remembers with a trace of a smile on his face. Satisfied, Sack and Catria rejoin with Sigil who tells his story. Sack suspects that Sigil has somehow been enspelled. Sigil says that he is not ready to fully trust Parsons, but does say that the man has displayed superhuman levels of understanding and trust, considering the circumstances. Eventually Sack (and Catria?) believe the story sufficiently to at least meet Parsons. Sigil says "Also, if all this is true, I think Parsons deserves to know what actually happened to his nephew."

The three lift Nuff's body back up the shaft. Cat, Sack and Nuff ride the table while Sigil walks underwater against the slight current. They walk back to the barge room where they see that the water has been frozen solid (Nice trick!) Sigil leads with the lantern and spots the "enemy" in the rough cavern just beyond the barricade. "We are NOT goblins!" he says, loud enough to be heard but not loud enough to startle. Parsons beckons us closer.

Awkward apologies and food shared. A body in the corner, wrapped in cloth. The mage, unable to be revived.

It appears that Parsons expended the last of his healing on our party, when he could have been tending to his own fallen comrade.

One of the guards says in hushed elven that he is angry at Parsons' acceptance of this group - "But they killed Hulio!" Parsons reiterates his unswerving acceptance of our group.

Parsons says that from memory the mines didn't used to do down very deep, but extended for miles laterally. The wing that we are currently in may still have bands of goblins about. On the opposite side of the chasm, about 50' up from the waterline, is the entrance to another wing that Parsons says is rumoured to be home to orcs and trolls.

Remember that strange length of rope that didn't reach all the way down to the base of the chasm? D'uh!

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