Chapter 10: Resupply and Reinforcement

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Session Number: 10
Date: Sunday 23 March 2008
Venue: Tammi's
PCs & Players:

Catria Rgr1 (Tammi) (kills: none)
Nuff Mage1/Drd1 (Densial) (kills: none)
Sack Thf2 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Sigil Ill1/Thf1 (Craig) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: nil

The party heads to Hallowdale, two days walk north of Thrace. Hallowdale is considerably larger than Thrace, a walled city with towers and gates at each cardinal point. Just in case word has carried to Hallowdale the adventurers circle around to the east gate and decide to split up. Nuff and Cat head in via the east gate while Sigil and Sack continue around and enter by the north gate. They enter unopposed and meet up in the city square after some shopping. Sack and Sigil replace their lost bows and swords. Cat buys a pair of ruby-bejewelled daggers and finally gets that dress she's been wanting - along with some matching gloves and some new boots from across the way… having put a down payment of 6 gold on the first dress and departing from Thrace before the completion of the whole transaction… she is rather sore over this point. It's a lovely deep red dress, with silver trim - goes just lovely with the little black shawl she purchased from the witch Elida in Thrace.


The adventurers stay overnight and leave the following morning. As they head out, Catria notices a familiar figure on a cart, heading for the south gate. It is one of the guards that left Thrace with Parsons - the one she shot with an arrow!

Well, at least she didn't kill him.

We tail the guard for most of the day. Just before dusk we see the cart veer off the road to the right, about a mile or two before the place we originally found Parsons' waylaid carts 5 days prior (surely it was longer than that!) Sack thinks that it makes sense to ambush the guard now - one less to deal with later. Nuff just wants to look around. Sigil wants to pursue Parson, convinced the he orchestrated the group's imprisonment and probably even arranged to have us killed. Nuff isn't so sure.

We close the gap, see the path that the cart went down and cautiously follow. About 200 yards later the path widens into a clearing about 200 feet in diameter with a campsite in the middle. 5 tents surround a campfire where four figures sit. Nearby, 5 horses lazily munch away at their evening feed, tethered to a mobile hitching post.


We decide to leave them alone and head farther on to the trail that we know and make for the crystal caverns.

No new guards are posted amongst the strange stone formations atop the chasm. The winch and rope mechanism has been destroyed. Our combined 125 feet of rope will not get the party safely to the chasm's floor… But wait, opposite the mechanism, there is a new length of rope hanging down, albeit only about 100' long - fully 50' short of the water's surface below.

We circumnavigate the chasm and pull up the rope, noticing that it is securely pitoned to the top. We cut it free and use it to lengthen our own rope, attaching it near the original winch to drop to the ledge below, clear of the water.

The descent is made successfully. Sigil and Sack enter the tunnel that is now so familiar, tip-toeing and keeping to the shadows. To no avail! As they enter the natural cavern that originally housed the gaming goblins, they see a makeshift barricade made from overturned tables on the other side of the stream - giving good cover to the goblin scout positioned there! The goblin sees the thieves, utters something in a hushed, guttural tongue to others unseen and drops out of sight.

The group eventually decides on a risky scheme. Nuff wades down the stream as quietly as he can and empties Catria's leather flask of lamp oil on the barricade. As soon as he returns, Sack and Sigil light the oil-sodden rags atip their arrows and storm down the corridor. They loose their fiery missiles at the oil-soaked barricade, both scoring good hits and setting the barricade alight. Sack retreats to daylight, leaving Sigil behind in the tunnel. Sigil edges forward to survey the damage they have done and spots a goblin effectively dousing the flames by upending bucketloads of water on the conflagration. Sigil takes a bead on the goblin and looses an arrow, wounding but not toppling the brave creature. Immediately, two more goblins emerge and try to aim their crossbows on the intruder. Sigil has long since disappeared.

What to do? The goblins' defences make any move against them very risky, particularly now they are alert. We retreat to the surface and spend some time searching for another way in, remembering particularly the vertical shaft we found at the end of the watery tunnel. Two hours of searching turns up nothing. Catria heads upriver for an hour, searching on one side heading up and the other side on the return trip. She finds nothing of note. We set up camp in the forest nearby the chasm and spend an uneventful night resting. Dawn breaks and we consider our next move…

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