Chapter 09: The Great Escape (a.k.a "Do Druids Shit In The Woods?")

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Session Number: 9
Date: Thursday 20 March 2008
Venue: Tammi's
PCs & Players:

Catria Rgr1 (Tammi) (kills: none)
Nuff Mage1/Drd1 (Densial) (kills: none)
Sack Thf2 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Sigil Ill1/Thf1 (Craig) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: nil


Catria convinces the guard to let her in to see Sigil, Sack and Nuff. She tells the alleged felons that she saw Parsons and two guard types leave rather hastily in a wagon, heading down the road towards the goblin lair. She also learned that the emprisoned characters are to be taken to see Thrace's judge at 10am tomorrow. Cat then leaves, heading for the Blasted Sheep tavern. She retrieves the party's equipment which the tavern owner has kindly looked after and then heads to her campsite outside the town. Nuff and the thieves settle into an uneasy sleep.

Shortly after dawn Catria wakes, has a wash with her new soap, does her nails, has breakfast, packs up camp… and then thinks about how to rescue the rest of the party. She rides back to Thrace and lurks about the cellblock, whispering to Nuff and Sigil through one of the barred windows. Sigil takes stock of the window, noticing that the bars are firmly driven into the 8" thick block wall. He and Cat toy with the idea of pulling the window out by horsepower (a la all those old Western movies), but figure that it would take more than Cat's ugly roan to do the job. Sigil and Sack discuss typical justice and law enforcement policy and finally reason that once questioning begins, they should should be able to acquit themselves of any blame. Just in case, they ask Cat to stay close with their equipment.

Shortly before the appointed time 4 guards corral the prisoners to the courtroom. In walks a middle-aged man wearing semi-official robes and asks the group to stand.

"There were supposed to be four; where is the girl?" he questions the guards.

"I don't know, this is all we got," one of them replies.

Whatever Cat said to the guards, she said it well!

"In that case, court is adjourned for two weeks to give you a chance to find the girl," the judge decrees.

"Wait!" Nuff cries, being played by Craig. "You have three of us here, surely you can at least make a start. We might even be able to help you find the girl."

"Is that truly what you want?" the judge asks.

"Yes please," says Nuff.

"Alright then," the judge continues. "You are all hereby convicted of murder. Guards, shackle them and take them to the gallows."

An outraged Sack says "What? Where is your EVIDENCE?"

"It's all right here in front of me," the judge says flatly.

"Isn't it customary for the the accused to HEAR the evidence? You know, so that they might have a chance to DEFEND themselves?" says Sack.


At this point, three of the guards level their crossbows at the group while the fourth guard approaches Sigil, shackles in hand.

Ah crap.

Sack launches himself towards the judge, leaping over the broad table between them. He lands a pretty good punch on the judge's jaw before he can react, then spots a metal letter opener on the table.

Sigil spots Sack's burst of activity and swings at the shackle-bearing guard approaching him, trying to maintain some distance. He fails to connect but so does the guard. Sigil spots a small opening, crouches and tumbles - right through the guard's wide-stanced legs! He regains his feet, turns and looses a spell… The guard, thoroughly surprised, suddenly screams as something from his darkest nightmares stalks towards him! He turns and flees towards the barred door.

Nuff turns to the guard covering him and pleads for his life.

[Denz] Talking is Nuff's most potent weapon :-)

Sack plucks up the letter opener and slashes at the judge, missing. The judge opens a concealed drawer in the table and pulls out two daggers! A guard edges up behind Sack and tries to brain him with the butt of his crossbow.

Meanwhile, Sigil follows the Spooked guard who has unbarred the door and is running down the road, screaming. Another guard swivels his crossbow in line with the running gnome, but the shot is ruined by a shoulder barge from Nuff. Unfortunately, Nuff finishes his charge in front of the crossbow as the string is released and the quarrel lodges deep in his shoulder from point blank range. Nuff falls to the floor in agony.

Sigil heads through the door and meets Catria, her sword in hand. She hands him a spare dagger and knife. The two of them take cover behind the courtroom doors and survey the room.

The guard near Nuff now has a heavy boot on top of his opponent's prone form. Sack has broken off from his fight with the judge and is bolting for the open doorway. He lunges with the letter opener at the guard standing over Nuff, but misses. He briefly shrugs at Nuff as if to say "Well, I tried," makes the doorway and escapes. All four guards reach for shortspears and call for the party's surrender.

Sigil and Cat storm back in to try and rescue Nuff. Cat holds off three guards with her broadsword while Sigil stares up at the guard standing over Nuff. Sigil feints with his dagger while kicking out at the guard's knee. It works (a 20!), and the guard goes down to one knee as it is swept out from under him.

Sigil quickly helps Nuff to his feet and pulls out a knife to partner with the dagger, looking as menacing as he can. The group back out the doorway and Nuff secures it with a dagger. The three adventurers recover Cat's horse and escape into the wilderness surrounding Thrace.

Cat and Sigil head on horseback to Cat's campsite, 45 minutes ride away. Nuff uses a Cure Light Wounds spell to heal the wound to his shoulder. Cat mentions that she not only saw Parsons' entourage leave the previous night, but also she shot, wounded and possibly killed one of Parsons' companions in the wagon! Sigil almost falls over, aghast at this terrible lack of respect for life. He vows to have words with this young woman…

Sigil waits at Cat's campsite as the ranger returns for Nuff. He is nowhere to be seen so Cat returns to Sigil. They both head back and find Nuff who had been scouting around the township, looking unsuccessfully for Sack. The three decide to spend some time looking again for the wayward urchin. A couple of hours later Cat picks up a trail and follows it. Sack, hiding up a tree, hears the group approaching and tries to play a little game that backfires spectacularly. He throws an acorn to misdirect the group and ends up falling out of the tree in front of them!

Sack is bent on revenge of the murderous kind. Sigil is pretty pissed off at the judge too, but suggests that perhaps now is not the time. Thrace is a bit too "hot" just now, and might not a sweeter revenge be to publically humiliate the man - even go so far as to strip him of his power? Besides, Parsons is about - likely the mastermind behind our framing, likely relatively vulnerable in the wilderness, likely making his way to the goblin-infested crystal caves. This sufficiently appeals to Sack's world view for him to drop his murderous intentions - at least this minute.

The group plot to track down Parsons and his entourage…

[Craigo] I was really proud that Sigil managed to navigate his way through quite a tense encounter without inflicting a single point of damage.

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