Chapter 08: Intoxication and Incarceration

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Session Number: 8
Date: Thursday 13 March 2008
Venue: Tammi's
PCs & Players:

Catria Rgr1 (Tammi) (kills: none)
Nuff Mage1/Drd1 (Densial) (kills: none)
Sack Thf2 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Sigil Ill1/Thf1 (Craig) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: nil

We take our leave of Parsons, informing him that we are staying at the Blasted Sheep tavern should he require our services again. Sack and Sigil immediately head off to the weaponsmith to buy shiny new shortbows, arrows and quivers. Sigil also invests in some lockpicks. Catria asks the tavern's serving wench whether there is anyone in town that might be able to teach her a new language, and is told to visit the witch at the far end of town. Catria tips her generously. Sigil and Nuff decide to head along as well. Sack decides to spend the balance of his newfound wealth getting drunk.

Elida the witch has a well-stocked shop and the three adventurers spend much time buying provisions. Unfortunately, the only "language" that Elida knows is Cat - she knows when they're hungry! Elida takes more than a passing fancy to the rather comely half-elf Nuff… The group manage to extricate themselves (a very greatful Nuff in tow) and while the half-elf and goblin gnome ([Sigil] I've NEVER been so INSULTED…) return to the Blasted Sheep, Catria heads off to find herself a seamstress, interested in having a beautiful dress made. Prior to the others turning up to the Blasted Sheep, Sack also returned there, after being kicked out of a neighbouring pub for disorderly conduct. Nausea overcomes him and he is "escorted" (read: dragged) outside by two large men where he promptly vomits on their shoes.

As Catria wanders around town, taking in the sights, she finally finds a seamstress and starts selecting some pretty materials to have her dress made. In the meantime, Nuff and Sigil remain at the bar. They are however, recognised by three large men and are "escorted" (read: dragged) to the local constabulary. There they are interviewed by the tea-drinking and somewhat vague Captain P. Wilson, who eventually informs them that they are under arrest and are to be questioned regarding the death of Dwight Parsons. Nuff and Sigil are locked away. The cell opposite them is occupied by the very green-looking Sack - who is completely unaware of his surrounding and fellow companions at the moment.


Hours pass and eventually Sack wakes up. A guard enters and tells Sack to be on his way, opening the unlocked cell door. He returns to the Blasted Sheep whereby he is soon-after recognised by three large men. Guess what happens next…

Sack tries to pick the lock on his cell door but fails. He throws the lockpicks over to Sigil but a horrible twist of fate results in the picks bouncing off the cell door's bars and landing in the aisle between the cells, out of reach.

Densial gave a 1% chance that this would happen. Guess what Ferg rolled.

Sack takes off his shoes and throws them at the pouch of lockpicks, trying to knock them within Sigil's reach. Fortunately, the second shoe finds its mark. Sigil however is equally as inept at opening his door. These locks must have been made by dwarves! Either that, or the lockpicks were made by flumphs!

Later, two men are led into the cell block and are placed in the unoccupied cells left and right of Sack and Sigil's cell. Conversation is stilted. Suddenly, the man next to Sigil produces a dagger and tries to stab him! The other man simultaneously attacks Nuff, slicing his upper arm. The two victims leap to the centre of the cell, out of reach of the murderous men and yell for help. The two men conceal their weapons and try to look innocent as a guard enters. Sack and Sigil have a hard time trying to convince the guard of the truth of their claims, but he is finally swayed by the blood running freely down Nuff's gashed arm. The two men are searched, the daggers confiscated and an uneasy truce ensues.

Sigil questions the men, but learns little.

Meanwhile, Catria returns from a wilderness jaunt for a dress fitting. She drops by the tavern and the owner (the father of the serving wench that Catria tipped) warns her that her companions have been marched off towards the local law enforcement cells.

Late at night, Catria walks in on the guards at the cell block…

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