Chapter 04: Invasion

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Session Number: 4
Date: Friday 8 February 2008
Venue: Craig's
PCs & Players:

Catria Rgr1 (Tammi) (kills: 3 goblins)
Nuff Mage1/Drd1 (Densial) (kills: none)
Sack Thf1 (Fergus) (kills: 2 goblins)
Sigil Ill1/Thf1 (Craig) (kills: 3 goblins)

XP Awarded: nil


Sigil hurriedly reports back to the rest of the party. Nuff stays at the top of the chasm while the rest of us re-enter the tunnel with killing on our minds…

We approach the cavern in darkness, stalking the game-playing goblins. Sigil holds Catria's loaded light crossbow and lantern, currently hooded. As soon as the goblins are in sight, we act! Sigil steps left and looses a quarrel at the back of one of the sitting goblins while Sack, behind Sigil, does the same. Cat stays to the right, takes a few paces farther into the cavern and hurls one of her daggers.

The initial volley takes out two of the hapless goblins. More knives and daggers follow, then Cat wades in, broadsword aloft. Soon after the four goblins are all dead, not having erected even a semblance of resistance.

A glowing light flickers farther ahead on the other side of the stream. We cross, Sigil riding on Cat's shoulders. Sack scouts ahead and finds a side passage to the right that opens soon after into a small cave. Inside is a table where a goblin, its back to Sack, is busy possibly preparing food. The passage ahead winds for about 100', finally widening slightly. A pool of water fills the end two thirds of the corridor, which has a rope hung above it about 3' high at its tethered ends. On the far shore is a floating pallet, illuminated by more flickering light. The pallet is attached to the guide rope at either end in such a way as to allow a group of passengers to haul their way from shore to shore. A goblin guard stands near the pallet on the far shore.


Sack returns to the surface to fetch Nuff and Cat's backpack. We leave Nuff at the first stream crossing while we set yet another ambush for the kitchen's foul occupants…

Volleys of quarrels and daggers fell the unsuspecting goblin chef and the party swarms into the room. Cat rounds the corner to the right and surprises a goblin sous-chef, wielding a none-too-clean meat cleaver. Sack veers left and faces another goblin with a large wooden spoon! Sigil holds the room's entrance, looking for any opening. Cat mightily cleaves her opponent with another savage stroke from her broad sword.

Tammi is regretting her choice of Cat's weapon as she hates rolling d4s! Get over it, Tammi!

Sack injures his goblin, who is finished off by a thrust of Sigil's short sword. A quick survey of the room, obviously a kitchen, reveals very little of value. There are no other exits.

We head back towards the corridor with the guarded pallet, lantern again hooded. Sack and Sigil edge forward with their loaded crossbows and fire. The goblin is wounded by Sack's first shot, who then ducks and returns fire with his own light crossbow. His first shot is good, and Sigil reels as a quarrel sinks into his little shoulder as he is reloading. The goblin is proficient with the crossbow and we are not - he fires much more frequently than we. Finally, Sigil fires the lucky shot that topples the goblin archer. Nuff approaches and heals Sigil's wound.

Sack retrieves the pallet and we cross the water unchallenged. Farther on, the corridor widens into a cavern that is lit by strangely glowing lichen. Stalactites and stalagmites point at each other from ceiling to floor, and are covered by strange milky crystal formations that scatter the light. More crystals cover the floor, and what might be a path formed by the removal of crystals meanders about the area. There is a pool of water at the far right-hand portion of the cavern that appears to enter from beyond the wall and slowly exits through a hole in the floor towards the cavern's centre. We believe we have found what the bucket-and-rope system outside was intended to shift! The room is quiet, save for the sound of trickling water.

Cat tries to pick up a nearby crystal, entranced by its beauty. It does not budge. She kicks at it and it shatters. The noise of the breaking crystal resonates around the room!

Cue "Fellowship of the Ring" scene where Pippin noisily drops a skull and bucket down that well in Moria!

Sigil hushes the group and the thieves listen again. There is someone out there…

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