Chapter 03: Plans and Wheels

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Session Number: 3
Date: Monday 28 January 2008
Venue: Tammi's
PCs & Players:

Catria Rgr1 (Tammi) (kills: herself - nearly)
Nuff Mage1/Drd1 (Densial) (kills: )
Sack Thf1 (Fergus) (kills: 1 goblin)
Sigil Ill1/Thf1 (Craig) (kills: 1 goblin)

XP Awarded: nil


The mechanism at the top of the chasm consists of a rotating wheel around which a rope loops, whose ends drop over a series of pulleys into the chasm. The right-hand rope looks like it is designed to hang over one of two side-by-side pulleys, one of which is positioned above the water below and one of which is not. The wheel can be fixed in place by means of a number of pegs. Overall, the device appears to be well-made although more recent repairs have not been made with the same attention to detail. The rope has reinforced loops built into it at regular intervals and there are a number of hook-handled steel buckets nearby. The buckets look to have carried a substantial weight, based on the distortion of their bases and handles.

We're not really sure what this device is used to transport, but we figure that it isn't goblins. Catria scouts around the perimeter of the stone clearing and determines that the only recent tracks travel roughly to and from the direction of the mechanism. She checks a bit farther into the forest, and finds two extra sets of tracks, one well-traveled and one that seems to have been made by one creature. We tentatively follow the single trail for some minutes before Cat realises that it's just animal tracks!

We scout out the chasm and notice that a figure appears at the entrance at the base of the waterfall about once every 15 minutes. Much talk ensues about how to proceed. Sack eventually gets bored and starts to climb down. Sigil reluctantly follows.

Sigil and Sack see two goblins armed with light crossbows, sitting on a 5' ledge a few paces inside the opening. Sack suggests that we ask Catria to climb down as well. If she manages the climb, we have a valuable ally for the fight. If she slips, we have a ready-made diversion!

Catria slips (failing two Dexterity checks abysmally) and falls 50' into 5' of water. Miraculously, she escapes unharmed, if not a little meek and soggy. The tremendous splash alerts the two goblins, who come out to take a look. Sack throws a knife at one of them, wounding but not killing it. Sigil leaps from above, attempting to knock both goblins into the water. He misses one, but plants both of his little feet so squarely on the shoulders of the other that its head smashes into the rock floor, killing it. Sigil falls into the water, where he is rescued by Cat and propelled back onto the ledge. Sack slashes at the remaining goblin with Sigil's borrowed knife and kills it.


We talk about how to proceed. Sack suggests a guerilla-style approach, safely picking off the goblin horde piecemeal. We are unsure whether that approach would serve to save Dwight. Eventually we decide that Sigil will scout inside the entrance while the others take watch above.

Sigil cautiously enters the death trap tunnel. The stream and ledge continue straight inward for about 100', after which the left wall widens into a small cavern. The stream continues straight ahead for about another 30' and disappears into a hole. A path veers off to its right, opposite the cavern. 4 goblins are sitting on a mat in the cavern, playing some sort of game. Sigil freezes and very cautiously backs out of the tunnel to let his friends know what he has seen…

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