Chapter 02: "This Is An Unusually Cunning Plan For Goblins..."

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Session Number: 2
Date: Thursday 24 January 2008
Venue: Tammi's
PCs & Players:

Catria Rgr1 (Tammi) (kills: 1 goblin)
Nuff Mage1/Drd1 (Densial) (kills: )
Sack Thf1 (Fergus) (kills: almost got 1 pc)
Sigil Ill1/Thf1 (Craig) (kills: 1 goblin)

XP Awarded: nil


We carry on with the adventure, subsitituting our new, standard 2E characters for our previous, mismatched Skills & Powers characters and pushing our suspension of disbelief just that little bit further :-) Before we head off again, the DM/Parson offers our team 100 gold each for the new characters' adventure… however Tammi/Catria barters the price and gets a nice 150 gold each (see, having a sweet 16 year old lass as a character does have its advantages!)

Catria picks up the trail and we dutifully follow. We travel through about an hour's worth of forest, meandering upward to a ridge where the trees thin and disappear. Beyond is a small grassed valley that again heads up to a treeline. In the valley floor roughly 150 feet away is a small tent with two motionless prone humanoid figures nearby. Sigil suggests that we call out to the figures from the safety of the treeline, at which Sack bolts into the forest and hides. While the remainder of the party discuss what to do, Sack approaches the tent to investigate. The party look back up and see a figure moving from the tent to the prone figures, and wonder who it is! Eventually (after much discussion and actual playing out of events on Tammi's driveway - much fun!), the party eventually deduces that the furtive figure is indeed Sack, who has discovered that the two figures are staked to the ground and are quite dead.

Two sets of tracks diverge from the campsite: one leads down the valley into trees, and the prints climbing up the valley floor appear to be heavier than the prints heading down. The other set leads up the valley floor into the trees. We follow the first set of tracks which lead to a forest stream. The second set eventually exit the forest at a rather strange location…

There is a roughly oval stone-floored clearing in the forest (900' x 500'), randomly covered in slabs and shards of rock. In the centre of the clearing is a 300' wide chasm. A river flows into the clearing from the left, ending in a 150' waterfall into the chasm.

Just a thought - from above, would this look like a large eye?

Sigil decides to sneak around the clearing to see what he can see. However, it is what he hears that saves his life - his sharp ears pick up the sound of something eating, just ahead. After returning to the party to let them know what is going on, Sigil leads Sack back to take a peek.

The two of us see a goblin, sitting down, its back to a slab of rock, calmly looking out towards the chasm and chewing on a bone. Hastily stopping Sack, Sigil signals to head to safety for a chat. We scout a little farther and see a similar goblin sentry on the opposite side of the chasm, with line of sight to the other goblin!

The two cutpurses make their way back to the party and start to scheme…

Sack and Sigil lead Catria to the nearest sentry and then stealthily circle around behind the far sentry. Flanking the goblin, Sack shows himself and hurls his knife at the filthy little thing - narrowly missing Sigil! While the goblin is distracted by the sight of the dishevelled half-elf, Sigil sinks his short sword into its ribcage from behind, killing it.

Catria then acts, leaping out at the other goblin and cleaving its skull in two before it even got a chance to gasp. She wipes the blood off her broad sword on the ugly little creature, check what useful items it has and collects 1 goblin spear, a water sack & a sack of food… which by the smell of it doesn't seem very nice. Catria - biffs the food sack under a rock & then drags the lifeless form back a big and hides it behind a large rock, pouring what is left of the water in the skin over the blood stained rocks to make it look, not so obvious something had just happened…

Sack and Sigil check their victim and then move to the chasm's edge. Its walls are near-sheer, inclining slightly so that the pool 150' below is slightly less wide than the chasm's mouth. A grass-covered island is visible in the centre of the pool. Sigil notices another small figure briefly appear behind the waterfall, turn around, and disappear again.

Cat heads back to the edge of the chasm and sees some sort of wooden apparatus at the bottom of the waterfall, but has a lever of some sort near the top of the waterfall… Perhaps a way down?

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