Non Player Characters



8th Level LG Male Human Paladin
Talith is the local "King's Man" based at the town of Scranton. He has shiny armour and a shiny sword. (Irin WANTS them!).


12th Level LN Male Dwarf Fighter
The King's Man at Arms Reach. Has seen a lot of action.

"Wagons" Burke

Owner of the "Penn & Paper" paper mill in Scranton. Wealthy.


Burke's second-in-command at the mill.


Burke's butler.

Daniel Kash

A Mage employed at the mill by Burke. Fabricates special paper dyes. Very reclusive - lives in a 2-storey room at the mill but is only seen once every couple of weeks. Receives food through a flap at the bottom of his magically guarded door. His room is in darkness. Now dead - his remains were found cocooned in the top level of his quarters at the paper mill.

The Jordan Family

The first family to completely disappear. Daughter Rebecca was found hiding in her wardrobe with what looks to be her parents dead in the next room. Son Timmy was found with two other missing children, cocooned in a large cavern under the paper mill, watched over by a very large spider (now very dead).

The Spider Queen

Matron of a cult based in the foot of the mountains northeast of Arm's Reach. Was apparently sighted at the cult's temporary camp northwest of Scranton, making a hasty escorted retreat.

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