Session Number: 8
Date: Saturday 20 December 2007
Venue: Tammi's
PCs & Players:

Eko Ftr1 (Craig) (kills: 1 large spider, 7 skeletons)
Erowyn Ftr1/Mage1 (Tammi) (kills: )
Irin Thf1 (Densial) (kills: 0.333333333333333333 skeletons)
Jarl Mage1 (Alain) (kills: )
Tom Riddle (Tammi) (kills: 1 big fuck-off spider)
Willow Drd1/Rgr1 (Densial) (kills: 1 skeleton)
The World BadAss999 (DM) (kills: nearly 2 - Eko and 1 militia man)

XP Awarded: nil

[Craigo] it's not the kills that scare me Ferg, it's how much you relish them…

We take stock of the carnage, dispatch the last remaining large spider, and examine Erowyn. She has been half-cocooned in spider silk, which had the beneficial side effect of stabilising her fraught condition. We carry her limp body and those of the 2 downed militia men to safety, and return to carry the fight farther…

To the left, we tunnel through thick webs into a large chamber. Strung from the ceiling are three small cocoons, tended by the largest spider we have ever seen - this thing's body is a good 4 ft across (gulp). We fan out (leaving a nervous Jarl exposed in the centre) and attack!


The spider spits a glob of goo at Eko, who ducks and covers as he closes towards his prey. Willow and Irin remain behind, providing fire support with their bows. Eko captures most of the spider's attention, and falls unconscious after being bitten twice, losing 7 points of Dexterity in the process. Militia Man 3, renamed Private Tom Riddle, finishes off the foul creature with a heroic sword thrust. The battle is over!

We cut down the cocoons and open them to find the three missing children, alive and breathing but unconscious. Suspended in the goo surrounding them are dozens of immature dozy spiders the size of tomatoes, which we kill.

We evacuate, leaving the militia on guard detail while we return the children to the surface and let the harassed healer tend to the wounded. Talith returns and helps. Asked whether he knows anything about Indria, he mentions some connection between her and the spider cult. Private Tom Riddle is promoted to Major Tom. A day and a half later, we are at full strength (minus a few points of dex), restocked, and reenter the temple.

Jarl investigates Kash's residence and finds books that mention a forgotten deity called Kalan, a morally grey god of war. His forest-based temple was overthrown and buried by a rival religion that laid waste to its priesthood. Have we uncovered the lost temple? Was this the spider cult's purpose for coming to Scranton?

Jarl also uses his wizard expertise to good effect, deciphering the script around the walls of the first chamber:

"All who enter here must face the challenge"

We return to the cavern with the small and medium spiders, intent on finding out more about the strange orange glow, heat and breeze. We follow the passage to the right, the heat growing ever stronger. Eventually, we see a strange sight…

The passage ends in a 15 ft diameter cylindrical cavern with smooth stone walls. Its ceiling is beyond the reach of our torches. The source of the heat is now clear - the cavern hosts a pool of extremely hot glowing liquid - probably lava. A 2 ft diameter metallic sphere hovers above the surface of the lava. Two metallic rods stick out of the cavern's left and right walls, pointing towards the sphere - the right rod appears to have snapped and its tip now dangles in the pool of lava.

As Eko approaches the weird chamber, all his metallic equipment begins to heat up until they are searing hot. Removing his metal bits and pieces and leaving them in Erowyn's care (NOT Irin's), Eko tries again. He is able to get closer - almost to the lava's edge - but is turned back by the intense heat. This is too hard - we go back to the second set of arched double doors :-)

Irin approaches the door to examine it. Again, we are greeted with a voice in an unknown language, clearer and calmer this time. Irin completes his examination, finding and hearing nothing. We take our places - Eko and Erowyn ready to open the doors with covering fire provided by Willow and Irin.

Skeletons! Lots of skeletons, this time armed with long swords and shields. Eko manages to keep it together. He and Erowyn attempt to close the doors, but the skeleton horde are just too strong and the fight is on!

Irin shoots Erowyn in the butt, which Willow heals. Eko has a terrible time, holding his own but narrowly avoiding fumbling 4 times. Finally, 15 skeletons are vanquished.

Willow: I healed Erowyn's butt? If only I were a paladin, laying on hands…

Behind the door? Another 30 ft corridor, ending in another set of identical arched double doors…


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