Chapter 03: From Bad to Worse

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Session Number: 7
Date: Saturday 8 December 2007
Venue: Craig's
PCs & Players:

Eko Ftr1 (Craig) (kills: 15 small spiders)
Erowyn Ftr1/Mage1 (Tammi) (kills: )
Irin Thf1 (Fergus) (kills: a small no. of smalls and one big!)
Jarl Mage1 (Alain) (kills: time)
Willow Drd1/Rgr1 (Densial) (kills: none)
The World BadAss999 (DM) (kills: nearly 3 - Erowyn and 2 militia men)

Can the DM earn XP?

XP Awarded: nil

We choose to fight!

Jarl & Erowyn take Willow back up to the top room with the hole in the wall and call out to see if there is a healer within the Militia group. Luckily enough, there is a simple healer, who climbs the ladder and tends to Willow's wounds. The healer suggests it would be better if he took Willow with him to ensure that he is tended to in a better environment. The healer calls a few men up to the the room to help him and lets Jarl & Erowyn know that he will tend to Willow's wounds as best he can right now and then take him down.

The team decide to block up the spider hole as best as we can, after realising we need to see what is behind the second lot of doors. Again - Jarl & Erowyn head back upstairs bringing down a large table and some chairs to help block the hole, while Eko and Irin start filling the hole with pieces of rubble lying around the chamber floor.

We decide we need backup and something flammable, so Erowyn, being the ever nimble Elf, runs back up the stairs to the room with the hole in the wall and calls out to the militia men below, asking for assistance. Out of the 10 local men standing below, 2 are sent off to gather as much flammable oil they can find, 2 are set to guard the room with the hole in it and while the remaining 6 follow Erowyn (after she gathers the sheets off the bed and the curtains from the windows, as flammable items), back down to the first chamber. Two militia men are set to guard the semi-blocked spider hole, leaving 4 to follow the small group in through the next set of doors.

Eko & Jarl hold the doors open, while Irin and Erowyn, with their ability to see in the dark, take a quick look into the second room. It opens up into another large empty looking chamber, with yet another set of doors on the far side of the room, nothing to the right of the room, but to the left there appears to be another hole of some sort, with a strange orange glow emanating from it. We decide it is safe enough to head into the room - sending the 4 militia men into the room first (we might not look the smartest group - but we certainly aren't that dumb walking into an uncertain room ourselves first, haha).

After entering this new chamber, we notice the floor is freezing - colder again than the first room's floor. However, we also notice a slight warmth coming from the opening with the orange glow. Jarl lights a second torch, and we all cautiously file one by one, through the narrow opening into the unknown!! Order of entry: Eko, Militia man 1, Irin, Militia man 2 & 3, Jarl, Erowyn & the last Militia man 4.

It gets warmer as we head down the this natural fissure type pathway. The group stops & Eko assesses the sight before him. The passageway widens into a cavern (size unknown as unable to see very far), completely full of wispy, white, spider webs, thicker towards the left. The roof is covered in the silky substance, with light single threads of web dangling softly from the ceiling. Moments later, Eko sees teems of small spiders crawling along the ceiling towards us! He turns & whispers back to the group "spiders!", steps into the cavern and to the right of the doorway.

The militiaman behind Eko takes in the drama before him and panics, trying to crawl over the others to escape, making those of us who still can't quite see what's going on, I'm sure, a little bit more nervous. He eventually collects his wits and returns.

Dozens of smallish spiders (4"-6" diameter - actually, that's quite large!) scuttle across the ceiling towards us, dropping on us like rain.


They are quite easy to hit, but their sheer numbers make for an interesting time. Finally, after all of the little spiders are destroyed, we quickly wipe away litres of spider goo and proceed into the cavern. Shortly after, 3 large (2' diameter) spiders drop down on us!

These buggers are TOUGH. A spider latches onto Eko, making it difficult to hit. He manages to bash it twice with the hilt of his morning star (for a total of 14 damage), and it STILL clings on…

One of the militiamen does extraordinarily well against these large spiders, almost singlehandedly besting one. The militiaman that freaked, however, has been seriously bitten and is lying unconscious… Three militiamen remain in relatively good health.

Meanwhile, Erowyn decides to venture off on her own, because curiosity is just burning her up!! She had to go see what that pretty orange glow was and where it was coming from. Moving cautiously with her back to the wall, Erowyn sidles up and around the corner, getting closer and closer to the sauce, (whoops source). As she gets closer, it starts to become "uncomfortably" hot and there is a warm wind, strangely being sucked “towards” the orange glow. Erowyn decides that it would be too unbearable to venture any closer to this heat source, so starts to make her way back to find the rest of the group. On being half way back towards her group, a dark shape suddenly leaps from the white spidery webs above and attacks Erowyn. Erowyn strikes out at the big-arsed, hairy-as spider gliding towards her, but in her already weakened state, the spider falls upon her and sinks its fangs into a part of her unarmoured, Elven flesh. Erowyn… falls unconscious. Now lying on the cold, hard ground, surrounded by spider webs, one large spider and who knows how many other spiders on their way… Erowyn lies in a dream state, waiting, hoping, someone will come to her aid.

denz: this is a very chaotic elf thing to do, "oh look, pretty lights…"

So far, 2 of the initial 3 large spiders are dead - one bested by Irin, the second dispatched by militiaman #3 (he probably deserves a medal - and a name).

DM: What makes you think there is only one surviving spider?
[Craigo] Optimism?

Densial: During the last game my character (Willow) was knocked unco, and during this game I played Fergus's character (Irin). I discovered two very important things during this adventure. 1: missile weapons rock 2: it's not my characters who are bossy, it's me.

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