Chapter 02: "My Knowledge Of Stonework Tells Me These Stairs Lead Down!"

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Session Number: 6
Date: Saturday 1 December 2007
Venue: Tammi's
PCs & Players:

Eko Ftr1 (Craig) (kills: 5 skeletons)
Erowyn Ftr1/Mage1 (Tammi) (kills: 4 skeletons)
Irin Thf1 (Fergus) (kills: )
Jarl Mage1 (Alain) (kills: 1 skeleton)
Willow Drd1/Rgr1 (Densial) (kills: none)
The World BadAss999 (DM) (kills: nearly 1 - Willow)

XP Awarded: nil

The party visit Burke to let him know what we have discovered and to see how he feels about involving Scranton's militia. The conversation is heated, Burke mistaking Willow's manner as uncaring flippancy. We all work hard to convince Burke that we are indeed serious, that being one of the reasons why we want the militia at least informed if not involved. Burke, now aware of the urgency of the situation, agrees.

We alert the militia. Talith is away, en route for Arm's Reach. In command is Corporal Hicks, who quickly musters all available personnel - 10 soldiers, who will cordon off Kash's residence and contain any enemy should things go horribly wrong. We agree to ready ourselves and meet at the hole into Kash's quarters.

Willow prepares by divesting himself of his worldly wealth, buying bread and meat for the poor. Eko prepares by meditating. Erowyn prepares by sharpening her sword.

Eko leads the entry into Kash's upper floor. We discover a pentagram on the floor of the adjacent room and an adult male human cocooned in spider silk in one corner. On the desk Jarl finds a letter addressed to one "Indria":


Stairs lead down to a ground floor room in darkness. There, a door leads to a cold, breezy room whose timber floor has been ripped out, revealling stone stairs leading down. The stairs end in a room with large arched double doors opposite, and a 2' diameter hole in the lower left corner. Strange, whispery phrases periodically emanate into the room, seemingly from everywhere and there are markings around the walls that Jarl believes to be some kind of script. Rubble is strewn across the floor, which is noticeably cold. Irin hears something moving beyond the door, which Eko opens…

A skeleton is on the other side of the door, and Eko turns and runs, obviously freaked out! In the ensuing melee, Willow is the victim of some very bad luck and falls to the floor, unconscious. The stoic Jarl is badly wounded. Erowyn accounts well for herself, felling 4 foul skeletons, but also is badly injured in the process.

Eko finally pulls himself together and bursts back into the fray, pounding 5 skeletons into powder.

The party is now in pretty bad shape, and we must make a decision… Fight or Flight???

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