Calico's Journal

Entry #1

The plane of shadow. Looks like I'm leaving the world behind. It can be helpful to document what I find. The elders of Obad-Hai will appreciate more knowledge for their 'worldly decisions'. Scary though. Apparently it's nothing similar to the material world we live in. I guess we're about to find out.

Entry #2

Tendril trees. Sorta like plant snakes. I hate snakes.

Entry #3

Note 1: The plane of shadow is fucking dark. Don't bring light sources. Use darkvision. Avoid the trees and keep away from any inky darkness. The inky darkness can't be seen through. It hurt my party members, likely due to their good intentions. I seemed fine. Maybe I'm Evil. Haha… Ha…

Entry #4

Entered "The Rue". Eye of Gruumsh on top of it. Plane of Gruumsh I think. Discovered a Nightwing. Very powerful and deadly. Our spells had trouble against it. The magic of the group's weapons were strong enough to pierce its hide though. Troll's "shoot first, ask questions never" seems to be holding the party back. Actually the whole party seem to be like that. Turns out the orcs aren't evil like they thought. Lesson learned? I dunno. Not-evil orcs in an evil, orc-god plane. I guess it's expected. Wanna find out more about these orcs. Gotta learn orcish sometime.

P.S. Karak. Colossal creature. Gigantic. Wanna find out more about it later. The orcs were scared of it.

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