Female tiefling warlock. From Yor in Sembia, far away.

Background :

Besheeba was taken into the Moonsilver house, a great temple of Sel√Ľne in Calaunt, as an infant after her parents were executed for some mischief (falsely or not) . There she was raised as an acolyte and was rarely permitted to leave the temple ground because she was a tiefling.
This and her particular lineage prevented her from making progress in the church hierarchy like the other children and she was assigned to help the temple's scholars with their research. Even if she enjoyed everything that let her acquire new knowledge, she was sad not to be able to help those in need. After her work was done, she would sneak to the temple's roof to watch other priests and acolytes tending the poor and the weak below in the courtyard. She would stay there long into the night dreaming of doing the same.
One night as 12-year-old Besheeba was reflecting, looking at the stars, she noticed a darker patch in the sky. As she was trying to make out what it was, she heard a voice speaking to her in an unknown language. She jumped, looking around but no one was there. She realized that the Voice was in her head and terrified, she fled to her room. For the next few nights, she returned to the roof, curious, and the darkness was still there, as was the Voice. Upon hearing it, each time she ran to seek refuge in her room.
No one else she asked could either see the darkness or hear the Voice. She thought she was going mad and stopped going to the roof. It took her many weeks before her curiosity
once again got the better of her fear. This time the Voice sang to her in a strange and discordant tone, which was beautiful nonetheless. It drew her to return and each time the Voice seemed clearer. She slowly began to piece together fragments of what it was saying. It was talking about acquiring the power to change things and help those in need, change the status-quo. Artifacts needed to be found and used to make this better world, whatever the cost (lie or truth ?).
One night, the voice told her how her parents had been framed by an envious and corrupt merchant which had lead to their execution (lie or truth ?). Shocked, Besheeba decided she must confront this man, and she sneaked out to find him the following day. She found him at the market touting his wares to an absorbed crowd. In a fury, she blurted out her accusations, which the merchant deftly turned against her. The crowd sided with him and she would have been lynched there and then had it not been for the timely intervention of an elderly stranger. He was strong and quick for a man of his apparent age and he swiftly freed her from the hands of the mob. Before she knew it they were in front of the temple, well before the "Teeth", the standing army and police force of the city, could be involved.
As he pushed her to safety inside the temple he said
- "That merchant is a powerful man in Calaunt. You have made him your enemy and you cannot stay here anymore. You need to leave now. Go pack your things and don't speak to anyone. I'll wait for you here."
- "But I…I don't even know you."
-"I know you. My name is Bejorobes and the voice you hear asked me to train you and to keep you safe until you are able to do it by yourself"(lie or truth).
Besheeba fell silent. "It must be fate" she told herself before turning and running to pack her stuff. She went out of the temple unnoticed through a side door and met Bejorobes outside. Before nightfall, they were on a boat sailing toward Yhaunn in Sembia.
Bejorobes lived in a decrepit part of the city that had still not been rebuilt since its destruction at the time of the Spellplague.
Upon arriving, he said, "The Voice wants to make the world a better place and will need your help to do so. It will share some of its knowledge with you so that you can help people as you see fit. But you must help him in return. Do you accept ?"
"I…I don't know. I guess so, if it's to help people." Bejorobes gave her a little onyx stone embedded in a necklace. "This will help you to channel your magic and strengthen your bond with the Voice".
For the next 2 years, Bejorobes trained Besheeba in the handling of small blades, simple weapons and in the art of moving in light armor. For its part, the Voice taught her to master strange magic, including telepathy.
At the end of this time, Bejorobes announced, "I have nothing more to teach you. You are as ready as you can be. Your destiny now lies in the west towards Baldur's Gate. Prepare yourself. Tomorrow you will join a caravan traveling to Easting. From there, you will have to find your own way to Baldur's Gate. Your instincts and training will be enough to keep you safe. The Voice will contact you if it needs to.
The next morning, Besheeba found herself traveling with the caravan on the way to Easting. At Easting, a few of them decided to go on together towards Baldur's Gate.

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