Barflangaer Stonetender

Barflangaer is a Svirfneblin Underdark Scout. His name roughly translates to "protective stone, hidden in shadow". His recently-made surface friends often call him "Barf". His role within his Svirfneblin clan was to travel either alone or in twos and threes to scout out potential mineral and gem resources deep within the Underdark. These sites were often dangerously close to the strongholds of other subterranean denizens. The missions demanded great stealth, sense and self-reliance; characteristics that Barflangaer exhibits. Although a fair miner himself, Barflangaer would defer to a more skilled member of his clan once the real mining began.

His patron is Callarduran Smoothhands, who grants him access to many clerical spheres as well as the wizard school of illusion.

He wields a footman's pick in battle, and is remarkably accurate with the 6 darts he carries in a purpose-built bandolier crossing his chest.

Svirfneblin Male Priest/Thief, Level 1/1, Neutral Good

Barf was only ever played in one role-playing session. His party was less of a party and more of a random collection of heroic but mismatched individuals. Barf moved over and made way for Sigil.

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