Alain Dumont

Alain's is noticeably the LAST player to edit his profile or anything about the site


In my defense I must say that there is power in slowness. It took me a long long time to grasp that notion… :)

I began to play roleplaying games because of a map. This map was decorating the wall of a fellow mate at boarding school. I was pretty good in geography and didn't recognize the places on the map so I became extremely curious. It was the map of GreyHawk one of the fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons and this colleague of mine who became one of my best friend, introduced me to this new world of swords and magic. It was in 1984 and since then I enjoyed many hours of laugher, merriment and drama.

I played in many systems like D&D, AD&D, D&D 3.5 edition, MERP, Rolemaster, Harn, Star Wars of West End Games, GURPS, Twilight 2000, Marvel, etc The one I prefer is Harn because of the good balance between realism and fantasy.

I like rules, I just dont like to read them…So after 23 years of nearly continous play I am far from being able to know if a gnome fighter/illusionist can specialize in darts. Probably…Why not !!!

What I truly like is good stories, lot of mysteries and the challenge of finding what's going on. I also like to taste new worlds born from the imagination of someone.

My characters tend to be overly cautious (with some very noticeable exceptions), death is always a dice roll away.

This campaign is a new challenge for me as I have to play in a language that is not my own. For now, it takes away much of my roleplaying capability ( I knew I should have played the barbarian). Fortunately, with time, my wizard of intelligence 18 , will be able to say two consecutive sentences correctly.


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